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Final Reviews: Precision PRO NX10

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Equipment Type: Range Finder
Vendor: Percision Pro

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Ever wanted to contribute to the data MyGolfSpy collects over the course of the season?

Welcome to Testers Wanted where we recruit readers like you for objective feedback on products that roll into HQ throughout the year!

For those familiar with Precision Pro, you already know that its award-winning rangefinders offer a consumer-friendly balance of technology and price point. With that, the recently released Precision Pro NX10 offers consumers a meaningful upgrade over the NX9 plus a little somethin' extra.

With that, we need testers like you to assess and report back to us at MyGolfSpy!



***For this test we're looking for 4 golfers located in the US or Canada!***

New to the forum? Want to increase your chances of being selected for testing? Here is a link to a guide which lays it all out for you and will allow you to know exactly how, why and who we select for testing: How To Become A Tester

First Impressions
The Numbers
On The Course
Good/Bad/ In between
Keep it or Trade it?

Initial Post

THANKS TO PRECISION PRO AND MGS for this opportunity! Somehow my name was selected out of over 5,500 entries for this test. I am super excited to provide some excellent feedback to everyone.

Man get job Stock Vector Image by ©jesadaphorn #37535027

I’ve been active on MyGolfSpy since January 2020 and this forum has been a great place for me to communicate and listen to others into all aspects of golf. I am a golf ho and am always buying, selling and trying new clubs and accessories. It’s nice to be able to share my opinions and thoughts here, the communication between all members is great.

I’m 64 and have been playing golf just over 42 years.  I played my first 9 holes at a local course that was worse than a cow pasture with some guys that I worked with using borrowed clubs. I was immediately hooked even though I think I shot in the 90's on 9 holes. Went out and purchased a set of Walter Hagen (The Haig) clubs within a couple of weeks. I began playing the same 9 hole track about once a week and loved the fact that it was me against the course. I finally saved up enough money to take a couple of lessons, which helped a lot. As my working career progressed, I was able to search out and find better quality golf courses to play. By this time we have a foursome that played almost every Friday, we were all fairly new so learned the game together.

Currently my handicap is a 5.5 playing at 6400 yards. This is the lowest my handicap has ever been and it's mostly due to being retired and having more time available. My wife and I will be celebrating our 45th anniversary next month, we have 3 adult kids and 3 grand kids. The kids were never interested in golf, but it looks like the grand kids may be different.

I am a member of a private club, that has held Nationwide, Korn Ferry and Ga State events. It is a Bob Cupp design courses that requires you to use every club in your bag.

Below are the grad kids and a group of golfers.


Jack 1.JPG


Final Review

First Impressions 5/5

I was very impressed with the packaging of the Precision Pro NX10, the instructions were very easy to follow. They provided decals and other materials in the shipping package. See photos below:

Precision Pro 8 15 1.JPG

Precision Pro 8 15 2.JPG

Precision Pro 8 15 3.JPG

Precision Pro 8 15 4.JPG

Precision Pro 8 15 5.JPG

Precision Pro 8 15 6.JPG

Aesthetics 5/5


·         The Precision Pro fits in your hand excellent when holding it. It’s not oversize at all, fits right in your palm area nicely.

·         Precision Pro has over 50 skins available so your rangefinder can be customized. Changing these skins is a very easy and quick process.

·         The Precision Pro NX10 is a high quality, very durable range finder. It appears that it would hold up under any condition. The built-in magnet will hold the range finder on any metal if you decide to not keep it in the case.

·         The Precision Pro NX10 comes with a very nice carrying case that clips to your bag. You can use a zipper to hold it in the case or it has a band that can be pulled around the case for a quick closure.

The Numbers 5/5


·         The Precision Pro NX10 was very accurate on yardages to the pin. I have two other Bushnell range finders and the NX10 was as accurate or better.

·         The Precision Pro NX10 picked up my targets quicker than the other range finders I currently have or have used in the past.

·         The Precision Pro NX10 slope function worked very well and was very accurate.

·         The Precision Pro NX10 picked up any target that I attempted to get a yardage on.

·         The instructions that were provided were easy to understand and follow.

·         All Precision Pro products come with free replacement of batteries for the lifetime.


·         The Precision Pro NX10 was very easy to use, it does not have an on or off button/switch. It is very easy to operate.

·         The range finder made playing golf quicker and gave you more confidence knowing you had the correct yardage.

