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Test In-Progress: Cobra Connect 5

Equipment Type: Irons, Driver, Wedges, Bag
Vendor: Cobra Golf







Cobra Connect 5 Challenge partnered with Arccos, all participants receive a 13 club Cobra bag and will take part in various challenges.  To broaden the reach of the line, the competition will consist of four Radspeed sets of clubs as well as  two King Tour MIM sets! The full bag includes a players choice of:

  • Driver
  • Hybrids/FW
  • Irons-either Radspeed or King Tour MIM (must choose one on your entry)
  • Wedges
  • Cobra Ultralite Stand Bag

This years event will be a team format, with 3 players on each team.  There be weekly or bi weekly challenges for teams and/or individual challenges.  

Prizes will be awarded for each challenge and for the overall winners. 

Team Captains

We also have a fun addition in adding team Captains, but not just any Team Captains.

Team Chad-Chad DeHart - Manager, Product & Innovation @ Cobra Golf

Team Yags-Mike Yagley - VP, Innovation/AI @ Cobra Golf

Both Chad and Yags will be following the competition closely, and may or may not have a side bet or two between them on the results.   

And don't be surprised if depending on circumstances and availability, the Captains may jump in with their respective teams one week for the competition. 









would like to be added to the mix.......have been playing for 62 years and still have a little game.........will give honest opinion ...........wish me luck

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This would be absolutely legit! Already a Cobra gamer but this is awesome. I would be able to give an honest take on new cobra equipment versus previous years. 

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This is a great idea.  I'm looking forward to it.  As a senior golfer, I'm interested in the rasped irons

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Would love to be chosen - am retired and have nothing but TIME for golf. Big COBRA fan, waiting to pull the trigger. 

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Gave up the game for 6 years when I lost an eye. Starting again and finding ways to enjoy it using my Father's old clubs. Handicap is dropping. Testing new sticks from Cobra would make for a sweet time.

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Love that One Length is an option for the lucky winners.  Went with One Length since the concept really intrigues me. Choosing between the King Tour MIMs and Radspeed was very tough.  Strong appeals to each.  Combo set of 5-7 Radspeed 8-PW King Tour MIM would be my fantasy set.

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Beautiful summer upcoming here in Canada, it is a once in a lif time experience... Thanks for this contest  to all Cobra staff members. 

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Would’ve to be a part of one of the teams and be a COBRA team member and COBRA user.

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RGross, I'm in!

I'm Bryson long, but not that chunky...😂

Hope you choose me. 

Lefty Long!

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Great opportunity to test drive the latest Cobra and Arccos technology paired together!! 

Definitely a game changer that golfers at all levels can take advantage of!!


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Would love to be selected. One length copper finish MIM or forged tec pls and thx.  

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Would love to have a new complete set of cobra clubs considering my driver, fairway woods and irons are from 2009.

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This is an awesome competition/test, thank you MGS & Cobra.  Sitting here with my fingers crossed.....Good luck to everyone!

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15 hours ago, Apolloshowl said:

One of the best parts is waking up (my CET time) and having 2 pages of content to go through while I have my morning coffee!
Frankies Faves Dance GIF - FrankiesFaves Dance Coffee GIFs

Also nearly 1000 signups already... I'm guessing in the 5000 range when all said and done. 

The way signups has been going today I'm betting 5000 could be low!

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I would love to try this out.  Recently retired, play 5-6 days a week, and have gamed Cobra in the past. 

I would be interested in the MIM iron set.



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