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Sign up Closed: Cobra 50th Anniversary Member Special

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Equipment Type: Full Bag
Vendor: Cobra


Cobra Golf and MyGolfSpy Proudly Presents:


The Cobra Golf 50th Anniversary Member Special!



In honor of Cobra Golf's 50th Anniversary the MyGolfSpy forum team is proud present a Member Special unlike any other!

We are looking for 6 (yes, six) testers to provide full bag (14 clubs, plus the bag!) reviews over the course of a six week team based competition.


SS23_KING-Irons_PLP_Section6-mobile-880x880-min_600x.jpgSS23_KING-Irons_PLP_Section1-HERO-Image-1000x600-min_1000x.webp  SS23_Ecom_Clubs_AJ_PLP_3_880x880_Irons-min_750x.webp

SS23_Cobra_Snakebite_PLP_SidebySide_880x704-1-min_750x.webp  SS23_Cobra_Snakebite_PLP_SidebySide_880x704-2-min_750x.jpg


Competitors will be put into two teams and put their new Cobra gear up to the test in several unique challenges which will focus on different aspects of the bag while also reviewing that club for forum members.  But fear not, even those of us not directly in the competition will have a chance to throw down and challenge out fearless competitors during weekly events for a chance to win swag too!


To top it off, the forum member with the best participation as voted on by the moderator team will be taking home a Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Aerojet Driver!  




Follow the Cobra 50th Anniversary Member Special here


Be sure to check out the Forum Social Channels on Instagram & Twitter













2 minutes ago, cksurfdude said:


Wow this is freakin AWESOME!!!!

..and jeez I wish I were a better golfer and I'd be in on this like .. well like something good 😂

Looking forward to see how this .. hahaha .. plays out!!! 👍

These clubs might make your game better, so why not apply?

It is a big commitment for sure.

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Wow, what an opportunity for 6 lucky testers to basically be a Cobra staffer. Thanks to Cobra and MGS. I don't get to play as much as some with a busy work schedule and being a single dad. But defiantly would have to start playing after work when my kiddo is with his mom if I got so lucky. Being new not going to hold my breath on this one but a boy and dream! Can't wait to follow the testers.  

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