·         Compared to my Bushnell Tour V5 w/slope that I was using prior to this test, the Precision Pro NX10 yardages are basically the same +/- 1 yd. The thing that I like different is the NX10 from Precision Pro locks into the target easier and quicker.

·         Since I was already using a range finder, my scores have improved very little. I am scoring some better, but mostly because I am playing more lately.


The Good, the Bad, the in between 4/5


The Precision Pro NX10 is as good of a rangefinder as I have used. My comparison during this test was against the Bushnell Tour V5, but I have had two other range finders in the past. The most impressive thing about the NX10 is it picks the target up so quickly even if your hand is not completely still. I have not found anything bad to report regarding the NX10.

One between thing is the base color is white, over time it may change and discolor after long usage.


Keep it or Trade it? 5/5

Keep It!

Playing the Precision Pro NX10, it picks up any target quicker than any range finder that I have used in the past. I love the availability to change out the skins and modify the looks of it. 



If you are looking for an excellent range finder, the Precision Pro NX10 will fit the ticket. You can customize it by choosing a skin to personalize it. At this time, they have over 50 skins to choose from. Additionally, you can change out the ring around the lens for more customization. The NX10 is built with quality, it is very accurate and locks into the target very easy. It comes with a very nice carry case; the range finder also has a magnet so you can stick it to metal on the golf cart for easy accessibility.


Final Score 29/30



Driver: :titelist-small: TSI3 - 10*, Hzrdus Smoke 6.0 Stiff

Driver: :taylormade-small: Stealth Plus - 10.5*, Oban Kiyoshi Purple O4Flex-65 Grams Purred
3 Wood: :taylormade-small: SIM - 15*, Graphite Design Tour AD DJ5 Stiff
Hybrid: :titelist-small: TS3 - 19*, Hzrdus Smoke 6.0 Stiff
Irons: :titelist-small:  5 - PW T150, with Nippon Zelos 7 Reg, 4 iron - U505 with Project X HZRDUS Black Stiff

Wedges: :titelist-small: Vokey SM 8 - 50*, 60* Standard Wedge Shafts

Wedge: :taylormade-small: Milled Grind 3 MG3 56* S200 shaft

Putter:  :scotty-cameron-1: Studio Select Newport 1.5        
Putter:  :scotty-cameron-1: Phantom X 5.5
Ball: :titelist-small: Pro V1x


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First Impressions
The Numbers
On The Course
Good/Bad/ In between
Keep it or Trade it?

Precision Pro NX10 Official Review 

By 2puttbogey


i am a 48 year old male that lives in Hawaii on the island of Maui. I am able to play 2 times a week all year, so I get in about 100 rounds a year. I play off a 11-13 handicap with a goal of getting to single digit. 

I currently use the Caddytec rangefinder from Costco. So I will be testing how the NX10 compares to a rangefinder half the price. 

First Impression 5/5

The fist thing that I noticed was the quality of the packaging. The box is very grim and sturdy. The rangefinder is secured in a foam to avoid any damage during shipping. Incudes is a case, stickers , and information on how to register the device and request a replacement battery, a Precision Pro perk.




Aesthetics 5/5

The Precision Pro NX10 is a classic looking rangefinder. What separates this from the rest is the customization. There are ”shells” that can be easily swapped. From some popular YouTube/podcasts to college football are some of the options.

The Numbers 5/5

The numbers were spot on. I seen only a couple yards give or take compared to the other rangefinder I was using, and what I would have expected from where I was on the course in relation to the pin or hazard I was measuring to.

On The Course 4/5

The Precision Pro worked well on the course, but not perfect. The magnet on the side made it very convenient to access, but it did fall off the cart a couple times going over bumps. Also it did miss the pin sometimes and would give the distance to something behind. Not a huge issue as it was pretty obvious and just had to remeasure, but it did happen enough to take note of.

The Good, Bad, and In Between 4/5

Good: It is accurate and very easy to use. Built with quality and the option to change the skin is gun. The scope is well zoomed in, and the button to measure is easy to press which makes it easy to use.

Bad: Not really a anything that I would consider bad.

In Between: The magnet makes it convenient, but need to be aware that it can fall off the cart. The slope adjusted yardage is on the top and the non adjusted is on the bottom and bigger so need to pay attention to the readings. Vibrates on all yardage readings not only when locking on the pin.


Keep or Trade 5/5

The Precision Pro NX10 is definitely a keeper. From the first impression to using the device I was impressed. I felt I was using a top quality device, and although not perfect it did deliver a quality experience.


