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Testers Announced - Evnroll V-Series Putters

Equipment Type: Putter
Vendor: Evnroll

Congratulate the Following Testers!

@Hook DeLoft - ER1v

@cjeffs12 - ER5v

@fixyurdivot - ER5v

@MattWillGolf - ER11v

Testers Wanted (4)

Evnroll V-Series Putters - 2021 Most Wanted Runner-up!


We are looking for 4, RH, US-based testers to try out the new V-series of putters from Evnroll, featuring their patented and award winning "Sweet Face" Technology.

With 6 different models and 4 hosels, the V-Series provides an option for everyone.

Click the SIGN-UP button up top to enter!





I welcome the opportunity to test any of the models.Especially the ER5v.

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Wow, another great testing opportunity.  Won’t be applying but I’ll certainly be following.  Good luck everyone.

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Would love to try the ER11v with a Midlock grip.  That might be the secret for those of us with a little bit of a wobbly swing.  

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I would love to review this putter.  I just started using one of your putters!

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This is a great test for the community. Putting has always been a weak spot for me, I have been working more on technique now that I can putt during some long web meetings 😉...What's that Ting noise?

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I'm a higher handicap with a dire need to improve my putting game.  Would love to try it.

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I've been testing these putters for quite awhile would love to own one!

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This appears to be an amazing putter with great balance and feel based on limited putting in Roger Dunn

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Would love to try the ER5 or the ER11. Use a Taylormade Daddy longlegs counter-balanced mallet now. I am in the market for a new putter!


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I was in the original EVNRoll test group four and a half years ago. The ER 5 is still in my bag.

I will be anxious to read about this new series of gems from the group selected - good luck!

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Currently game an Evnroll and love it. Very interested in testing this new line!

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ohhhhh man!  I love my ER2B... if you haven't tried an EVNROLL putter this is the test to apply for!   


Another great testing opportunity this year, way to go MGS!

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