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Sign up Closed: 2023 MGS Forum Test: Callaway Paradym Irons

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Callaway knows that Distance Irons are long, but players also want a high level of feel. 

Enter the Paradym and Paradym X Irons:


Paradym-Irons-Lifestyle-12-9-22-02-7581.jpeg     Paradym-X-Iron-Lifestyle-01-8251.jpeg


Integral to each set of Paradym and Paradym X Irons are 4 key features wrapped around either a Refined Players shape in the Paradym or the Refined Forgiving Shape of the Paradym X:

- Callaway's Most Powerful A.I. Designed Forged 455 Face

- Fast Ball Speed from Forged 455 Face Cup & Hollow Body with Speed Frame Construction

- Exceptional Feel from a Forged Face and Patented Urethane Microspheres

- Improved Launch via Dual Tungsten Weighting


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I have not hit these irons yet although they were available for testing at PAGATSS....would like to be considered as a tester for the "X" model.

Fantastic opportunity for anyone to test these irons!

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Would love to test the Paradym irons - I've been fitted in the past but all to figure out that I am standard length, lie, loft guy... inbetween stiff and x-stiff depending on the shaft but pretty straight fwd.  I am really interested in the Paradym irons (I am most concerned with distance consistency... don't need extra distance).  I've played the Callway Apex in the past... made the move to a Srixon combo set but the difference in-between the two different head/sets has left me a bit unsettled with them.  I am an avid Golf Spy reader and value the intel immensely.  

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I would love to test these irons. I started playing golf with a Callaway full club starter set, and am current playing Titleist player's distance irons. Would be really interesting to test the Callaway Paradym irons since I originally started playing golf with Callaway clubs and because player's distance irons are my current best fit. My location allows me to play year-round at over 100 rounds per year.

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This is an interesting test. After looking over the specs I can't believe how strong the lofts are for the Paradym X and the amount of offset. I thought my current irons were strong but X's are another club from what I am playing now.  My old set had a 9 iron at 45 degrees, my Sub70's have a PW at 45 degrees and the loft of X's is now an AW.  Same with the offset, my old clubs had 0.24" for the 5 iron, my Sub70's have 0.197 and these have 0.23. I guess with reducing the loft on the clubs they added offset to make them a little easier to hit.  But the regular Paradym have 47 degrees for the AW and 42 for the PW so not quite as strong and quite a bit less offset at 0.135 for the 5 iron.  

My current clubs are a bit in the middle but I am really curious to try the regular Paradym's.  I haven't been the biggest Callaway fan as I think of them as overhyped but my brother just tried most of the new drivers and of all of them he liked the Paradym best.  I know he tried the TM Stealth 2, Titleist TSR's, Ping G425 and G430 and he chose the Paradym triple diamond. I was very surprised by that and now I am curious to try these to see if the irons are as good as the drivers.


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Looking for new Irons this year.  I would love to test these out.   Currently playing Gen 3 PXG and just changed shafts from KBS c-Taper to lighter Nippon shaft.    I have noticed that all new releases are anywhere from 1 degree to 4 degrees stronger lofts with some big gaps between not sure if technology or stronger lofts will produce tighter dispersion.   

gaps of new irons vs old.jpg

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How about we try testing outside of USA ONLY?? We also play golf in Canada too. Polar bears are used as caddies. We shovel the snow into those office buildings in our cities.  No one actually works in them, they are insulated to preserve the snow all summer. By law the buildings are then emptied Dec 1 each year.

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I entered thinking I was using my profile on MGS. Please consolidate the entries to my MGS entry. 

Have Callaway driver and love it. Would like to see how these compare to my Taylor Made Irons. 

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I would love to be considered to be a tester for the Paradym Irons!  My current set are the PXG blades with a 46 degree PW.  Regular flex Steelfiber i95 shafts.  I hit the ball high and straight, but just not very long; shoulder surgery put the kibash on my distance last year!  But I'm working hard to get it back.  



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Excellent opportunity for those that are chosen!! I think based on what I have read the X would be a good fit. I was hoping to demo them last Saturday at the local demo, but we ran out of time due to the number of people that showed up.

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I'm a 7 handicap currently swinging Ping G425 irons, 5-UW, stiff metal shafts. I'm very curious as to how the Paradym X irons compare. I used to play with the Callaway X-14 Pro Irons and loved them. I play a few times a week and hit the range a few times a week also, so could get quick feedback to you. Thank you!

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Saw the new Paradym irons at the PGA Show...would truly enjoy 'testing' these irons as the new golf season rolls in as we are  looking for  replacement irons for current Callaway Apex irons.....welcome some increased ball speed.

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I was fitted into Paradym X irons at Golf Galaxy. Haven't pulled the trigger yet as I would like trying them outside first. Trackman results were 15 yds longer for me over my Mizuno 921's but the Paradym X's had graphite shafts.

I get 125-150 rds in a year

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I play the Big Bertha irons and Callaway Epic Driver, 3W and 5W and would like to testthe new irons.  I am in my 70's and play about 3 rounds/week usually walking 1 or 2 rounds.  My hadicap is a 12 and constantly looking for ways that I might improve and be more competitive with my golfing buddies.

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Left-handed golfer here! Been playing Cobra iron for quite a few years but have always been intrigued with Callaway, especially the irons. I need some height with my irons and, of course, welcome distance!

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