The Precision Pro NX10 is a quality device that delivers in performance as well. The option to customize the skin makes it unique in a rangefinder market that is pretty much all the same. With a mid range price you can get all the performance and options as the big names give you. Plus free batteries!


Final Score 28/30

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First Impressions
The Numbers
On The Course
Good/Bad/ In between
Keep it or Trade it?

Precision Pro NX10 - Official MGS Forum Review by ChitownM2


First off I wanted to say thank you to MGS and Precision Pro for giving me the opportunity to review the new NX10 Rangefinder.  This will be my third review for MGS as I was lucky enough to be selected to review the Hogan VKTR+ hybrid in fall of 2020 and the Maxfli Tour balls in fall of 2021.  I was excited to be chosen for this test since my rangefinder is by far the oldest thing in my bag.  

As a 20 handicap golfer, my game is definitely a work in progress.  I’m 42 years old and have been golfing since my teens but never really took it seriously until the last couple years. I'm fortunate enough to be able to play a round most weekends and play in a 9 hole league on Monday nights which ended a couple weeks ago.   Since I have a pretty limited amount of time for golf, I end up treating my rounds as a sort of competitive practice for myself.  It’s good in that I'm getting out enough I see glimmers of my potential, but I know that without actual dedication to a routine practice schedule I'll never achieve the scores I'd like to shoot.  


On the course I use a variety of different devices for getting my distances.  The primary one I use is my Bushnell Tour V2 which I've had since it was new back in 2008 or 2009.  It's the "standard" model with no slope capabilities.  I use it on all par 3s and every approach shot where I have an expectation of hitting to the green.  I also have a Garmin S40 watch that I use when I don't have a direct line of sight to the flag (say in the trees or the next fairway over 😉) or on par 5 holes where I'm trying to decide what club to use for my 2nd shot based on what it will leave me to the green.  Finally, I'm an Arccos user and will often use their app on my phone if I want to know what it will take to carry some water or a particular trap from wherever I may be.  
Going into the review I was targeting two items to evaluate.  The first being how much easier/faster a 15 year newer rangefinder locks onto pins and secondly, how helpful the slope function really is. 

First Impressions (5 of 5)

I received the rangefinder and was immediately impressed.  The packaging is very solid and visually appealing.  It is exactly what you've come to expect from other high end electronic devices like cell phones.   


Precision Pro was generous enough to offer each of the testers their choice of 2 custom skins for the rangefinder which I think is a great touch because it allows us to customize the device to our tastes.  The devices shipped to us with one of our choices pre-installed in lieu of the standard skin and the second shipped in the retail package.  In addition to the rangefinder, the NX10 comes with a handy carrying case and a paper copy of the instruction manual which is something I really appreciate in 2022 since inserting a piece of paper telling you to go download it somewhere seems to be the norm.  Also included is a 10% off coupon for a future purchase as well as some stickers and a microfiber for cleaning the lenses.  Overall, I think they've included everything you could need so you aren't stuck spending more money to buy additional accessories.  


Right out of the box I felt like the NX10 has just the right amount of heft to make it easy to keep stable in your hand without being heavy.  It also picks up the flags extremely quickly and provides some haptic feedback to let you know you've hit the flag.  Distances to objects shot from my yard were spot on and within 1 yard of my older Bushnell.

Aesthetics (5 of 5)

As already mentioned, I’m a big fan of the interchangeable skins for this rangefinder.  This is probably one of the few and most fun customization options being offered by anyone in the accessory space that I’m aware of.  The side skin fits securely to the device and is held in place by magnets so it can be easily swapped,but I never had any issues with the skin inadvertently coming loose during my time using the device.  The front skin (around the lens & laser) is held in place by two hex screws and the tool to remove them is included in the package which is a nice touch.  I had no trouble swapping either of the skins; the side can be done in seconds, while the front takes less than 5 minutes from start to finish.


As for the other attributes of the rangefinder, it’s standard in every other way and that is a good thing.  It fits comfortably in my hand and feels solid while using it.  Build quality is top notch and I’m sure that if treated properly, I’ll get a decade of use out of this just like my previous Bushnell. 


The Numbers (5 of 5)

I ended up playing 6 rounds with the rangefinder along with a range session and used it extensively during those times.  Not once did it ever return a number that made me second guess it.  Every distance it produced was within 1 yard of the number my old Bushnell Tour V2 gave and consistent with what my S40 watch & Arccos were telling me.  I will say my local range should pick one up and use it to update the distances they have posted in each hitting bay 🤣.  

