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Full Bag Reviews: Cobra Connect 5

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Equipment Type: Irons, Driver, Wedges, Bag
Vendor: Cobra Golf



Cobra Connect 5 had a few bumps along the way however our 6 testers are still going to put forth some stellar reviews over the coming weeks with how their equipment performed and provide some awesome feedback. Although we will likely keep most of the chatter in the thread linked below, the main reviews will be posted here for your viewing pleasure. 

Follow our Testers in the Forum Thread linked below



Full Bag Review Cobra Connect 5




First of all, thank you very much to MGS and Cobra for this opportunity. I know everyone was looking forward to the competition however due to supply chain issues, we will do our best to give thorough reviews of how everything performed. I was the only ONE Length tester so I will give my honest feedback and potential suggestions that may have made the overall review slightly better for me. I provided a lot of this feedback throughout the chatter thread but will include a concise review here to have it all consolidated. 


While I have participated with a lot of you in the pre-chatter thread, I wanted to give a little better introduction. I am a 31 and currently work in IT in Summerville, SC. There are so many awesome places to play golf our here in the Charleston area. I was a college baseball player and started playing golf about 7 years ago. Since moving to South Carolina three years ago, I have improved from an 18 handicap to single digits. For our pre-rounds in Arccos my handicap was a 9. The pre-rankings are a very telling sign of my game below:




My strength roots in my baseball playing days with being able to swing golf clubs relatively fast. My driving stats ranged from a plus one round to an 8 handicap due to inconsistency (OB and in the junk) of my long game. I think my other strength I have worked really hard on is my putting. Specifically, the change came when I started to use a line for shorter putts to only focus on speed. My weakness is my short game and approach. Specifically 100-150, which for me is my PW down. For reference with my baseline my PW was 47 degrees. I tend to miss too many greens and struggle with missing in the right place at my home course to set myself up for easier up and downs. I was very hopeful having ONE Length would simplify my swing and help with consistently shooting lower scores. 




Now on to why you are all reading through this. I played multiple rounds and my handicap with the Cobra clubs was 5.8 strokes worse overall from my baseline stats. The primary area was approach and short game accounting for -6.2 strokes gained. Luckily my driving had a slight increase of .4 and my putting was above average while I used the clubs. I think one of my biggest mistakes was trying to make the clubs more traditional by getting the irons bent weak. I read recently Bryson has stronger lofts to get the irons to launch in the right window and I should have trusted Cobra and kept the stock lofts on the irons. 




The bag is very nice. I did not get the color I originally asked for but really enjoy the black and grey color way. The material of the bag is very nice and it is much lighter than my normal bag I use. I found the 5 way divider to be an improvement from my 14 way stand bag. I walk the majority of the time and having less dividers actually kept the bag chatter to a minimum. Also, with less dividers I found the club tangle to be at a minimum. As far as other features, the little area to stick a glove is convenient, especially in South Carolina’s humid summers. I got a few nice bag comments and the individuals were impressed with a “muted” version of a Cobra product. Usually they see bright colors and the black and grey color had the individuals impressed with the bag. The best features in my opinion are the leg mechanism and the inside clip I used for my range finder. Overall, I am very pleased with the bag and am impressed with the bag quality. 

Bag – 100/100



Next onto the wedges. Once the MGS wedge test came out, it made a lot of sense to see the inconsistencies I was seeing with partial and touch shots with the wedges. I play primarily in the morning and depending on how wet the ball was I would get some fliers (low spin, high launch) shots. I found the wedges around the green to spin more than the Zipcore wedges I currently game. It simplified my chipping and gave me confidence on sand shots. I struggled mightily with the wedges and I believe it had nothing to do with the wedges but more to do with the ONE Length concept. I found it hard to swing a 56 and 60 degree wedge like a six iron. I hit some very very fat shots with the wedges being entirely too steep. Where I found the most success was choking down (I know this defeats the purpose of ONE Length). Because I needed to grip down significantly to get solid contact, I struggled with the gapping from the set gap wedge to the 56 degree wedge. I truly think Cobra has a great wedge product this year with the Snakebite grooves and may get some normal ones to replace my current Zipcore. The score below is representative of how poorly I performed with the wedge overall in a ONE Length configuration. I believe if the wedges were normal length I would have scored them significantly higher because the wedges did have a lot of bite with chipping around the green. 

