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Sign up Closed: 2023 MGS Forum Test: Callaway Paradym Irons

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Callaway knows that Distance Irons are long, but players also want a high level of feel. 

Enter the Paradym and Paradym X Irons:


Paradym-Irons-Lifestyle-12-9-22-02-7581.jpeg     Paradym-X-Iron-Lifestyle-01-8251.jpeg


Integral to each set of Paradym and Paradym X Irons are 4 key features wrapped around either a Refined Players shape in the Paradym or the Refined Forgiving Shape of the Paradym X:

- Callaway's Most Powerful A.I. Designed Forged 455 Face

- Fast Ball Speed from Forged 455 Face Cup & Hollow Body with Speed Frame Construction

- Exceptional Feel from a Forged Face and Patented Urethane Microspheres

- Improved Launch via Dual Tungsten Weighting


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Currently playing Callaway X2 Hot Irons and have improved my game from a 20+ handicap to 12.9 handicap. Now that I have improved my swing significantly I would like to see how the newer technology can improve my game even further. I am 34 years old and play in a weekly 9 hole scramble, so would love to improve my standings in the league. I have been looking for a reason to upgrade my clubs, but I am playing well, so would be a good way to test the differences and showcase (show off) the clubs to the other members in my league.

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Wow just looked at the specs for these. I would need to play the GW to 5i and and tell myself they are PW to 4i, Haha. But I guess that is the nature of the players distance category and in the end if they go the distance I need and are forgiving then the # on the bottom does not matter. 

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ANOTHER great testing opportunity by MGS. First set of irons was Callaway, then switched to TM and would love to see how these compare to the old irons in my bag. Looking at the specs and I feel like the X were designed just for my game!

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I am gaming Mizuno JPX 923 HM Pro, and it'll be hard to change since there's nothing feel like Mizuno, but I've heard great things about Paradym line up and would love to see if this new iron would change my mind. 



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Being a Callaway guy (driver, irons, hybrids), I am certainly interested in this.  I currently own a 6 Hybrid in the new Paradym line, would love to see how the irons (Paradym X) work.  Currently own last year's model irons. the Rogue ST Max.  

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I am all in for testing new irons.  I have my Shot Scope data from the last year and a half so I have a good base line to start with.  I also have a group of golfers that won't hold me to just 14 clubs in the bag so I can hit an occasional "provisional" to test different irons from the same spot on the course.  

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On 3/22/2023 at 9:47 PM, GolfSpy_BOS said:

Super excited to be kicking off the 2023 Member Testing Season with Callaway golf and the Paradym and Paradym X irons! 

I can't wait to see these in the bags of our members as @Golfspy_CG2 and @Golfspy_TCB have been singing their praises already this year.  It seems like Callaway has a real winner on their hands here!  What do you all think?  Will these live up to the hype?  Would you put them in play?

Have heard nothing but good things about Paradym Irons and woods this year.  It seems they have taken a big step forward and they also look sharper than previous years imo.  This color scheme is much better than the rogue and mavrik.  Would love to see what they are all about.

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Awesome to see these be tested. Been a while since I bought a new set of irons so I’d love to see how they compare against my TaylorMade Psi tours. I do reviews for apparel and would love to get into the club reviews. 

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I swung the Paradym X 7 Iron at PGA Superstore and it felt great.  I would love to be able to test the entire set to see what I can do with it on the course.  I am an average golfer with a quick swing so it would be interesting to see how they hold up.

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I never really took anynof the new Paradyms too seriously until my Brother had reported some very good results when he tested them. I currently game some P790's as I was looking for some extra forgiveness over my Apex Pros. The 790's give me what I was looking for except for spin. Definitely a trade off.

I have been hearing great reports on these Paradym and have been wanting to test for myself. This seems like the perfect way to me!

I recently invested in my own hitting bay with a gc quad to get accurate fitting numbers and help me keep my swing through our cold winter months. This would obviously allow me to do some factual information instead of just my "feelings" for these irons.


Whomever gets the chance though, I applaud wholeheartedly. Early reports says you will likely enjoy them.

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I've been a Callaway fan, my whole life. Starting off with Callaway X 18s to Callaway RAZR X. I'm currently using Srixon irons, but would love to come back to the Callaway family. Excited to see the performance of the Paradym X for amateur golfers like myself. 

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21 minutes ago, jtowns43 said:

Have heard nothing but good things about Paradym Irons and woods this year.  It seems they have taken a big step forward and they also look sharper than previous years imo.  This color scheme is much better than the rogue and mavrik.  Would love to see what they are all about.

I saw them in person last week and even these photos don't do them justice! 

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Great idea folks, I just ordered a complete set of Paradym irons, would be willing to give you my feedback based on my set, supposed to be arriving in 3 weeks, send me the questions or however you would like the test to be performed and I'll gladly help the group. Let another lucky person enjoy the complimentary sticks.


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