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Sign up Closed: 2023 MGS Forum Test: Sub70 TAIII Wedges

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3,660 signups
Equipment Type: Wedges
Vendor: Sub70


Sub 70 Golf was created to give golfers access to the highest quality and newest technology golf clubs available in the market, and to do so at a fraction of the cost of larger companies.

They don't have an advertising budget, and there is no third party selling our clubs and marking up prices to ensure their own profit.

Sub 70 Golf is located in Sycamore, Illinois, and the people that started Sub 70 are also the people that build your clubs, answer your calls, and play a lot of golf.

Those same people believe that golfers should not have to feel the need to spend a small fortune on new golf clubs every six months in order to feel like they can keep up.

Sub70 take pride in their clubs, and stand for their values. If for any reason you're not satisfied with your clubs, let them know and they will make it right.

Screenshot 2023-03-08 23.01.28.png

For this Test we are looking for 4 MGS Forum Members to test two of the Sub70 TAIII Milled Forged Wedges

Screenshot 2023-05-24 21.30.09.png

The TAIII wedge is an addition and complement to the award winning TAIII irons. Created with both reliability and versatility in mind, the TAIII golf wedge can play every shot: high, low, high spin or low spin. Meant for those with creativity around the greens, the Tommy Armour III Tour Milled wedges are the precision made tools of a short game artist.

This test is open to anyone in the US and Canada with RH only availability!


New to the Forum? Interested in how we select our testers and want to increase your opportunity at being selected in this or future tests? READ MORE HERE!


excited to read the reviews. Unfortunately i'm not too familiar with wedges to really give an in depth review so i will not be signing up. They look beautiful too!

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It's official, the 2023 MGS Forum Test season has set a new record!!  🥳


I have absolutely no data to back this claim up but if someone can prove me wrong, I'd love to hear it 😆

Another great product and test opportunity!  Sub70 has quickly become a well recognized and highly touted DTC.  These wedges look wicked good and it will be fun hearing how they work for those selected.  Good luck all! 

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Bing the best part of my game is my short game, im excited to see these results. Love to see Sub 70 come up and have quality clubs! 

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As a high handicapper that is really starting to figure out my short game, these would be great to test.  Currently I hit the Callaway Jaws Full toe.  I have started to experiment with a few different shots around the green and it would be interesting to see how these compare and help (or not) someone on my level. Also getting some numbers with the launch monitor for comparison could be helpful.

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Oh YES please !

Beautiful wedges !  Remember reading about these when they came out.   I'm really trying to improve my short game this year, and have been tinkering with several different wedges to find the right fit.  A couple of these would fit right into the mix wonderfully !  Currently gaming an Edison, Vokey, and Cleveland.  All have their pro's and con's.  Would feel very fortunate to be selected as a tester !

Good luck to all that enter.   

MGS, keep all the great testing opportunities rolling !  So many to check in on, I'm having a hard time getting onto the course, LOL. 


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Good grief MGS isn’t slowing down. Awesome

These guys have really blossomed since way back when I bought a set of raw wedges and started the Sub 70 thread.

the wedges were great back then, and I’d imagine these will be fantastic as well.

Good luck applicants.

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Still a company not getting enough press. I probably would have bought these last year if they were out over the Edel’s I bought because every product they make that I own is absolutely stellar. Hopefully I can get lucky and test them out because I am sure they are going to be amazing. 

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Absolutely love my 699 Pro 3-iron and 949X 5-wood. Been thinking I need to replace my 52* sooner rather than later and Sub70's been high on my list to take a look at.

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Im looking at getting another set of wedges and I would love to review these. Im currently playing Cleveland RTX-3 V-MG ... 52, 56, 60. Im not sure if I want to continue gaming this setup. I'm thinking to move to 54, 58, maybe 60/62. 

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Always checked out Sub70s putters. Would love to try out their wedges and compare the feel to my Vokeys

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Good Morning from Sunny and soon to be HOT Arizona. Please consider this comment regarding Sub 70 wedge testers as my response to your needing regular folks to test these wedges. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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These wedge look sharp, and love the different options. Good luck to all that apply!

I'm excited to hear what others say about them or event the opportunity to evaluate them first hand.  This is exciting times for golf with all the various manufacturers and options available.

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The best golfer I personally know and play with games Sub70 irons and wedges, I know he’s really good but he also swears the actually wedges help. I’m definitely considering these @GolfSub70 wedges once my current wedges are ready to be replaced sometime late this year or early next year. Would love the opportunity to test these out! 

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Intrigued by these, with the price point of new wedges constantly going up I've been looking at more DTC stuff. Sub70 right up there, after Haywood performs like trash when wet 🤦‍♂️

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