Wedges - 65/100





I know this may be a big disappointment to the readers here, but I had major struggles with the ONE Length set. I was so intrigued being a club junkie from the moment I read Cobra was offering ONE Length options. I thought, man it would be so simple to grove one swing and just worry about putting and driving the ball. I want to be as honest as possible and share I had struggles with the concept. Mainly the worst of my experience was with 9 iron down controlling distance and getting pure strikes. I know in my baseline, irons did not seem to be the strength of my game, but I think I am a decent ball striker with my 8-4 iron, and the struggles lie in getting consistency with my PW, 9 and wedges. The 5,6,7 irons were very easy to hit and went very straight. I believe the RadSpeed irons are very solid game improvement irons with visible tech that inspires confidence. When I struck the ball pure, it would go very high and straight. There is something to the Radspeed irons in wanting to go straight instead of a fade or a draw. It made the long irons predictable and was easier to aim at the middle of the green. I found the hybrid to be a rocket launcher and confidence inspiring with the shorter length. Throughout this test, I kept thinking of an interesting bag configuration would be ONE Length 4-7 iron and then variable length the remainder of the bag. There may be some gapping issues, but maybe the gap would be addressed through a combo set with forged scoring irons to allow for bending the lofts. This concept would help with consistency with the longer end of the bag and may be something I would consider if I have a tough day with my normal irons to do a combo ONE Length/Variable Length set. I am not going to be a ONE Length converter after this but have a few lefty buddies very eager to try the experiment. If they have different stories, I will for sure have them join and post of their experiences. 

ONE Length Irons/Hybrid - 60/100



The Radspeed Fairway woods were absolute rocket launchers. I know 100% the 7 wood is staying in the bag and the only reason the 3 wood is not staying is because it goes too far and does not have practical usage at my home course. I currently have a TSi2 16.5 fairway with an AD XC 8X shaft. I was a little worried the shafts in the fairway woods would be too soft and not heavy enough. I will say the Motore F1 70x shaft is a great shaft especially in a fairway. Cobra did an outstanding job making this a no upcharge shaft. I truly think Cobra differentiates themselves with premium no up charge shafts in all of their clubs. Cobra is definitely onto something with the rails on their fairway woods, the woods seem to glide through the turf on even less than good contact to still produce great ball flights. The rails gave me confidence I would be able to hit the ball pure into Par 5s. The 7 wood is a weapon for shorter par 4s and second shots into par 5s. The 7 wood flies very high and lands softly with predictable small draw pattern. If I were to have any nit about the fairway woods, it would be they seem to sit slightly closed to my eye, even in the most open setting but the results on the course offset any tricks my eyes were playing for me. Cobra did an outstanding job with the Radspeed fairway wood and rivals all previous fairways I have tried (original SIM, TS2, TSi2, G410).  The Radspeed fairway wood gets a perfect score in my book.

Fairway Woods – 100/100



My first impression of the driver is it looks huge by the ball. I have used a TSi3 and TSi2 this year and find the Radspeed XB looks huge compared to both of those drivers. What this translated to was an increase in confidence behind the ball. The problem I had with the driver is 100% not on the driver itself and more to do with the shaft and my swing. On well struck balls, the Cobra driver was sitting right next to my optimized TSi2 with a Ventus Black 6TX. The issue with the Cobra driver was the shaft was slightly too soft and I would turn it over too much resulting in over draws and hooks. I like to play a soft fade in my driver and found my ability to hit this shot shape very difficult and it was not the head but probably the shaft. If I were to give the Cobra a fair shake and change the tip to the Ventus Black I have in my Titleist driver, I have no doubts I would get similar performance. The driver sounds great and my normal playing partners kept saying it sounds way better than my normal driver. I found the driver head to be on par with forgiveness compared to a TSi2 and more forgiving than the TSi3. I hit some bombs with the Cobra, I think my longest was a 327 yard drive, it was off the fairway but I had a clean shot into the green. With winter coming and golfing in 37* weather, the Radspeed XB with the Motore shaft may actually be a better fit. I may not have the same swing speed all bundled up and maybe the Cobra driver will offer a better winter alternative instead of trying to over swing with stiff muscles in the winter. The Radspeed XB is a very forgiving driver that inspires confidence behind the ball. 

