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Testers Announced-Inesis Waterproof Grip Golf Shoes

Equipment Type: Golf shoe
Vendor: Inesis


Inesis is a brand that has made a bit of a splash in recent Most Wanted testing. This is especially true of their shoes, which earned "Best Value" spikeless shoe in both 2019 and in 2021—and was rated the most comfortable shoe in 2019.

We've got four Forum members who'll be testing Inesis's Waterproof Grip golf shoes.



@Curtis Atkinson




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I am interested in trying the Inesis golf shoes.  I wear an 11.5.  Thank you.

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Congrats guys! With how much I walk, I'll be following along and seeing how these hold up. 

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Congrats, I’ll be interested to see how well they wear for you. I’ve worn through the heel liner twice, but it’s common for me to do that in other shoes too

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Congrats to the testers, look forward to your thoughts 

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SUPER excited to go down this road and this is my first official test! BIG thanks to the MGS team and this community. I truly appreciate all of you. 

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Here we go with my first review! Excited and thankful for the opportunity! This came at the perfect time as I just picked up a push cart and the backs of my adidas Tour360 XT SL's started to wear in the heel which started to rub a bit. Can't wait to give these a shot! For reference I've been golfing consistently since October and currently have a paid of last model Tour 360 XT SL's and a pair of adidas Tech Response I picked up to play with spiked shoes when it's wetter. 

First impressions: So typically I would've done an unboxing but...there was no box. Not sure if the other testers will experience something different but my pair was just in a DHL bag which was interesting. But nothing wrong with them when they showed up. Out of the bag they seemed...fine. Wasn't blown away by anything, just seemed like pretty standard golf shoes. I went with white as I have pair of black/white and black so decided a little variety. I will say I'm an amateur sneakerhead but would be a rare exception in a golf shoe. I'm not seeing anybody but my buddies I'm golfing with out on the course so I'd say I'm function over style for golf shoes (I did miss out on the Jordan 4's this morning which was really the only "cool" gofl shoe I've wanted...oh well). They feel sturdy and maybe a bit boxy, but pretty lightweight (weigh in just lighter than the 360's and just heavier than the techs). Couple interesting things is the soles I guess would technically be spikeless, but have much more pronounced ridges than my other spikeless shoes, which definitely feels like better traction. Also, the top of the tongue is thin and light which allows it to sit really flat on the top of my foot/ankle which I think will be more comfortable than a typical tongue

First use: Haven't been able to get out to the course yet but threw them on for a decent mat session this afternoon and felt like they started to break in a little bit even in the midst of the session. I definitely felt like I had much more traction than spikeless or just hitting in sneakers and pretty similar to when I wear the spiked tech responses. Obviously not sure how they'll feel after walking a round but I like the sturdy feel while still being lightweight, so hopes are high. Could be a really good hybrid between spikeless and spiked shoes. Will certainly update more once I'm able to get out for a round (hopefully this weekend)


IMG_5366 2.JPG



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This testing is ON!  Shoes arrived today and got right to the unboxing, mine came in a DECATHLON box, no frills but enough packing paper serpentine on top to keep them from moving about and abrading themselves.  Don't use the Chef's knife, scissors work better for opening clear packing tape.

886720141_0boxopen150.jpg.5cc7594c84427cebaf821f9e741f9898.jpg  1526699490_1boxopen150.jpg.c51d2af2088038208b701bcbe29162de.jpg  1747715793_2boxopen150.jpg.501d86df528ba9e2bdba64c4f64f2da4.jpg  922426168_3boxopen150.jpg.a2a9a4706689c9092efd956c86be115b.jpg

I had preferred the Coconut Brown but got the second choice Snowy White, probably so named as the black contrasts well enough to risk becoming snowblind in direct sunlight looking at the white.  No worries, I am partial to two-tone look especially for golf shoes and the bottoms are glowing!

1005577159_4boxopen150.jpg.50d7b0fc00968acae5fb66461dec35c7.jpg  2083852214_8boxopen150.jpg.5374f632241b6b9a1f481f9431d73a79.jpg  329705082_5boxopen300.jpg.ec0e0ac8e24b935ced17cdccfb8f2dba.jpg

Inside there must be a reason for the shoes being right-left but it caught me as strange when first viewed.  The tether holding them together was the thinnest string they could find without it being thread to my practiced combat engineer eyes.

