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Test In-Progress: Cobra Connect 5

Equipment Type: Irons, Driver, Wedges, Bag
Vendor: Cobra Golf







Cobra Connect 5 Challenge partnered with Arccos, all participants receive a 13 club Cobra bag and will take part in various challenges.  To broaden the reach of the line, the competition will consist of four Radspeed sets of clubs as well as  two King Tour MIM sets! The full bag includes a players choice of:

  • Driver
  • Hybrids/FW
  • Irons-either Radspeed or King Tour MIM (must choose one on your entry)
  • Wedges
  • Cobra Ultralite Stand Bag

This years event will be a team format, with 3 players on each team.  There be weekly or bi weekly challenges for teams and/or individual challenges.  

Prizes will be awarded for each challenge and for the overall winners. 

Team Captains

We also have a fun addition in adding team Captains, but not just any Team Captains.

Team Chad-Chad DeHart - Manager, Product & Innovation @ Cobra Golf

Team Yags-Mike Yagley - VP, Innovation/AI @ Cobra Golf

Both Chad and Yags will be following the competition closely, and may or may not have a side bet or two between them on the results.   

And don't be surprised if depending on circumstances and availability, the Captains may jump in with their respective teams one week for the competition. 









I have a newborn so my rounds per month is WAY down. But, would love to contribute and this reason would ensure my wife can help me find time to play:) 

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As an average golfer I wold be a good tester on behalf of all average golfers. I'm 55 with an average driver speed of 105mph so I can still get ball out there. It would also be good to have a tester in Australia.

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I really want to try out the one length irons. All my buds keep saying that it will do me good. Never had the chance to try these clubs out. I hope I get picked for this?!  MGS rocks!!!! 

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I've got Ping irons and the rest of my bag-- driver, hybrid, and wedges are knock-offs.  Would LOVE to have the chance to play with a matched set like this!!!

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Been playing Cobra drivers and fairways for years and would love to try out some irons and wedges!

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This would be fabulous!  I've had some Cobra Connect grips for quite a while just sitting in the box that I've never used only because I'm constantly changing shafts in my irons.  So I wanted to make sure I have them on the correct iron shafts before I put them on.  I've really wanted to see the stats & how I've been playing as of late.  This would help me get back on track & playing my best golf.  I haven't played Cobra irons before but these have had my interest for quite a while now.  It's all about getting the right shaft in all the clubs. 

Thanks MGS & Cobra for the opportunity!  Let's go Team Yags! 👍

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Oh this sounds incredible! What a great idea and a great opportunity for someone to put these beauties to the test!

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Great offer, currently using a Mizuno Bag, but love my Cobra F8 Driver.

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3 hours ago, MountainMama0511 said:

You need to have women as testers! Been playing Cobra since 1985!

We love to have women testers. We actually had a women's specific testing with Wilson 2 years ago and didnt get enougj entries to fill the spots.  We ended up recruiting a couple off IG.  


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I would love to participate. Honestly would probably try the one-length if possible as I've been itching to give that a go. That would put me in the RAD Speed. The bag is 2021 PXG 0211's top to bottom at the moment.

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Big fan of Cobra woods for a long time. Have 3W and hybrid. Haven't use Cobra since Greg Norman tour grinds. But, old now a need that distance help PLEASE!


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Cobra is potentially top 2 for when I get fitted for new irons after the summer ends.. been playing the same irons for over 10 years now, so would be super awesome to be chosen as a tester and see how a full bag of cobra plays! Either way, this is a real cool chance for anyone who loves golf!

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