Driver – 85/100


Overall Score – 410/500

Top Performer: Cobra knocked it out of the park with their woods this year. Both the fairway woods and driver are top notch. Cobra can be had at slightly less retail than some competitors and their woods will be on the top of my list for fits in the future. I am 100% putting the 7 wood in the bag and will potentially look to get a different shaft for the driver to see if it can knock out my current gamer. 


Thank you MGS and Cobra for the opportunity to participate and provide honest feedback on my experience. 


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Cobra Bag                                                                                Current Bag 

Driver: Radspeed XB 9 Motore 6X                                          Driver: TSi2 8.25 Ventus Black 6TX

Fairways: 3&7 Radspeed Motore F1 7X                                  Fairway:TSi2 16.5 Tensei Raw White 85TX 

Hybrid: OL 4 Hybrid Tensei White 100TX                               DI: Vapor Pro 3 - LAGP 105X 

Irons: Radspeed OL 5-GW KBS $Taper 130X                         Irons: 4-6 T100 7-PW 620 CB X100

Wedges: Snakebite OL 56@54 & 60 KBS $-Taper 130X       Wedges: SM8 50.1, RTX Zipcore 55 & 60 KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 

Legacy Goods Powell Prototype                                             Legacy Goods Powell Prototype 

-PROV1X or Prov1                                                                    -PROV1X or Prov1

Link to review


jlukes' 2021 Cobra Full Bag Review


Well 2021 sure has been a year we will all remember, and one of the reasons I will remember it is because I had the honor to review Cobra’s offerings throughout the bag.  While the challenge portion of the Cobra Connect Challenge did not come to fruition, it didn’t prevent me from diving into the clubs I received in order to provide a proper review of everything for the MyGolfSpy Forum Community.

A little bit about me for those who I haven’t interacted with before or are new readers to the MGS  Forum.  My name is Joe, I am 37 and from central New Jersey.  As of writing this review I am a 4.8 handicap.  I grew up playing multiple sports, but ended up playing Varsity Golf in high school.  Now that I am in my mid (err, late) 30s I am married with a job, two kids and a busy life.  Thankfully my wife knows how important golf is to me and I still get to the range once a week and play at least every other week. The strength of my game is putting, followed by my driving.  My wedge game and approach shots have greatly improved since last year.

I was completely fitted for my gamer bag by True Spec NYC.  I went through this fitting in June 2019 and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my golfing career.  

My bag going into the Cobra review:

Driver - Ping G410 LST 9* w/ VA Nemesys 65X
Arccos Smart Distance: 294 yards
This setup has been so steady for me.  I originally was a forum tester for the G410 Plus Driver and it was phenomenal.  The following year I did some speed training and gained about 5mph of clubhead speed and with that I needed to move into a lower spinning head.  The LST head has been incredible.  The spin isn’t too low and it provides consistency across the head which really helps keep the spin in a manageable range. 

Fairway Wood - Ping G425 LST 14.5* w/ GD AD DI 75X
Arccos Smart Distance: 270 yards
I had been gaming my favorite fairway wood of all time, the G410 LST 3 Wood until earlier this summer when I unfortunately noticed that the face was beginning to cave in.  Ping customer support was fantastic and I had a replacement within 2 weeks in a G425 LST head.  Thankfully there does not appear to be much performance difference between the 410 and 425 heads.  I am comfortable playing it off tight fairways as well as off the tee.  

Hybrid - Titleist 818H2 20* w/ GD AD DI 85X
Arccos Smart Distance: 236 yards
The oldest club in my bag and for good reason.  It is the first hybrid I feel comfortable hitting just about any shot with.  Low cut, high cut, bomb draw, high and straight.  You name it and I feel I can execute with this club.

