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Sign up Closed: 2023 MGS Forum Test: ClicGear 4.0

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Equipment Type: Push Cart
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Clicgear Model 4.0 Push Cart

Calling All Push Cart Mafia!


Clicgear and MyGolfSpy are looking for members to put the Model 4.0 Push Cart to the test.

Clicgear is the original compact three-wheel golf push cart that has dominated the sport for over 15 years.  The style is simple, robust and dependable. They have also built the largest selection of quality push cart accessories available with over 40 different items to customize and add even more features to your Clicgear cart.


Every Clicgear Model 4.0 Push Cart comes with these features:

New silicone bag strap system

New adjustable upper saddle

New lower saddle

Quickly folds down to a compact 13" x 15" x 24"

Front-wheel engaged hand brake

Independent handle bar adjustments

Large console (scorecard, ball, pencil & tee holders)

Large storage net

Accessory mounts x4 (standard cup holder included)

Umbrella mount & bracket

Accommodates most stand bags

21lb heavy-duty frame



For this test we are looking for 4 MGS Forum Members to test the Clicgear Model 4.0 Push Cart!

Testers will be able to select from any in-stock color option.


This Test is open to all US based Forum Members! 


New to the Forum? Interested in how we select our testers and want to increase your opportunity at being selected in this or future tests? READ MORE HERE!


All my buddies have one of these sweet rides, I’ve got the only one I could find during COVID. Would love to be able to test one.  

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I have a backup to my Alphard equipped Rovic and that is a Clicgear. Love to try the new one but these kinds of tests are dependent on time of year. Won't be walking until early October now as we are getting to the 100 degree plus days. Good luck to who ever is chosen as these carts are pretty dang good.

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CLICGEAR MODEL 3.5+ has more and more resistance when pushing let's see if 4.0 makes the walk easier 🙂

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2 hours ago, EasyPutter said:

Would absolutely love to test this one but that would not be fair to my current beloved :Clicgear: 3.5+ that I bought as a direct result of reading the MGS 2018 push cart test review (you can google it!) and have never regretted a single moment with it.  The functionality and robust design is more than capable of carrying a fully (over) loaded Sun Mountain C130 cart bag and together we have exceeded 1000 miles of golf course walking in the past 5 years plus the 21 rounds this year.  Nothing has needed repair or replacement.  Best wishes to everyone who applies and if you do not already walk or walk with a pull cart, this :Clicgear: 4.0 will change your golf life.  I will walk with my :Clicgear: 3.5+ unless it is not allowed by tournament or course, and that includes some courses with some serious vertical 👍

What do you know, there is even a :Clicgear: emoji you can use in the 🙂 emoji drop down OEM category!

I’m with you. I’m love my Clicgear 3.5+. It is my single best golf “accessory”. It rolls nice, easy to steer and from what I’ve seen has the best basic storage going. The addition to it for me so far is the extra large drink holder. 

Wait a minute! There is an OEM drop down emoji section! 🤯

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My current Clicgear is 8 years old   Love to test the 4.0    Not only do I walk my round every day I also walk to and from the course about a quarter mile each way so I would be able to give the 4.0 a thorough test

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Would like to be considered for this testing opportunity. I walk 90% of the time using a push cart currently. The terrain can be somewhat challenging and requires a pretty study device to make.  Regardless who is selected I will look forward reading the results.

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I love my ClicGear but it has many, many miles and needs an overhaul. It would be easier to get to test a 4.0 - PLEASE!


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Oooh pumped for this one! My 3.0 is feeling the crunch now so would be awesome to test drive this one! 

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18 hours ago, GolfSpy_APH said:

Can we see some races between Testing Team Nitron and the future selected Testing Team ClicGear?

I second this idea!

seriously though, I’m super excited to see both of these tests out there and I’m looking forward to seeing the reviews roll in!

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Been thinking about getting back into walking.  I walked all through high school and I believe it helped me focus. More time to think about the next shot or beat myself up about the last :).

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Bought a ClicGear 3.0 on a local auction a number of years back. Had some broken and missing parts that I needed to replace. Called up Clicgear directly for the parts needed because they weren't listed on the website. The rep I spoke with was great and was able to figure out the missing parts that were needed and shipped them out that day. The Clicgear 3.0 is a great cart. Unfolds and folds backup with ease and pretty light weight for picking up and tossing in the car. Built solid and moves really smooth and the accessory options are really thought out to add what you need while still making everything functional without adding bulk. I've ramped up my play in the last 5 years and do it all by walking. Put in 57 rounds last year and plan on doing at least the same this year. I've got no complaints with anything coming out of Clicgear.

As for the Clicgear 4.0, I'll keep you all posted on how much I love that cart as well once I get picked as a tester. 😎

Cheers and good luck to the other three lucky testers. 🤣

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I would love to give the ClicGear 4.0 push cart a good test.  I enjoy walking while playing golf.  I currently have a vintage Bag Boy push cart that works but is not the easiest to transport in my car and is minus a lot of the bells and whistles that many push carts have today.  It would be great if my push cart experience was better than it currently is.


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I would love to test this out, wanted to try a Clicgear cart for awhile now. Thanks MGS for the opportunity. 

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Took my Nitron out for its first round yesterday (post soon to come) and saw several of these in the pro shop. These look real solid and would definitely give my Nitron a run for its money. Good luck to everyone signing up. Those chosen are surely going to enjoy the experience.

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Who wouldn’t love to see a side by side video comparing the features of these two carts!?

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Perfect timing.  My cart has seen better days!  Have the original ClicGear and I love it.

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I got my CG 4.0 a year and a half ago for my birthday.  I love it!  Hope to hear what testers are saying and what any adjustments they've made over previous years are.

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I've got a Clicgear 8 (mostly so I can take my Staff bag out sometimes when I'm feeling extra fancy lol), and it's brilliant, best buggy I've ever had. Good luck to the testers!

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What an epic opportunity for those who get out there and enjoy walking. 

Best of luck to ALL!!!

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I love to walk when I play but carrying a bag is not as easy as it once was.  This would be an awesome way to get back into walking.  And it is great exercise too!  

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Clic gear push carts look like the Cadillac of push carts, would love to be a tester!!! I play daily and would offer my opinion on the cart’s durability, ease to push, different bag styles that work best and so so much more!!! Let’s go push cart mafia!!!

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