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Sign up Closed: 2023 MGS Forum Test: Callaway Paradym Irons

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Callaway knows that Distance Irons are long, but players also want a high level of feel. 

Enter the Paradym and Paradym X Irons:


Paradym-Irons-Lifestyle-12-9-22-02-7581.jpeg     Paradym-X-Iron-Lifestyle-01-8251.jpeg


Integral to each set of Paradym and Paradym X Irons are 4 key features wrapped around either a Refined Players shape in the Paradym or the Refined Forgiving Shape of the Paradym X:

- Callaway's Most Powerful A.I. Designed Forged 455 Face

- Fast Ball Speed from Forged 455 Face Cup & Hollow Body with Speed Frame Construction

- Exceptional Feel from a Forged Face and Patented Urethane Microspheres

- Improved Launch via Dual Tungsten Weighting


Testers Announced!



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My wife was recently fitted for these and the PXG Gen5 and Gen5 irons. She's had amazing gains compared to her existing set but now just comparing costs and setups.

Watching her hit the Paradyms was great though, smile after smile when hitting a great shot over and over

She's couldn't decide between the regular or X model. After repeated back and forth with the two, she hit them equally well. Guess she'll have to flip a coin, will wait and see

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Thanks to MGS and Callaway for the possible opportunity.    I would very much like to be a tester. 

I would commit to renting time at a local Launch studio, providing results and testing against irons I own; TaylorMade P790 and Callaway CF16.    They are both set a 2° Flat, standard length, Regular Shafts.  While these are a "Players Distance" iron and someone who uses Regular would normally be in a Game Improvement iron, I offer the following evidence: 

When testing in 2022, for me, Cally CF21 beat the CF21 DCB, Taylormade P790 beat the Stealth, Cobra Forged Tec beat the Forged Tec X, and Ping i525 beat the G430.   Granted my longest iron is usually the 5, and sometimes even the 6, I simply am more consistent with the Players Distance, and actually achieve a bit more distance. 

Again, thank you for the chance.

Lynn (Male, not quite as bad as "A Boy Named Sue")


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As a higher handicapper (19) who is in the market for new clubs and looking at the Paradym X's, it'd be a pleasure to help test and review these clubs 

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My Callaway X20's would be upset that I traded them away, but Who Cares! Look forward to the opportunity to try these babies out... I have been looking at the Paradym X vs. the Gen-5 PXGs. I am ready to make a choice and happy to provide a mid/higher handicap review of these sticks. I have been as low as a 15 hdc, looking to get even better!

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I would enjoy testing the Paradym irons. I currently play Srixon ZX7s with steelfiber i95 stiff shafts. I still get fairly good club speed (~90mph 7i) but turning 60 later this year, I have started to think more about irons that offer more distance and forgiveness while retaining playability. Fun to think about.

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So, just wanted to comment here.  I found this kind of randomly and signed up for the testing of the Paradym irons.  I was actually thinking of updating my current clubs, Titleist T300 with a amateur flex shaft to something with a regular flex.  When I was fitted for them 2 years ago my swing speed was slower.  I have since gotten much better and my swing speed is regularly between 93 to 99 mph.  I was just fitted for the Paradym Triple diamond driver with a super light weight regular flex shaft.  I absolutally love it and was eyeing the irons as possible next step.  I would love to have the opportunity to test and review these irons.  I am even going to be participating in my first ever tournament next month.  It is a small local one, not tied to anything official. It would be really cool to get to try these out during that event.  Anyway, I wanted to post something and state my reason for applying so it didn't look like I was just some random person hoping to get a free set of clubs.  If I do get choosen I will do a full on review of how I feel about them, how they play for me, if they help or hinder my play, and anything else that may be needed/wanted for a review. 

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Would love to provide a review, ordered Paradym Irons in February, received in March to replace my SEL MP20, purchased the Paradym driver in March and love the set up.

Lucky to live in Queensland Australia and enjoy my golf all year round.

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On 3/25/2023 at 8:39 AM, Langstonha said:

Really looking forward to testing these new irons from Callaway.  They look fantastic! 

Yes think they will live up to the hype.  Would love to try them.  My irons are TaylorMade but driver and woods are Calloway.

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Brand new to the forum and MGS, but figured I'd give it a shot. Awesome opportunity for the lucky winners on the test. Both irons seem like a great blend of feel, forgiveness, and distance. 

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This is great timing. I'm looking at new irons as we speak. Used my current Mavrik set to take me from beginner to where I am now. Currently, I'm looking for something in the players distance category. I still need some forgiveness but I'm looking for better distance dispersion. The Mavriks can be hot occasionally. I'm curious how the Paradym's will compare.

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