4 Iron - Mizuno MP20 HMB w/ GD Tour AD 95X
Arccos Smart Distance: 217 yards
I moved to a slightly more distance oriented 4 iron to help give me a better gap between my hybrid and 5 iron.  The Mizuno HMB is a beautiful iron that has manageable offset, a nice topline and not an overly large sole.  I feel comfortable hitting this club off the deck and off the tee and it fills the exact gap that I need.

5-PW - Mizuno JPX Tour 919 w/ Oban CT 115X(-)
Arccos Smart Distances: 5(202y), 6(188y), 7(175y), 8(164y), 9(152y) PW(138y)
Just a fantastic iron for me.  The thin sole is key for my shallow angle of attack and the shaft gives me confidence on every shot because it just blends perfectly with my swing.

Wedges - Vokey SM7 50F, 54S, 60D w/ Modus 125 Wedge
Arccos Smart Distances: 50(123y), 54 (107y), 60 (77y)
As you can see by the yardages, by 60* is not really used for full shots. It is my swiss army knife around the greens from the fairway, rough and bunkers when I need a bit more carry then runout.  Otherwise, I use the 54 around the greens for most of my pitches and chips.  My 50 is used for full shots and for chips/pitches where I want to play more roll out.  The D grind on my 60 is maybe my favorite wedge grind of all time.  It is high bounce, but the shaping of the grind makes it extremely versatile from just about any lie. 

Putter: Evnroll 1.2V
A slight change from my ER2.  The 1.2 was made with Evnroll’s CustomER program and has the long plumbers neck, no site line, and a lighter headweight.  Just absolutely everything I’ve wanted in a putter.


Now that you know a little about me and my golf game, let’s get to the review of the Cobra clubs!




Driver - Cobra Radspeed 9* w/ PX HZRDUS Blue 60 6.5
Arccos Smart Distance: 287y


During my fitting, the fitting cart did not have an XB 9* head.  Having played with the traditional Radspeed for 3 months, I can say that I would at least want to hit the XB 9* head to see if it could provide a bit more spin than the standard Radspeed.  And that is exactly my only issue I had with the Radspeed driver - it is very low spin.  When struck on the screws, the Radspeed can go toe to toe with just about any driver out there.  However, it does so through a combination of ball speed and low spin.  Very low spin.  I spin my G410 LST around 2200-2400 RPM and I struggled to keep the Radspeed over 2000.  On the course, this led to really big drives, but it also led to more low spin hooks than I have hit in the last two years. If you catch the RadSpeed high on the face, and even more so high and off the toe, the spin struggles to stay above 1700 RPMs.  This would be a fantastic driver for someone that is looking to knock spin off their driver, but is not good for someone looking for a bit more stability.  I did try the standard Radspeed and  XB 10.5* during my fitting, but unfortunately Cobra decided to make the 10.5* heads of both drivers more upright than the 9* head.  A puzzling decision for me, because it really alienates the better player who wants a bit more spin, but doesn’t want a head that looks more closed or is more draw biased.  Again, it comes down to fitting.  The Radspeed driver is a great head, but it is definitely on the low end of the spin spectrum and thus should be left for those who need help dropping spin. 


3 Wood - Cobra Radspeed 14.5 w/ PX HZRDUS Blue 70 6.5
Arccos Smart Distance: 260y

I want to note right away that my 3W came with two paint defects on the crown.  I could see them through the plastic and unfortunately they aren’t something that I could remove.  They aren’t scratches, but imperfections in the actual paint job.  If I was a paying customer, I would have contacted Cobra and requested a replacement head.  Being that the clubs were given to me as part of a review and the imperfections did not impact performance I did not escalate these to Cobra.