154233686_6boxopen150.jpg.1d12b595e776ec1e619882f04cc655b0.jpg  1083310372_7boxopen150.jpg.6405eaf4ca77824b8fd586b4261839e1.jpg  1403097930_11theshoe150.jpg.bcbf79aa4ceedd72edd58eef0e40ae9d.jpg  605827266_12shoetether150.jpg.c877ad02caf4b476411d18e8386f9b77.jpg

Good thing the scissors were sharp or I don't know how I would have severed that black cable 😋

The blocking was substantial and the shoes are beautifully formed, showroom ready and without a blemish.  With the laces nicely tucked in and loosely fit to pull easily out of the blocking,

683757195_13shoeblocking1150.jpg.615f84c8613b84ef6adf7497d2e11ad4.jpg  1798806022_14shoeblocking2150.jpg.d47f47e41af4c6433facfa91330faa51.jpg  1535276290_15shoeblocking3150.jpg.5d0917ae71a42d81fde1ee963a81c3a6.jpg  1857877950_16shoeblocking4150.jpg.266c86df7babbe9c2c574665ed361885.jpg

it was a surprise to see the shoe name INESIS in the aglets.

648002198_23aglet1150.jpg.f904539a7e224f8fa09aa31cd59460b0.jpg  1825816817_24aglet2400.jpg.7068f3b8367443ff3d04172f609a74c2.jpg

The tag inside the tongue was jutting outward making it easy to see the information it has without taking the shoe out of the blocking or unlacing the knot.

1028989653_20insidetag150.jpg.4660faebe6323bd1b8375b9e2c2d1610.jpg  1481983977_21insideLsoletag150.jpg.3a72b71e329b4560c9f7418f2631b361.jpg  1920996449_22insole150.jpg.5c09ecfb14db58f429a2c738a7cf4896.jpg

The insoles remove easily and are a perfectly cut shape and size for the shoe leaving no gaps around their edges by the uppers.  The left insole had an identifying tag under it I did remove to keep it from becoming an issue while testing the shoe as I can detect the slightest object underneath my feet in any situation, why I wear shoes even on a beach 🥺

Putting them on it was easy to see why it is a good idea to purchase a size larger than I would normally try on.  I have a US size 9.5 shoe usually and the ones received are 10.5 and feel like any smaller would be too snug for any extended walking and larger would be too large.

427109368_26firstwear150.jpg.4e553eacace828d4cd63b42908eee99a.jpg  1471786017_27Righttopside150.jpg.664b88117f4848f3282a0696671e544c.jpg  701521726_28Lefttopside150.jpg.af3ecbadfaddb4b3c4c1cdb48a320ed3.jpg  1694704730_29tongue1200.jpg.c045fc6ef286a313234dd5736ed1518e.jpg

They truly are comfortable on first wearing which today was indoors on carpet.  The tongue appeared odd to me when pulling out the blocking, it has a rather thin edge that as I suspected actually fits snugly and nicely against the front of the foot where the arch meets the ankle and I suspect it enhances the water repelling for water on top of the shoe, no idea yet how I am going to test this but I think I will be risking wet feet on more than one occasion with these WATERPROOF shoes, as the uppers claim.


And as I was trying them on indoors on the best carpet in the front room, I discovered lifting a foot that the cleats would probably make it undesirable as a house slipper.


First impressions:  get the bigger size, the looks are sharp and attractive in a golf shoe way, and if I sit here much longer wearing them as I am writing this up I might just go take a nap with them on...


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On 5/11/2021 at 11:07 AM, tbill87 said:

I am interested in trying the Inesis golf shoes.  I wear an 11.5.  Thank you.

You  would definitely need a 12.5 with the Inesis shoes sizing.

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On 4/30/2021 at 11:32 AM, tehuti said:

I hear their sizes tend to run small compared to most other brands. Does anyone know if this is true?

Definitely true, I have never fit 10.5 shoes in my life and here we are... INESIS 10.5 (US) size fits a 9.5 foot perfectly.

I thought fashion designers were going to smaller numbers so someone can say they are wearing a smaller size? 😋  Must be opposite for men wearing golf shoes for a bigger foot to put somewhere.

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Hey all! This is my first official review, and I'm excited to share it with the entire MGS community. This has been a great community of learning for me, and I hope that you learn from this review and it helps you as the site and fellow Spies have helped me! I'm nearly 43, I played football, basketball and golf in high school, went to state in golf, and played football in college - DIII, played QB. I worked at a golf course in every capacity you can imagine (except for head pro) when I was in my early 20s. I played to a plus handicap back then, and I  currently play to a 5.6 handicap. That's been with a lot of hard work and a lot of playing and practicing in the last few years. I have two kids, 16 and 10, and so getting out a lot when they were younger was hard.

