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Test In-Progress: Honma GS Series Driver

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Equipment Type: Driver
Vendor: Honma

Testers Announced - Honma GS Series Driver

The Honma T / / World GS Driver is all about more speed, more forgiveness, more visible technology, and more fitting options. The ‘GS’ stands for ‘Gain Speed,’ and true to its name, it’s packed with technology geared towards game improvement including the the Keel Sole, Flip Slot, Radial Face Design, and Ultra-thin Variable Crown.
We have five members here who will be reviewing the GS series drivers. Follow along below as these folks put the technology to the test:








Looks, Sound, Feel

Hey all! So just an update, I think at this point only two people for this test have received their driver, @GolferChick and myself (somehow I was actually the first, receiving it on July 14th), so hopefully should start seeing stuff posted from the others soon. 

Because of this, I can't/won't talk to much about the driver as I don't want to inadvertently influence any of the other reviewers. What I will say is that when I actually had it in hand, it looked even better than the pictures that were posted for the review sign-up!

Please, allow me to take this time to introduce myself a little bit, and give you (probably) more detail then you need to know about me and my game 🙂 I was born in 1980.......ok, that is too far back, and waaaaaay more then you are interested in. I started golfing when I was 10 (that was when you were allowed on the course back then), and would golf occasionally with my dad. I really didn't get too into it back then, as I was always embarrassed when we would go to the course, and get paired up with another twosome. So it was kinda off and on until I was 20 and in the Air Force in Japan, this is where I met a fellow Airman who was big into golf, and started playing a lot, like a lot - a lot. Since then it has been at least a fairly regular part of my life, playing regular rounds, best ball tournaments, on Unit intramural golf teams, etc. Over the last 4-5 years though, it started to really slow down, to really only maybe 3-4 times a year (seems when I got to my last duty station, less and less people were playing, and i didn't really meet any others golfing). Well, last year I retired (right when Covid hit, geez thanks for that timing) and I decided that I wanted to golf again, even if that means just 9 holes after work (now an Army Civilian). So now I am at the course/range generally at least 3 days of the week, plus over the last few weeks have started taking lessons to try and get my game back to where it used to be (or at least close). I used to be a lower to mid-80s golfer, and now am more of an upper 80s lower 90s golfer. My swing speed before lessons was in upper-90 MPH, now in the lower 100 MPH range.

I am hitting my driver better, but still struggle with some things. First, contact.....my misses on the face are generally more towards the toe, or low on the face. My bad swing is when I forget to extend down the target line at/after impact, and instead have a more in-out-back in (arcing) downswing. This, along with my wrists getting through too quickly because of the arcing swing, leads to my usual miss, a low duck hook into Brenda's back yard (Alex Etches on YouTube anyone???).

I have been an analyst my entire career, so I really like numbers, looking at data, etc. So for this test I will be using my Mevo launch monitor, as well as my arccos sensors to assist in gathering data for comparison to my current gamer (Cobra Speedzone Extreme, with an Aldila Rouge Elite Green R-flex shaft). I also really like to tinker, so changing/trying out various shafts, playing with the loft adjustments, etc is really just tons of fun (I think that used to be my nickname) for me.

I look forward to going through this process (obviously already been in the midst of it for almost a month now), and answering any questions I can about the product. If you have questions, fire away!

UPDATE: 30 Aug 2021

Hmmm, apparently I can just keep adding to this instead up adding comments.....okalidokali then

I have kept working on my swing, and am fairly happy with where it is right now. Most recent "change" is really just shortening my swing a little, using my shoulder touching my chin as my trigger to stop my backswing and start the downswing. Otherwise, it seemed like most of my issues were with overswinging which completely destroyed my timing, balance, etc. 

Well, the reviews are further delayed, right now Honma may not be able to get the other testers drivers out until mid-September 😞 Sooooo, in the meantime I will continue to add to this reivew/post. 

Here is the arrival of my driver:






Who's who? Ok, not hard to tell the Taylormades....






Well, I better stop there....don't want the moderators getting mad at me for posting images too soon. I will get a video of my swing soon (hopefully in slo-mo).

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Driver:  :cobra-small: Speedzone Xtreme 9.5, Aldila NV Green 65 S-Flex. For now, testing in progress

Fairway: :ping-small: G400 3 Wood, 14.5, Alta CB 65, S-Flex

Hybrid:  :ping-small: G400 3 Hybrid, 19, Alta CB 70, S-Flex

Irons:   :cobra-small: RADSPEED one-length 5-GW, KBS Tour, R-flex

Wedges:  :cobra-small: SnakeBite, 56, KBS Hi-Rev 2.0

Putter:  :cameron-small: Phantom X #6 w/ SuperStroke Pistol GT 2

Ball:  working on that, going to be a urethane ball in the $35 range.....testing to come.

Grips: Winn DriTac midsize

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I have been really curious about Honma products when Justin Rose signed with them, but loss interest when he quickly ended that deal. I continually look at their new products and have seen some good reviews. I look forward to the testing results. 

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Not sure if this is OK or not in the sign up process but Mrs Shapotomous is an avid golfer (she plays more than me!) and since she is not much of an interweb user wanted me to enter her as a possible tester for the driver.  I filled out her handicap and SS info.    I would be transcribing her review info onto the site.

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I have not been able to try any Honma equipment. It would be good to try something outside the big 5.

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Love my ping but the shaft is getting worn and after 5 years maybe there is something better.🙏

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I play Honma 747v irons and have gamed Srixon woods for a couple years. I have really wanted to try out the Honma drivers.

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Awesome opportunity from Honma and MGS!

Definitely intrigued by this one, as an <cough> older guy <cough> who has lost swing speed due to age and injury I would jump at any chance to pick up some needed swing speed!

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Great looking Driver.  As an older guy, I definitely need more speed (GS).  

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Perfect timing! I am actively looking for a new driver. I carry a Taylormade R1 and I am looking for a driver that will give me more distance and some forgiveness.

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Gaming a Ping 400 and love it but am willing to test this club and will give it a honest rating 

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Well I suppose Canada is considered International- too bad - looking for new clubs and really want to try all kinds.Good luck to the chosen.

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I would surely give 1 a try, I’ve hit 1 of the earlier models ?? But can’t remember which 1 , But is was pretty long 🏌️🏌️🏌️🏌🏻‍♂️

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Sign me up.  I'm always willing and able to test out new equipment.

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Would really like to test the Homma GS Series Driver in 10.5 degrees & the lighter shaft!

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I feel I have lost distance since last year. Currently using a Cleveland driver with a long shaft and finding it harder and harder to hit fairways.

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Senior female player looking to regain some of youthful distance! This driver sounds interesting and I’d like to try it!

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I would love to try out this great looking driver!  I play with a Callaway XR and play 3-4 times week so I would definitely be able to provide lots of feeddback.

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Would love the opportunity to try the Homma driver...  currently using PING G425 

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