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Sign up Closed: 2023 MGS Forum Test: Edel SMS/SMS Pro Irons

Number of Testers
Signup Cutoff Date:
3,997 signups
Equipment Type: Irons
Vendor: Edel






Edel Golf SMS and SMS Pro Irons

Presenting the first set of irons truly fit to your swing.  Edel golf has designed the SMS and SMS Pro irons to take your game to the next level.


edel_2022_by_lucas_botz_1496.jpg      edel_2022_by_lucas_botz_1439.jpg


Every Edel SMS and SMS Pro Iron comes complete with:

-  Swing Match Weight Technology

-  Forged Hollow Body Construction to Unlock Adjustability and Distance with Plasma Welded Maraging Steel Face Cup for Even More Distance (SMS)

-  Or a Precision Grain Forging for Incredible Sound and Feel (SMS Pro)

-  Players Sole Grind for Turf Interaction Versatility (SMS) or a Tour Inspired Tri-Stepped Sole Design for Enhanced Turf Interaction (SMS Pro)



Would you like to put the Edel SMS or SMS Pro Irons to the test? 

For this review opportunity we are looking for 4 MGS Forum Members to test and keep the Edel Irons!

Testers will be able to chose from in-stock shaft options currently listed on Edel's website and can choose from SMS Irons, SMS Pro Irons, or a blended combo set of irons! 

Testers will also be expected to get fit on their own within a week of selection or provide their known specs to the mod team for ordering.

This Test is open to right-hand golfers located in the United States.


Check out the Edel SMS reviews here


Be sure to check out the Forum Social Channels on Instagram & Twitter



Just now, pozzit said:

I dont know if they have a specific time to announce. If so please share. So exited for the testers.

I don't know that they'll announce at a certain time, I just know the Paradym testers were announced as I was sitting in the parking lot at work. It was a pretty exciting way to start my day. 

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13 minutes ago, pozzit said:

I dont know if they have a specific time to announce. If so please share. So exited for the testers.

@GolfSpy_APH is in Switzerland so if he does it, early for North American members… but if @GolfSpy_SAM does it out on the West Coast… we’ll then it might be late for folks. 

the rest of the Mod team is in between those guys.  Only way to know for sure is to check back often. 🍿

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