For background, I used to wear almost exclusively FootJoy shoes. Our pro shop sold them, they were the best around for ages, and so a pair of Dry Joy's and a pair of Green Joy's was all I needed. As I've aged, I've tried lots of other brands. Footjoy still, but also Adidas, Puma, Nike, and more. I look for comfort and stability more than almost anything else, and I walk a lot, so I need something that can stand up to me putting a good amount of wear on them. I generally don't play early mornings, so waterproof hasn't been an area of focus for me, but most of the shoes I currently have are waterproof. 


  • First thing to note, this shoe came with no box. The shoes were packaged inside of a bag and were connected by a long piece of elastic. Kind of like when you pick up shoes as Marshalls/TJ Maxx/Ross/Insert-Discount-Store-Here. I thought this was a bit weird, but hey, maybe they don't really need a box? Saves a lot for the environment this way, so I'm ALL for that!



  • Opening these, they do look "different" - not BAD - not at all. Just different. Almost a little chunky perhaps? Here they are compared to one of my other pairs of shoes, the Nike Roshe Tour. They remind me a bit of Sketchers golf shoes (also included that for comparison).



  • In all, these are a pretty solid looking and feeling shoe. I went with the navy colorway given that I wear a lot of blue golf shirts and the fact that I haven't ever owned a navy pair of golf shoes. Lots of black, never navy!
    • The quality of the outer I'll test out over time with wear, and what's interesting is that Decathlon says that their shoes are waterproof because of an inner membrane, not the outer part of the shoe. I'm interested in getting out for some dew-soaked morning rounds as well as a round or two in the rain.
    • The sole feels soft yet firm when walking even on hard surfaces. Decathlon notes that they have three layers to the sole:
      • Part 1 is EVA - EVA boosts cushion and is spread over the entire foot, especially on the heel
      • Part 2 is TPU - TPU is a semi-rigid construction that ensures a strong grip while remaining flexible - this TPU is the colored main part and features six spikes
      • Part 3 is the Rubber Sole - they state that this rubber sole is softer and ensures good grip when walking - there are two horizontal grooves under the sole that make the shoe more bendable - they also state that the front part of the sole is asymmetrical by design so that they can extend the material on the outside to reinforce stability while you swing and the more rounded front part of the sole moves with your foot at the end of the swing
    • I put these on and walked around the house and yard and took a few swings and they are comfortable and do provide good grip so far. Testing on a 6 mile walk while playing this weekend and will report back.



  • The tongue itself is made of a synthetic material and a waterproof membrane and also has a gusset to keep water from getting in. However the tongue shape or fit creates some pressure at the top of the ankle that is uncomfortable at best, and could create blisters at worst. Generally I wear no-show socks, and I'm going to have to carry a pair of ankle socks with me when I play this weekend just in case the rubbing turns to something worse. You can see in the shot below the tongue pressing against my ankles in the overhead view. We will see if this simply needs a breaking in, or if this will be an issue for the way these fit for me.



  • The tag on the inside of the tongue is annoying. This might be nitpicking, but it's no less annoying. 🙂 It's something that I'm going to remove for SURE, but it just dangles there, attached at the top only, not sewn into the shoe in a meaningful way. With the waterproof tongue and membrane maybe they don't have as much to be able to sew against to have it be sewn down like on many other shoes? Not sure...



  • My final note on these before getting to performance on the course in my next post is that they do run at least a half size small. I ordered the 47 which equates to a US size 13. I am firmly a 12.5 with my right foot, and a 12 with my left foot (yeah, I know, I'm weird). The right shoe fits PERFECTLY for me with a little more than the standard "thumb-width" at my big toe. If you are ordering these, size up at least a half size or guaranteed you'll be uncomfortable in them.

Hope this is a good start and that it's helpful to y'all! Thanks for reading!!

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First time out on the course with them this afternoon in 86 humid degrees in Western NY with brilliant sunshine.  

Lacing the shoes up for the intention of golfing I noticed the slightly elastic nature of the laces.  They were easy to tie and my habit is double knots from a military career when stopping to tie laces that come undone is on a scale between the extremes of inconvenient or unprofessional, and perilous to deadly.  They stayed tied well partly due to that elasticity and they were easily untied after 9 holes of walking.  I also always wear socks at least high enough to pad the collar of a shoe (and boot) again as learned from extended distance hiking in extreme conditions.  As mentioned by another tester, the tag on the tongue is of no consequence wearing socks and the edge was comfortable on the front of my ankle for the entire evening.