As for the performance of the club, this was the surprise of the review for me.  I was apprehensive that anything could be as good and as comfortable as my G425 LST 3W.  I finished the review pondering if the Cobra Radspeed 3W had earned a spot in the bag going forward.  Ultimately, the Ping won out for me, but man the Cobra 3W is fantastic.  The head is a wonderful shape and with the loft turned down to 13.5* it sits a tad open and looks absolutely perfect at address.  The head is not overly big, but it’s definitely a little more compact than some of the other standard fairway woods on the market.  The sound and feel is muted and, while feel and sound is subjective, I think it is one of the best sound fairway woods on the market.  I had no problem launching the 3W off the fairway or off the tee.  The only reason I didn't put the Radspeed 3W in the bag long term is that it simply did not give me the distance I needed off the tee.  I believe the main reason for this is that it spun a little higher than my Ping when hit higher on the face.  So when teed up, the Ping becomes a straight bomber, while the Cobra is still admirable but just doesn’t have that extra gear. 
My brother in law (former assistant pro and low single digit golfer now), has been in search of a 3W he feels comfortable with for the last 5 years.  He is a low-spin player and struggles finding a 3W that can give him the launch and spin that he needs.  He has now hit the 3W at the range with me a few times and he played his first round with it in his bag on Saturday.  During that round I watched him hit a 3W like I’ve never seen him do before.  He was actually elevating the ball off the deck and off the tee and he was extremely pleased with the flight.  I will update the review discussion thread with his long term thoughts going forward.      

7 Wood - Cobra Radspeed 21* w/ PX HZRDUS Blue 70 6.5
Arccos Smart Distance: 225y



I went with the 7 wood over a hybrid because the Radspeed hybrid was too draw biased for me (and the King Tec Hybrid was not available at the time of our orders being placed).  Unfortunately, the 7 Wood head was not part of the standard Cobra fitting cart, so I had to go into this a little blind.  It is also worth noting that I did request an 80g shaft for the 7 Wood, but that was not available so I had to go with a lighter than preferred shaft.  My initial impression of the 7 Wood? WHOA! That’s a lot of loft.  Looking down at it in the address position there is a lot of loft staring back.  It’s pretty crazy to see because it has the same loft as my Tileist hybrid, but for some reason (perhaps because it is a fairway wood head), the loft just looks so much more drastic.  From a performance standpoint, the 7 Wood launches HIGH.  Very high. It has a much different launch window than a hybrid of the same loft (understandably so as the 7 Wood has a center of gravity that is lower and more rearward than a hybrid).  This high ball flight made it a very desirable ball flight when attacking greens as the ball came down on a steep descent angle.  

The 7 Wood was easy to hit off the fairway and the tee, though I did not find it as versatile as a hybrid when hitting out of some shaggier lies and fairway bunkers. I did struggle with manipulating ball flight with the 7 Wood.  I did not have the ease of hitting different flight windows that I have with my hybrid.  Same goes for shaping the ball left to right. Overall, I think the 7 Wood is a great option for someone who needs a gap filler between their 3 wood and irons, but is not comfortable hitting hybrids.  I would also recommend this club to anyone who struggles maximizing carry with their fairway woods.

4 Iron - Cobra King Utility 22* w/ Tensei White Pro 100TX HY
Arccos Smart Distance: 219y





An absolutely bomber off the tee.  Really great flight and distance was fantastic.  If someone is looking for a driver iron, the King Utility should be at the top of your list.  The loft adjustments are a nice touch.  I am unaware of any other driving/utility iron on the market that offers adjustability.  Where I did struggle with this club was off the fairway.  As I mentioned previously, I have a fairly shallow angle of attack with the irons.  The wider sole of the King Utility really isn’t a good fit for someone with a shallow angle of attack.  If you have a steep attack angle and are looking for something to give you a bit more pop in the long irons, then the King Utility would be a fantastic option to try.  

5-PW - Cobra King Tour MIM w/ DG AMT Tour White X100
Arccos Smart Distances: 5(198y), 6(185y), 7(171y), 8(162y), 9(148y), P(136y)





I am not going to rehash what most of you already know - due to supply issues I was sent my 5th choice in iron shafts, which was basically the only iron shaft available and not one that I would ever be fit into.  That being said, this is a review of the irons and not a review of the fit.  I really enjoyed the King Tour MIM iron heads.  Their styling was very clean and classic.  The sole is a very middle-of-the-road width which makes it a good fit for just about everybody.  While the sole was thicker than my fitted irons, I had no issues with turf interaction with my shallow angle of attack.  I found the irons very forgiving - especially low on the fact.  My miss with these tended to be very low on the face and many times I looked up and was pleasantly surprised to see the ball still in a high flight window and going further than the strike warranted.  Kudos to Cobra for packing some forgiveness into such an attractive looking iron.  

