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Testers Announced - Evnroll V-Series Putters

Equipment Type: Putter
Vendor: Evnroll

Congratulate the Following Testers!

@Hook DeLoft - ER1v

@cjeffs12 - ER5v

@fixyurdivot - ER5v

@MattWillGolf - ER11v

Testers Wanted (4)

Evnroll V-Series Putters - 2021 Most Wanted Runner-up!


We are looking for 4, RH, US-based testers to try out the new V-series of putters from Evnroll, featuring their patented and award winning "Sweet Face" Technology.

With 6 different models and 4 hosels, the V-Series provides an option for everyone.

Click the SIGN-UP button up top to enter!





The ER5v looks fantastic, I would love to give this putter a great try out !

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Man what a cool test. I was part of the original Evnroll test years ago and it was still one of my favorites. 

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Dang. Two tests in a row that are tempting for the golden ticket, but too similar to my gamers to pull the trigger. Plus I just went out and bought a second EVNRoll two weeks ago "just to try it out" 😳💸 turns out I should've waited and tested the new line.

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Would love to cut some necks of my weekend crew with this putter!  I'm the current master butcher and one of these putters will have the boys nervous- skins ($$$$$)!! 


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This is the holy grail of putter brands I have wanted to try for years, thx to reviews on this site.  Thx for opportunity!!!

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In the market for a new putter. I bought existing one in 1986. I've tried others since, but nothing had the same feel. I've been seriously considering the Evnroll 2. 

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Would love to review this putter. It would help with my putter addiction.

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