373600565_40Fit500.jpg.cd6fe1de8e20d1fda7dfa3590afe1f0f.jpg   1661711449_42fit500.jpg.875439473797fdba63fa7fbadda5cf32.jpg

I had many compliments about the styling and I did ask those who commented to be as critical as they wanted to be, as a Veteran PGA HOPE program crowd there's no end of sharp comments and backhanded compliments, but to a person the INESIS shoes were perceived favorably and knowing they are $79.99 actually attracted substantial positive attention.

1025409228_43after9500.jpg.8b34722b6781b4436911c402225618be.jpg  1400413636_45after9L500.jpg.a56c542eabc2f36382cf5c70fdeed167.jpg

I walked tar parking lot and paths, concrete paths, and grassy fairways and roughs.  Grip was excellent in all situations and I am careful to lift my feet when walking on greens to not damage the short grass.  I did note that the molded cleats in the sole did not leave any indents behind that I could see and the low level evening sunlight was making imperfections on the short grass evident with growing shadows.

208530795_44after9R500.jpg.084392faf16b9fd864414e04ce141744.jpg  2114683530_46after9Lprofile500.jpg.644ed94bd8cf558bf370601cfe32e721.jpg

Total distance perhaps 3 miles.  No wear and minor discoloration of the brilliant yellow and colorless spikes noted as you can see.  Waterproof quality not yet determined but temperature of my feet was never a concern and my feet were comfortable for the 3 hours I was wearing them standing and walking without sitting.  I use a push cart so it was 3 hours on my feet and my legs were not tired or fatigued after the exercise.

Day 1 conclusion:  a comfortable shoe that looks good, wears well, provides good traction, and was as new removing them from my feet as when I put them on.  So far the value is what I would expect from a golf shoe.  I am looking forward to Day 2.

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Ok, finally got these bad boys out for a couple rounds. The first I planned on walking but my buddy really wanted to ride and playing in the heat of the day on a 90+ VA day, I obliged. During the round the shoes felt good. Really noticed the traction especially for "spikeless" shoes. Felt comfortable throughout during the riding round. Really good ability to grip during shots and overall felt good. 

Now the first REAL test. Played yesterday and decided to walk a course I hadn't played before. I'm an idiot. Ended up being the hilliest course I've ever played by a good margin. The difference between walking and riding was $20 and I realized that's because NO ONE would consider walking. However, did provide a good test for the shoes. Overall, felt pretty good. Not the most comfortable shoe to walk in over a round on that course but I'm not sure any shoe would be. Around the 6th hole or so I started to notice a rubbing on my left heel that certainly got more pronounce as the round went on, especially when walking uphill. I fully expected a massive blister there when I finished but shockingly had nothing. I will say this is the same area that wears in other shoes I wear as well so that could be a more personal issue. Feet felt as good as I could've hoped after the round. As expected with the all white shoes, starting to show a little bit of dirt on them after a couple wears but nothing crazy. Will give it a wipe down shot later and see how easy they clean up. Both rounds have been dry and by appearances I think these could really shine in the waterproof arena. Will update when I get out again. 

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First Round

  • Waterproof: since this is one of the key features touted for this shoe and almost an unseen feature in this price range, I wanted to see how these held up. Thankfully we had a bunch of rain work through the Philly area yesterday!  It rained for about 7 straight hours including about 90 minutes while I was on the course. I also purposefully wore socks that would show any sign of leakage in the shoe. 
  • RESULT:  Zero leakage of any kind. These shoes got drenched. And I do mean drenched, especially when my left leg, which was dangling outside the cart, got about a half gallon of water thrown directly onto it from the roof when I turned a corner fairly sharply. 
  • RATING: 5/5