One of the big marketing points of the Tour MIM irons is the Metal Injection Molding process and the feel it creates.  While the iron is not forged, Cobra claims that the MIM process creates a feel similar or better to a forget iron.  My opinion?  It feels great, but it doesn’t feel like my Mizunos.  The MIMs, when struck well, produce a satisfying sound.  However, there is still a hint of a higher pitched click within the strike that differentiates itself from the JPX Tours and other forged irons (Srixons) that I have played.
I have given the King Tour MIM irons to my brother in law to get his thoughts as well.  He is a former assistant pro, low single digit handicap, and currently plays Ping iBlade irons.  I will be updating the review discussion thread as he tryings out the irons for the remainder of our golf season.   

Wedges - Cobra King MIM 50V, 54V, 60WL w/ DG S200
Arccos Smart Distances: 50(120y), 54(103y), 60(72y)









So the first thing everyone will notice in the pictures is that my wedges have a raw look.  This was done by soaking them in white vinegar and then scrubbing them with a scotch brite pad.  This process is used to remove the black finish on just about any black wedge and it worked just as well with the Cobras.

As for the wedges themselves, they were fantastic.  I found spin to be acceptable from the different conditions and lies, and the soles that I chose did exactly what Cobra advertised.  I was able to hit nippy spinners from the fairway, high shots out of the rough that landed softly out of the rough, and was able to get out of a variety of bunker conditions.  I really don’t have anything negative to say about these wedges.  Like any wedge, it is important to pick a loft setup that fills your gaps and a grind/bounce setup that gives you versatility to hit a variety of approach shots from around the green.
I think the Cobra wedges are the most underrated wedges in golf.  They have the finish, bounce, grind and loft combinations of any of the more popular wedge brands and they do so with a slightly lower price.  If you are in the market for new wedges, you should definitely give the Cobra King MIM wedges a look.

Cobra Ultralight Stand Bag



As part of the review, we were sent the stand bags as well.  What I look for in a stand bag is something that works well on a push cart and that is relatively comfortable to carry.  I also have grown accustomed to certain features that my future bags must have.  Unfortunately, while the Cobra bag is comfortable and performs well on a push cart and motorized cart, it lacks a lot of features that other bags have.  The main feature that the bag doesn’t have is a dedicated putter slot.  I get that it comes down to weight savings, but I would sacrifice another couple of ounces to have a dedicated putter slot over having to put my putter in a section with other clubs.  The Cobra Ultralight bag also lacks a bit on the storage end.  There are fewer pockets than I am used to, and does not have a dedicated rangefinder pouch/pocket. The stand mechanism is built into the base of the bag, which all stand bags should have moving forward (sun mountain and other brands still use a foot mechanism to activate the stand and this is a pain to use on a push cart).  My conclusion is that unless you want a Cobra bag, there are other bags in the market at this price point that provide greater utility.    


Overall, I would say the entire current Cobra product line from top to bottom is extremely solid.  Cobra often gets overlooked when compared to the other big OEMs in the industry, but I think consumers are doing themselves a disservice to not include Cobra in the list of options they try at a demo day or a fitting.    


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:ping-small: G410 LST 9* VA Nemesys 65X

:ping-small: G425 LST 14.5* Tour AD DI 7X

:titelist-small: 818 H2 20* Tour AD DI 85X

:mizuno-small: MP20 HMB 4 - Tour AD 95X

:mizuno-small: JPX 919 Tour 5-PW OBAN CT 115X(-)

:titelist-small: Vokey SM7 50F - 54S - 60D

:EVNROLL: ER1v #CustomER

:titelist-small: ProV1



Link to review

Placeholder for now, as I'm still working on my review and hoping to get some time on a GC Quad and record some more video in the next few days.

In the meantime, head over to the thread to complete in the fan challenge with a chance to win some custom prizes from Crown Golf, including a driver headcover and ball markers! I've extended the entry deadline to October 16, and it's open to anyone to participate!


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Cobra Connect 5 Competitor!