Living in Illinois I don’t get to play any courses with big elevation changes but for the few holes where it mattered, the slope function did prove useful.  There were a few occasions where I thought the hole was further up-hill than it really was and probably would have clubbed up unnecessarily if the slope reading hadn’t told me that it was only adding 4 or 5 yards.

On-Course (5 of 5)

As a player that is accustomed to using a laser rangefinder, the transition to using the NX10 was instantaneous.  My pre-shot routine was exactly the same and I was able to keep the device in the same location in my bag since the size was very similar to my old unit.

The overall button layout is intuitive and I was able to find the “ON” button without fumbling or looking.


The Good, the bad, the in between (3 of 5)

There is a lot to love with this rangefinder.  It’s easy to use, feels great in your hand, provides accurate readings and is a fantastic value at $280.  With that said, it is not perfect.  The built in magnets are powerful as advertised, but perhaps not as strong as I’d like them to be.  Late last season I bought a case for my Bushnell that includes two magnets as I was envious of that feature on newer models, but after 2 rounds I found that the magnets on the strap were not powerful enough and had the rangefinder fall off the cart twice after driving over some large bumps at speed.  Those magnets are probably twice as powerful as the ones on the NX10 so I don’t have a ton of confidence that it would never fall off and get damaged.   


I also have two other minor gripes with the NX10.  The first is the lack of indication on whether you have hit the pin.  My old bushnell used to display a ring around the pin when you had hit the flag rather than a tree or other object in the background.  


The second item is the lack of a loop or other option to tether the device that my Bushnell had. It seems trivial, but I’ve had a long strap connected to it since the beginning and it makes it easier to grab out of a bag and/or catch it when it starts sliding off the passenger seat while riding in the cart.


Finally, while it doesn’t affect me personally, if you play competitively in events where the slope function is not permitted, it can be turned off, but it is not as apparent to other players that it has been disabled as it is on devices from other manufacturers.  


Play it or Trade it? (5 of 5)

For me, the Precision Pro NX10 will definitely be going in my bag.  It does everything that the device it is replacing does and then some.  The few negatives I have are really just nit-picks or a non-issue for me and are far outweighed by the positives and the style it brings to my bag.


The Precision Pro NX10 is a great rangefinder for the cost and offers dozens of options for customization. It works as expected and is very accurate and although it isn’t perfect, I couldn’t imagine paying double for a bigger name brand device that does the same thing.

Final Score (28 of 30)


Link to review
First Impressions
The Numbers
On The Course
Good/Bad/ In between
Keep it or Trade it?


I really love that MGS gets these opportunities to share with our golfing community. Thank you for your hard work on this great forum.

About me and my golf:

  • I play golf in the Northeast which means I get about 6 months of consistent golf but I fit in some winter rounds if the weather is right. I always say, “I’ll play in the wind, cold or rain but none of them at the same time.”

  • I have been seriously golfing since 2011. I started at age 15 and played almost every day of the summer that year and then stopped and only played a handful of times in the 25 years after. Now I play about 4 times a week and try to practice frequently but I play more than practice often.

  • I’m fairly analytical and have always strived for proper mechanics and good ball striking; Self taught??? with help from books, forums and youtube videos. I am pretty athletic with good body awareness so I have been able to generate decent speed in the past but father time is slowing me down a little. Usually if I am having swing problems I can get a "youtube lesson" and see what I am doing and correct it.


Review objectives:

  • I will be testing the Precision Pro NX10 against my current Bushnell V4 and the phone gps. 

  • I use a Bushnell V4 and Golfshot GPS app for yardages. 98% of the time I use V4 for my yardages. GPS for layups, blind shots and overhead view of unfamiliar courses. I will compare the speed of picking up the flag and differences in distances between the NX10 and V4. Also whether or not the slope is better than my guess work on club selection. I’m also very interested in the optical quality and stability when lasering flags.

  • I will keep the NX10 in the bag if it is quick and easy to use and provides a better user experience. The slope will probably win me over though. The V4 is fairly generic and straight forward unit and could easily be bested.