  • Comfort: One if the other core tenants of this shoe is that it is (as MGS stated in their 2019 shoe evaluation) “the most comfortable golf shoe we’ve ever tested”. These are lofty expectations for ANY shoe, especially one that is accessible to so many from a price perspective. 
  • RESULT:  The course I played yesterday was a new one to me. It’s a highly rated but short course with a good deal of elevation changes to it. We rode the course but since it had rained so much, it was cart path only. What a great way to test out the comfort of the shoes! I ended up walking about 5 miles on the course (full day stats from my Apple Watch below)B8A1D9F7-3946-4F3F-907B-EF87C5C0578D.jpeg.e257945f2335d5be3dddf9a0fb8bc1e6.jpeg and I can say definitively that out of the box, these are the most comfortable golf shoes I have ever worn. Big praise, I know. And honestly I wasn’t expecting that to be what I wrote. I currently wear a pair of supersoles insoles in all my other golf shoes and I am looking forward to trying these Inesis out with that upgrade! My heels, arches, toes… all of my foot felt supported and comfortable. I do have one small gripes that are going to knock down my rating in this area, however. In my last review post I noted that the tongue felt awkward to me. And as the round wore on, I did begin to notice that it was irritating the top of my ankle (even through my longer socks). I didn’t end up with any blisters, but it was sore. This could simply be the anatomy of my body and you the reader may have zero issues at all. They also might break in more for me as I wear them more as well. 
  • RATING: 4/5


  • Traction/Grip: Another hallmark of these shoes are the unique spikeless tread on the bottom of the shoe. The mixture of the different rubber and plastic components of the sole are there to aid in comfort, but also in not slipping and sliding around the course like I’ve done with some other brands of spikeless shoes. You can see in the picture below, comparing the spikeless shoes of (left to right) the Footjoy Superlite XP, the Nike Roshe Tour, Ecco’s with their cage sole, and finally the Inesis, just how different these soles from a spikeless perspective.
    1361D768-439F-432C-91CB-0ABA3CA389F1.jpeg.2540a4c58bd2fa44f4ae12d0a2bd8d06.jpegDecathlon with this shoe has put purposeful design into their “spikes”. They have created a combination of larger, more hard nubs that are in just the right places for your golf swing to ensure stability and traction even on wet surfaces. These nubs are also of different shapes in different parts of the sole. Some are almost plus ➕ shaped (those that are almost translucent in this photo) in the areas that that can tend to slide the most in a golf swing (toes, outside footpad, heel) and they combine that with left-to-right or horizontal nubs (those colored orange in this photo) in those areas where the foot may need to move in one direction “only”. 
  • RESULT: These nubs are VERY effective from a grip perspective. Not once when I was swinging the club, walking in slippery grass, or even walking up it down wet hills did I feel unstable or like I was going to fall. The same cannot be said of other spikeless (and some spiked!) shoes I have had in the past. These spikeless nubs get my seal of approval. What I will pay attention to is how well they grip when the ground is not wet - which can present some additional problems for traditional spikeless shoes. 
  • RATING: 5/5




  • One final thought: I’m going to have to deduct at least a point for something I mentioned in my last post. These shoes look a bit chunky. This doesn’t bother me at all from a looks perspective. But what DID bother me is that on my left foot, which is a half size smaller than my right, with every step I took, and with every swing where I lifted my left foot off the ground ever so slightly on my backswing, I heard a popping noise in the top part of the shoe. This is NOT the first time this has happened to me in a golf shoe. And those of you that have heard this in any of your golf or regular shoes knows the exact sound I’m referencing. It’s the sound of a leather or leather-like shoe effectively “cracking” because it’s too big for the foot it’s on. This would normally not be too big of a deal for me. I just lace up the smaller foot a bit more tightly by the toes and all along the top of the foot. But with these shoes, because of the chunky height to them, that was not possible. This is something that I’ll pay attention to and see if it was simply a wearing in problem, or if it is something that will persist. 


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No photos today but I had every intention of trying out the waterproof claim on these Decathlon Inesis shoes.  The day was as wet as the underside of a floating dock before lunchtime and then... sunshine and dry concrete emerging from my basement office for lunch.  Still hope that enough of the deluge would be in the grass for a good sloshy squishy walk... the course was firm and well dried out by the mid-afternoon tee time.

Not to be left empty, because the puddles weren't... big pools of water where rain collected in low spots.  I know people were looking at me like I was missing a few floors from the middle of my building but I saw water and by golly I cruised right through them, push cart and shoes sloshing a path through the middle and deepest parts.  Knowing I had dry socks in my golf bag helped the boldness... but besides a little mud on the white uppers my feet were dry as were my socks.

Starting to think there is a reasonable priced waterproof shoe that on a hot day in sunshine is still comfortable to wear with good traction no matter what surface is walked on.  It is only in my mind that walking on asphalt roads and concrete pathways is going to hurt the shoes, so far no observed wear on the spikeless spiked sole.

Day 2 on course was encouraging, looking forward to Day 3.

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