Driver - :cobra-small:Radspeed XB, Aldila Rogue Silver 70-S
3 Wood - :cobra-small:Radspeed, Aldila Rogue Silver 70-S
5 Wood - :cobra-small:Radspeed, Fujikura Motore X F3 6-S
4 Hybrid - :cobra-small:Radspeed, Mitsubishi MMT 80 S

Irons - :cobra-small:Radspeed 5-GW, KBS $-Taper Lite S
Wedges - :cobra-small:King Cobra Snakebite 52° & 58°, KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 S
Putter - :odyssey-small: Stroke Lab Black Ten 35"
Ball - :srixon-small: Z-Star XV

Link to review

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I can't believe there aren't any comments yet.  First, I'm so disappointed in you LeftyMatt.  I bought a set of one length irons and wedges for my dad and it was incredibly good for his golf game.   Of course I'm kidding about being disappointed.  Your review was so honest and helpful.  Thank you. Same with you Jlukes.  I'm incredibly interested in that 7 wood - I've played one for a very long time.  It's finally developed a crack and I'm looking for something to fill that slot.  Maybe we can work a trade or something.

Like LeftyMatt, I think a mixed set of OL 4 to 8 irons, then some sort of standardish stepping down would be something awesome to try.  I really did buy my dad some and it really did help him play so much better.  The improvement for him was incredible.  Yes, even with the wedges.  Anyone know what Bryson does for the wedges?  Are they really all that long?

I'm hoping I am picked for next year.  I would commit to OL for a year for sure.

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Cobra probably is my favorite brand, I just like how they go about things. I'm still gaming a F7 5w and love my King Forged utility. 

And since MGS is my only actual social media account. I'll stand aside for those of you who would bring better brand awareness to them through your accounts. 

But definitely the gem of testing opportunities. 

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This is always fun to follow along with, good luck to everyone who enters! 

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18 hours ago, Lacassem said:

Gotta do it:


Wow I hit a quad on this for reactions.  normally on course that’s no bueno but here I’ll take it!

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Man!  This sounds like so much fun.  How could I not sign up.  Checked out the RadSpeed irons and they sound awesome.

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I'm so excited to see this event. I wish to be participating in the event. 

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Chris, South Jersey, extra stiff to stiff shafts Driver > Irons, swing speed 100-110. 

Currently playing SpeedZone SZ driver, big tour 3, F7 2-3 and 3-4 with connect. 

Would love to see how the new versions stack up against last year and later models. 

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It would be fantastic to become a tester for Cobra golf equipment.  Thanks for making this happen.

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Wow it's back! Good luck to all the applicants! Such an awesome opportunity! 

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I am a senior. So that can be a good thing. There are a lot of us out here that could use an upgrade. Just think about that. I am 72 and I play 4 days a week. I still play regular shafts, but I have hit the Senior shaft in my driver very well. Pick me and you won't be dissapointed.


Have a blessed day.

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Apparently my account here was created in 2014, and I posted a couple of times and left... 2014 was also the year my second daughter was born and I walked off the golf course on 13 to go home and help my wife with our children... took a hiatus from golf, and came back with a passion... Enough about the past, let's talk about the future. 

The totally unasked for application to join the ranks of Cobra Connect 5:

Who am I? I'm Will! I've played golf my whole life and love to chat... my parents used to sit me by myself on airplanes so I'd annoy strangers instead of them... I now have a daughter that won't stop talking... I'm also currently trying to figure out how to introduce myself to a guy at the club I confused for someone else and just started chatting with... I'm sorry Wes. I thought you were Tim. Wes is far nicer than Tim, btw... I'm currently a 6 handicap coming off a hiatus due to a back injury... If you are looking for a single digit handicap likely to drop some strokes in some sort of competition, I might be a good fit! My game is back on track and I'm looking forward to shooting some low rounds.

My golf game: I'm decently long (270 carry on a good drive) with a decent iron game... my putting was holding me back last season, but I've invested the time in my putting and hope it will improve this season... Mostly focused on tempo... Very happy with my SeeMore and glad this is only a 13 club challenge. The SeeMore putter is going to be in my bag for awhile. I tore cartilage in my back last season (chasing gains, I think) but I'm back to fully healthy. No lingering issues that would require me being put out to pasture... I spent the past weekend throwing a giddy toddler into the air with no back pain, and if that isn't an all clear sign, I don't know what is. Seriously, I don't know. I'm not a doctor... but my back doesn't hurt and I've successfully played 5 rounds already this month... despite snow on the ground at points.