I am hope this unit has some interesting surprises in functionality


First Impressions:

  • The packaging appears attractive, well thought out and with nice graphics.
  • The box was easy to open and protected the device more than adequately with foam.
  • The unit feels lighter than the current Bushnell V4 I use 
  • Carrying case is very stout and would easily protect the device if the bag was handled roughly

NX10 Review:

Out of the gate the NX10 was a joy to use. It seemed a little light in the hands initially when I got it out of the box but after weighing it compared to my V4, it was actually heavier. My consensus was that I was used to using a rangefinder that had a silicone sleeve on it which gave it a different feel. One of the things I noticed right away was how fast it locked on to targets. I would barely pull it out of the sleeve and it was vibrating while locking on to whatever it was pointed at in your hands. This was really nice but the one caveat is the acquisition button. The button was very touchy and engaged very easily which really wasn't a big deal with the performance, just the aesthetics of the button. I would have liked to have a little more positive feel on the button but that's my preference. One of the more appreciated abilities of the NX10 was that it was very sensitive to what you were shooting at. Much more sensitive than my V4.  The targets were easily to see, and the laser  locked onto just about everything you pointed at. Switching to tournament mode was a slide of a button quick and easy and yards and meters are of course available.


The magnetic cart holder built-in to the unit was surprisingly strong. I didn't get to use it in action but tried it on a cart that was available. Also, the ability to change the skins will be nice for people who want to personalize the unit. Changing the skins is easy, just two Allen head screws (wrench was also provided) and the side is attached via magnets. I wasn't too interested in the offerings for skins but you can make your own personal skin on the website if you are into that. I would have liked a silicone skin option for more grip.


Another nice quality of the NX10 was the battery door. The battery door on my V4 screws and unscrews with precision threads which at times are very difficult to line up. This precision may be able to keep more water out of the unit but I prefer the slide off cover like the NX10. An added benefit with the NX10 are free lifetime batteries and by the looks of it so far you won't need to use that very often.


The website touts high definition optics and I believe that they deliver. Much better than my current unit. I have used it to look ahead at golfers in front of me to see what's going on and it was very clear, this clarity is very nice. I really appreciate that part of it. This is one of the features that makes this unit a keeper. I did however find it slightly awkward to look at the slope yardages with my eye against the unit. The display of the slope was at the upper right hand side of the optics and strained my eye to look at it. You would think that the optic is small enough that it would be unlikely but it is a small thing that I noticed. Normal yardage, battery indicator and target acquisition circle was very clear and easy to see.



Very difficult to record through the optics through a phone.


Overall, the unit met or exceeded all expectations. I look forward to putting it in play on a regular basis. As far as a laser rangefinder this unit had no cons, just minor issues like the slope display location in the optics and the, for lack of a better term, cheapish feeling button. The NX10 performed flawlessly in all the normal duties of a rangefinder and excelled in some like target acquisition and optics.


Looks & Feel (out of 10 points) : 8

Setup (out of 15 points) : 10

Accuracy (out of 15 points) : 15

On-Course ( out of 30 points) : 28

Play it or Trade it? (out of 20 points): 19





Hate yourself, not the game...

In my Vessel bag:

:cobra-small: King SpeedZone          :taylormade-small: MG 3 Satin RAW black 60°

:srixon-small: ZX 3 wood                          :vokey-small: SW & GW Black

:titleist-small:  3-PW                        :EVNROLL: EV2 Mid-Lock              :titleist-small: Prov1x-

Link to review


Congrats! Now for the most important question:

 How accurate is it from 750 yards?  I've been working on my swing speed (inching JUST over 100 these days)...pretty sure I'll be bombing it two holes deep soon.  😉

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12 hours ago, ChitownM2 said:

Sweet!  Saw the banner that testers had been announced and figured I'd see who got selected.....and it's me!  Super excited to test this out and compare to my S40, the arccos app and my super old Bushnell V2.

Thank you MGS & Precision Pro!

I will be joining you as a tester. Really appreciative to MGS and Precision for the opportunity. I look forward to providing a great review for everyone.

Thanks to all!

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I have a Bushnell Pro XE and would love to compare side by side w/NX10 and my phone golf gps app.  My home course has Hills and Valleys and trees.  Comparing slope adjusted numbers and distances.  Previously I had a TecTecTec.  I'm not sure how I ever thought I could compete at golf w/o a range finder.  It's a game changer.

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Moved recently and have been playing all new courses, would love to learn the courses quicker with a Precision Pro!

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Would love to test this against Arccos and the Gogo range finder i currently use. been in the market for a new rangefinder so if this reviews good and i dont get chosen i might just purchase it anway. 

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