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Test In-Progress: Evnroll V-Series Putters

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Equipment Type: Putter
Vendor: Evnroll

Congratulate the Following Testers!

@Hook DeLoft - ER1v

@cjeffs12 - ER5v

@fixyurdivot - ER5v

@MattWillGolf - ER11v

Testers Wanted (4)

Evnroll V-Series Putters - 2021 Most Wanted Runner-up!


We are looking for 4, RH, US-based testers to try out the new V-series of putters from Evnroll, featuring their patented and award winning "Sweet Face" Technology.

With 6 different models and 4 hosels, the V-Series provides an option for everyone.

Click the SIGN-UP button up top to enter!


1946 signups ... 4 testers.   So you're sayin there's a chance!?  HA! 

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I have been dying to try these putters, my kids are so afraid my putting will get even better 

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Used to play a Hatchback and loved it! My game has changed sine then and I've moved on to face balanced putters. Very excited to try the 11V.

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Ive been interested in these putters for years! Awesome opportunity!

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20 minutes ago, Rmarks said:

Would love to have the opportunity to review this putter for you but why are you eliminating Left Handed players from this opportunity? “Looking for 4 RH”?

Hey, welcome to the forums!  Just an FYI sometimes the OEM has to restrict testing to certain players or regions (in this case both).  From the looks of the EVNROLL website the the V-series is only available in RH right now.  I'm guessing LH options are in the works, but they probably could not make them available for the test.

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Would love to test one of these out. Everything I have heard about them is they are slick. 

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would like to try.......in my years of playing i have had Cameorn, Bettinardi and others, like to try something new

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Always used face balanced putters...and frankly would love to have a free putter ..... purchased Callaway EXO 2-Ball a few months ago and i love it. The EXO replaced a Cameron Kombi. I added the center red line to the EXO...Let's see how the competition stacks up....cheers and smiles. 🙂





Screenshot 2021-07-02 01.30.55.png

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I just reached out yesterday to Evnroll to ask questions about the ER11v.  I would love to test this putter!

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That er2 looks perfect, really want to game an evnroll see if they are that good

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Variable groove....  great idea for distance control... would love to try it....  THANKS  

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