My Qualifications: I'm willing to make my own memes... I'm a fan of the Chasing Scratch Podcast and created multiple GIFs celebrating the phrase KUDOS... I also suggested to Cobra that they remake the RAD movie trailer with Bryson and Rickie... Did they? Of course not, it was a terrible idea. But, with every 10 bad ideas I have, a good one can slip in... I'm also willing to throw out casual references to shows that amused me... You want an OC reference? I've seen Rooney live. You want to talk MTV's The Challenge? I've watched more of it than I'm willing to admit... (not really, I've watched most of it... then I had kids and the stark reality that these guys were buffoons pretending to be bigger buffoons took the shine off laughing at a man who called himself Johnny Bananas). I also really like to make comments in parentheses (I don't know why, but it's a weird habit I've developed [oh well])... I currently have the time to improve my game, the desire to improve my game and would love the opportunity to make strangers read about me improving my game. I have access to a GC Hawk, a range and a golf course... 


What's in the bag: I should probably update my signature, and will do so later... but let's take a dive into it! 

Driver: Callaway Mavrik with Ventus Black 7X...  I won this driver elsewhere, and my assistant pro traded me his Ventus... This is the nicest free club I've ever had... It replaced my Cobra LTD Pro, which was my favorite driver I've had... Sadly, I scratched the crown of the LTD so it's living out retirement in a place of honor in my basement. The Cobra had a 110 Aldila Silver 70X in it that I loved... the ventus is a monster

3 wood: this is currently a gaping hole where dreams go to die... I had an Adams 13 degree speedline with an X100 in it for awhile, and it didn't do what I wanted... Shockingly, building a modern driver with a steel shaft on a whim on my own was a bad idea... I tried a brief experiment with a 12 degree Adams driver and a 43 inch shaft... I just want something that carries 250-260 and stops... my bag currently has a borrowed 13 degree MAVRIK in it, but I basically try not to hit it... Have I eyed the Big Tour 3 for this slot? Yes, yes I have. 

Hybrid: Sub70 hybrid. I got the new one. I like it. It replaced a 18 degree Adams hybrid with a TourX shaft in it... allegedly said club once belonged to Cameron Tringale. I've kept that hybrid in case Cameron ever needs it again. I love the look of the new Cobra hybrids, and would be excited to try one.

4 iron: Sub70 4 utility... I like this club, but could easily replace it. Call me.

5 iron Sub70 5 iron... Long story, but I played without a 5 iron for 3 months until I found a spot I needed a 5 iron on and bought this... it introduced me to Sub70 clubs, and they are usually my go to for replacement clubs.

6-GW: Adams CMB - My first post on MGS was about how I'd happily play the "old" adams CMBs... that post was 7 years ago... I bought CMB heads last year and got them shafted on the cheap... It's my second set of irons ever... with the TM Burner Oversize being set #1. The only reason I'm entering this contest is I like the Cobra irons enough to kick the Adams out of the bag. They are great looking clubs, but I didn't win my master's pool, so I don't have them in my budget this year.

Wedges: 54 high bounce Sub70, 58 low bounce Sub70. New this year and built to my specs. I like them! I also really like the look of the new Cobra wedges and think the MIM technology is cool. 

Bag: I'm still carrying my high school bag... it's a Ping Hoofer 2 from 1999. I'd upgrade it, but I need something high enough quality to justify moving away from a bag that is legally able to drink but still looks great!

In conclusion, if you read all this nonsense:


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Crazy busy this summer, but will keep an eye on those who do participate.


When the rosters are set, maybe think about setting up some props and futures we can bet on!

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Cool idea for cobra. Used cobra gear off and on since my first bag at 13 y/o.

I am a recent dad so the urge for blades is fading to “what’s a little helpful for the times I haven’t been playing for three weeks” haha. Yet I still can’t get my F9 out the bag, would welcome competition from a RAD.


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I have a set of Cobra forged players irons that I love and being an old guy (70) still pump drives out in the 235-255 range and would love to give the RAD a run 

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