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Sign up Closed: 2023 MGS Forum Test: SQAIRZ BOLD Golf Shoes

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Equipment Type: Shoes
Vendor: SQAIRZ

Testers Wanted! SQAIRZ BOLD Golf Shoes


Make a statement.

On the course and on your scorecard. An extension of the award-winning design of the men’s SPEED and features, BOLD is the best way for you to express your personal style while continuing to deliver on unparalleled balance and stability. BOLD comes with both white & colored Sta Put laces so you can choose to be bold—or bolder. BOLD allows you to stylize your footwear and match the intensity of your game, while still delivering score changing balance, stability and comfort, in a guaranteed waterproof shoe


MyGolfSpy Forum is looking for 5 of it's forum members in Canada or the US to test, report, review and keep these golf shoes!

Oh and it's open to both left and right handed golfers 😉

Have you heard of SQAIRZ? Do you think you would be a good tester for these?

Sign up in the link top right!

Want to know more about SQAIRZ? Read this article which was just released today!



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I walk 4 rounds a week. I would love to try out comfortable shoes so I can focus on my game and not think about any pain in my feet.

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I walk and carry mostly early mornings when there is heavy dew on the ground.

I use to love Footjoy Contours they were like walking on pillows and you could take them straight out of the box and walk and carry for 18 holes and it was great, no tired or aching feet. Fast forward and I found my feet hurting after 18 holes with the newer Contours and the stability on the shoes was less than ideal when walking so I tried Addidas, not bad but not the same. I have tried and returned 4 different brands of shoes this year and have settled on New Balance as the most comfortable but still not great.

I don't know if the companies that make golf shoes are putting enough design energy into comfort and stability as they are the looks. I'm hoping a company comes out with a shoe that is stable, comfortable, holds up to early morning heavy dew walking in the near future so I can get a pair. That is my golf wish for the year.

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I don’t see a women’s version of this shoe model.  Is there one available to women or is this one only men?

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After hearing the add about Squarz on TV, I have wanted to try a pair. If they do what is advertised & they are a comfortable as claimed, count me in!!

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I would love to try these out as i am experiencing some circulation problems in my feet and I hope they may help with that. Thanks for the consideration.

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I'd be interested in trying these. Currently I am using the FJ for spiked shoes and recently got a pair of Stroll spikeless.  The FJ are some of the most comfortable shoes I've worn so it would be nice to see how these stack up. Like others have said the morning dew makes our grass very slick so the added stability would be great.

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I have sketchers archfit shoes . To compare the Sqairz shoes to the Sketchers would be fun. I’m always looking for comfortable shoe , since I walk the most of the time 

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I'm in. I am always looking for more stability in my feet. I have bad feet that will likely require fusion surgery at some point and my podiatrist has always told me that I need high stability footwear. Current gamers are Adidas, which I like, but the spikes seem to always break really fast on me. The unlimited spikes from SQAIRZ is a real good deal for a product. Good luck to all that apply.

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Good luck everyone vying for a spot!

I can't wear spiked shoes - had a surgery on my foot and the spikes aggravate it.

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I’d like to see what the comparison is between a tie style and a boa style so hopefully one tester is comparing it to a boa style 

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Have attempted to buy these, but they never have size 13 in stock.  I have been playing for 50 years, and have never found a golf shoe that I actually liked.

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I prefer the fit of FJ over Addidas and Nikes....  

With a small bunion, I have gravitated to the FJ Hyperflex in wide width.  that I've think has been the most comfortable FJ I've worn.  I usually buy the Dry-Joys.   AFAIK, the Squairz are not offered in wide widths 😞

At least not over a year ago, when I bought a 2nd pair of Hyperflex....otherwise I had high hopes for the Squairz.


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I did an unofficial review on the SQAIRZ Bold: 


These are the best golf shoes I have ever played. I love these shoes!! 

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I've heard a lot about the technology, comfort, and game improvement built into the Sqairz golf shoes. If they are good enough for Sir Nick, they are good enough for me. 


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I have bug feet. It is so hard to find a comfortable golf shoe for walking. 13W are a challenge to find in AK. A club fitter in Vegas chuckled at my golf shoes and said I should try Squairz as they have a wider toe box. 

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Pretty nice looking shoes ! Be nice to give them a try , have always had a hard time finding comfortable shoe. I have to wear a brace inside of the left one.

Anyway cool looking shoes !!!

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I've always wanted to give this brand a go but like most, they don't offer shoes for 4E width golfers. Hoping one day they expand to include wider shoes so I can give them a go!

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15 hours ago, GolfSpy_APH said:

Calling all walkers!!! 

Can't wait to see how these 5 testers who are selected get on with these shoes!

I used to walk but had trouble with my feet but would like to get back to it. Hopefully these shoes would help me.

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