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Sign up Closed: 2023 MGS Forum Test: Callaway Paradym Drivers

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Callaway Paradym Drivers


Callaway is known to pack a punch in the driver market with high performance models to suit all levels of golfer from PGA Major champions down to the recreational or new golfer.

They know what it takes to create a competitive selection of modules to suit your game so we have all three retail models of the Callaway Paradym drive family up for review!  Each of the Paradym drivers comes with key technologies and features that set it apart from the competition:

An industry-first 360 Carbon Chassis eliminates titanium from the body, so engineers can push weight
and stability to the limit.  This massive weight savings is repositioned both forward which is designed to enhance
ball speed, and toward the back of the clubhead is designed to increase forgiveness.

The Company’s A.I.-designed Jailbreak system enhances stability for faster ball speeds, while an all-new
A.I. face optimization enhances speed, launch, spin, and now downrange dispersion. Paradym is the first
driver to utilize Callaway’s face cup technology. 

Three models are available: Paradym is suited to a wide range of players, with Callaway’s best
combination of distance, forgiveness, and adjustability. Paradym X is best suited for players who want
exceptional forgiveness and a slight draw bias, and Paradym Triple Diamond is ideally suited for better
players who want to work the ball.

Are you ready to make the Paradym Shift?


For this test we are looking for 4 MGS Forum Members to test the Paradym Drivers!

Paradym - 2 Testers
Paradym X - 1 Tester
Paradym Triple Diamond - 1 Tester

This Test is open to all US Forum Members! 


New to the Forum? Interested in how we select our testers and want to increase your opportunity at being selected in this or future tests? READ MORE HERE!


Currently play the Epic Flash, would love to get the opportunity to upgrade to the newest Callaway product. 

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Iv had the Callaway Max for the last couple of years and am very interested in seeing the results on this one maybe time for an upgrade. Good luck to the testers 🏌🏻🏌🏻🏌🏻

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Nothing has kicked my XR-16 out of the bag, can an Paradym X accomplish what many have not? 

Am I’m ! 

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I applied. I have 2 drivers. Sim 2 and Ping G425. I also have the Mevo+ which would be really useful for the test. 

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I have really enjoyed my Rogue Driver, but would love to be able to help test these Paradym Drivers. I have played many brands and models of drivers through the years and every year you see the latest offerings of every brand and I don’t get as excited as I used to try everyone’s offerings. It s like an election year every January and February with all the promises and expectations from all the manufacturers telling us that this year’s offerings are the best ever. But I have to say after seeing the Paradym win week after week with the Tour Pro’s and the design of this Driver I have been very tempted to be as my younger self was (back when I thought you could buy a Golf Swing) and fork out a second mortgage and get fitted for a New 9 degree Paradym X Driver and try one more time to buy a pro swing. Lol!!

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I haven't been signing up for much recently but I'll give this one a go as I just last year was fitted for and have been using a Cobra LTDx LS and my fitter never had me hit any Calloway heads at the time.  Good luck all who sign up!

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I would love this opportunity to try this club again. I was able to try this club (Paradym) at TGW a month ago. It has great, balance and look. I was impressed with the distance and control. Would love to play this club and see whats its like outside of controlled environment.  

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Never paid Callaway much mind. However after seeing this lineup released with the focus on detail, and now seeing the performance, it le hard not to think that Callaway has redefined the standard moving forward. 

excited for an opportunity to give these a go. 

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What an awesome test opportunity. I've thought for a while about considering a Paradym trial. Would love to try the Triple Diamond since I currently have to manage high launch and higher than desirable spin. The forward weight shifting, I'm told, is designed to mitigate both of those.

Best of luck to all those interested in trying them out!

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I've been playing Paradym irons for a couple of months now and I LOVE them. A Paradym driver would complete the set.

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I am currently in the market for a new driver so what a great opportunity.  I currently play Ping G400 Kura Kage stiff 60 which I got fit for a few years back. I look forward to seeing how much the new technology helps my game.  

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Absolutely love Callaway have been playing their clubs for the last couple years great company hopefully can test the newest tech. Getting these on the launch monitor for a side by side would be fun. Best of luck to everyone and thank you golf spy can't wait till new hq is complete just down the road

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So excited at this chance! I’ve been playing a Taylormade that my late father gave me but thinking these new generation of drivers could help me get a few extra yards.

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I missed the Callaway day in my town because of work and really want to see what all the hype surrounding the Paradym is about. I’ve hit the irons and they had a ton of forgiveness and pop (but too spinny for me). Would love to get my hands on the driver!

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