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Sign up Closed: 2023 MGS Forum Test: Callaway Paradym Drivers

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Callaway Paradym Drivers


Callaway is known to pack a punch in the driver market with high performance models to suit all levels of golfer from PGA Major champions down to the recreational or new golfer.

They know what it takes to create a competitive selection of modules to suit your game so we have all three retail models of the Callaway Paradym drive family up for review!  Each of the Paradym drivers comes with key technologies and features that set it apart from the competition:

An industry-first 360 Carbon Chassis eliminates titanium from the body, so engineers can push weight
and stability to the limit.  This massive weight savings is repositioned both forward which is designed to enhance
ball speed, and toward the back of the clubhead is designed to increase forgiveness.

The Company’s A.I.-designed Jailbreak system enhances stability for faster ball speeds, while an all-new
A.I. face optimization enhances speed, launch, spin, and now downrange dispersion. Paradym is the first
driver to utilize Callaway’s face cup technology. 

Three models are available: Paradym is suited to a wide range of players, with Callaway’s best
combination of distance, forgiveness, and adjustability. Paradym X is best suited for players who want
exceptional forgiveness and a slight draw bias, and Paradym Triple Diamond is ideally suited for better
players who want to work the ball.

Are you ready to make the Paradym Shift?


For this test we are looking for 4 MGS Forum Members to test the Paradym Drivers!

Paradym - 2 Testers
Paradym X - 1 Tester
Paradym Triple Diamond - 1 Tester

This Test is open to all US Forum Members! 


New to the Forum? Interested in how we select our testers and want to increase your opportunity at being selected in this or future tests? READ MORE HERE!


27 minutes ago, JerBooth said:

Me being personally a Callaway player for a lot of my life.

I am somewhat jealous I live in Canada.

This would be an amazing opportunity to put the triple diamond up against my Mavrik.

Best of luck to those applying. These things are absolute bombers on the course!!

Good job Golf Spy getting this test along side the Paradym Irons. 

This will be definitely one to watch!!

I didn’t like callaway for a long time everyone I ever knows was a snob because it was pictured as a Ritchie man’s brand but I’ve seen some amazing products and amazing people in my years now and has become one of my top five favs hope to test out a brand I really know nothing about I. Terms of performance 

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Incredible opportunity here! I’d love to see if there is much difference between model years for Calloway drivers besides all the media hype. My instructor tested one when they came out and said he gained a ton of yards off the tee with this compared to his gamer.

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My very earlier generation Epic needs to be mothballed. Hearing great things about Paradym, but have not hit one yet. My irons and hybrid are all Callaway, so would love to keep it in the family! 

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Currently playing the Callaway Mavric, would love the opportunity to compare the paradym with my current gamer

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On 5/8/2023 at 11:56 PM, GolfSpy BOS said:

We are super excited to have Callaway onboard for a second test of the Paradym product line, this time with the Paradym Driver family!  A big thanks to them for supporting member testing in a big way this year!

The Irons test is well underway and our testers are seeing some awesome results so far.  After you apply for this test (as I'm sure you will!) be sure to head over to the Irons test in progress and check in with our testers here:

They're ready to answer any and all questions about the Paradym and Paradym X Irons that they've been putting through the paces as we lead up to final reviews being posted.  

Who's ready to make the Paradym Shift and switch to the Callaway Paradym Drivers!?  



The Forum just keeps killing it with Testing Opportunities!! Callaway is really stepping up as well. So great to see and experience. 

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Was rocking the Epic Max, then moved to Rogue ST with noticeable improvements. Now the Paradym is definitely intriguing...can Callaway keep improving the players outcomes? Good Question!

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I used the Callaway Online driver selector tool and came up with the Paradym which makes sense. I don't love LOW LOW spin drivers and I don't need a draw bias. Good luck to everyone!

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I currently game a Callaway Epic Flash, and like it, but would really like to check out the Paradigm X to help combat my normal fade/slice miss.

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I'm rocking a Wilson Staff Cortex (yeah from Driver vs Driver) that I got a crazy deal on and its been great for me. Very forgiving and when I hit it "on the screws" can bump past 300 - and I'm built like Corey Pavin.


I have to admit that I started the year thinking I'm still a year or two away from my next driver - but have been turned onto the Paradym after discovering the Bob Does Sports guys. I have the swing speed to bomb it but need something better suited for my high spin tendencies.

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2 hours ago, climberboy2000 said:

Pick me...pick me.  I was just saying to my golf buddies that I really want to try out the new Paradym driver.  I love my TSi 3 and hit it well, but there is always new technology.  MyGolfSpy...I would love this opportunity.

And after working this winter with the MISIG Golf Swing Trainer and focusing on certain weight training exercises I'm hitting the ball 20-30 yards further and straighter this year.  So this would be a great time to put the Paradym up against my Titleist TSi 3!

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I would love to test this one.  I haven't talked to anyone who has it in my circle so it would be great to get the chance to test.


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I feel like having the same shaft that I have on my gamer would be important.  Either way I would love to see how it performs against my G425 LST

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Would love to be chosen to test one of these drivers.  I'm basically a bogey golfer but one thing I generally do pretty well is get off the tee with my driver.  I'm currently gaming a Ping G410+

Having read many reviews on here the last several years, I understand the work that I would need to put in and I'm more than willing to do it.

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