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Sign up Closed: 2023 MGS Forum Test: Galway Bay Rain Gear

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2,231 signups
Equipment Type: Rain Gear
Vendor: Galway Bay


Who is ready to play in some wet weather conditions to tell us more about Galway Bay Rain Gear?

- Tailored for performance
- Galway Bay Hydro-Flex 32
- Attention to detail
- When we say waterproof, we mean it.

image.png   image.png

From the MGS Most Wanted Testing: Best runner-up rain suit under $500 goes to Galway Bay. A veteran in the Rain Gear Test, the All Weather suit performs well once again. It has some small tweaks in its design but the performance was never compromised. The water runs off with ease but the suit remains breathable in warmer conditions. Throw in customizable pant lengths and you have a top performer in 2021.

We are looking for 5 MyGolfSpy Forum Members to try, test and review a complement of Galway Bay Rain Gear.

This test is open to our membership worldwide!

Fair weather golfers need not apply!


New to the Forum? Interested in how we select our testers and want to increase your opportunity at being selected in this or future tests? READ MORE HERE!


Would be interested about reviewing it... Do not know if it open to Canary Islands, Spain...tho...Because what I have learnt during all these years playing in the Canary Islands, is that most of the rain gear that I have used, hadn´t be design to play in all conditions. Other good rain gear will keep you dry from the rain, but not from your sweating, when temperature doesn´t go under 16 degrees...But they claim All Weather golf apparel. ...

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16 minutes ago, ovidiov said:

Would be interested about reviewing it... Do not know if it open to Canary Islands, Spain...tho.

Open worldwide! 

But be sure to read the link at the bottom of the test. We have a simple rule 1 which is no profile photo means no selection. The link there will give you all the information you need to get yourself best setup for a chance at being selected!

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This is a dream test come true. I currently use a FJ rain pullover and some el cheapo pga tour brand pants I got off a sale rack. I don’t mind playing in the rain as long as lightning is 50 miles away! 

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When it rains it really rains now so it will be interesting to compare their performance against Galvin Green rainwear

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Probably a little too late as we leave for the UK in a week and plan to get a couple of rounds in.

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Really interesting testing opportunity. I use North Face but if it's ever warm out the thing is like a hot box so I end up sweating so much I'm not actually that much drier. Also from my experience after a wash or two they loose there ability to keep moisture out so to sew the longevity will be interesting.

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I've had my Galway Bay rain gear a few years now and would love to add another set. While I will never say I look forward to playing in the rain, this is by far the best rain gear I've owned. The jacket breathes so I don't feel like I'm wearing a cheap plastic thing where I would normally sweat so much, I would be better off without a rain jacket. The quality is really nice. The guys compliment the look and ask where I got it. Even if isn't raining I've worn it as an early morning light jacket. It's that comfortable. Another thing, the fabric doesn't make that "swishy" sound when you walk! The pants are just as comfortable as the jacket.

Well, I guess I just wrote my short version review of Galway Bay gear without being a tester. Good luck everyone!




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with the summer we have had in upstate NY there were more days when raingear was needed than not. It would be a privilege experience to try this raingear. JJ

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1 hour ago, maccardi said:

This would be great for October in Rochester, never stops raining. Looking forward to hearing about the reviews on this one! 

There is a reason why we waited till now to release this one! Pretty sure this was the 2nd or 3rd test we had lined up for the season. Feels like a very long wait!

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I’ve played in the rain like the priest in caddieshack and will do it again to test this product out.  

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Good rain gear is essential for playing in wet or wet and cool conditions. Will it keep you dry while allowing you to swing the club. Is the material breathable so you don’t turn into your own personal sauna. Great opportunity to test high quality gear 

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Now there is a test that I would love to participate in but will have to cheer on those who apply and are selected testers.  Can't test everything and still keep a day job going LOL just kidding, MGS Forum testing is a great experience and I encourage everyone who is selected for anything that needs testing to really make it something worth writing and sharing about WITH LOTS OF PHOTOS and videos etc.  I golf in rain, do you?

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Nice looking rain gear. Living in Texas I would end up having play golf in the shower to test them properly 🤣. Good luck to those that apply. 

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Best of luck to those who apply. I can attest that these are great products and perform flawlessly while out playing in poor weather conditions.

I purchased a set from this company earlier this year and have used it on more than one occasion this season.

Open to Spies globally, so everyone has an opportunity!

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I'd end up using this more often than usual.  Seems as though it Always Rains when I'm on the course.  We were just in a deluge the other day when the skies opened up.  I could have definitely used this rain gear, for sure.  

Thanks for the opportunity MGS & Galway Bay! 

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Welcome to England where we have nothing but rain 😂 looks like some nice kit, and as we are fast approaching autumn the test couldn't be better timed!


Good luck to all who apply, and thank you MGS and Galway for the testing opportunity 

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This is a cool test! It will be interesting to see how the members tests these in ways beyond the obvious. Good luck to all the applicants!

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Being in Florida, especially the summer time, rain is a constant factor.  Have not used a full waterproof system and I usually end up soaked.  

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