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Test In-Progress: Honma GS Series Driver

Equipment Type: Driver
Vendor: Honma

Testers Announced - Honma GS Series Driver

The Honma T / / World GS Driver is all about more speed, more forgiveness, more visible technology, and more fitting options. The ‘GS’ stands for ‘Gain Speed,’ and true to its name, it’s packed with technology geared towards game improvement including the the Keel Sole, Flip Slot, Radial Face Design, and Ultra-thin Variable Crown.
We have five members here who will be reviewing the GS series drivers. Follow along below as these folks put the technology to the test:









Another great opportunity, I love my Honma 4 wood, and by the reviews from the Honma driver test from last year, they make a great driver.

Good luck to all who apply.

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The Honma has a great look about it, and if it can help me (as a 64 year old) generate some more speed and distance, it would be a godsend.  I use a Gamin S62 (previously used an S60) and have a good history of my driving distance, so improvement should be easy to track.  

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Looks like a nice driver. Increased speed would be a definite plus.

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At 73 always looking for more firepower. Would e very interesting to see what this Honma driver can do!


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I have Honma wedges and they are great. I also have drivers from every major manufacturer except Honma and a few other Japanese companies ...would love to try the Honma driver!!

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I heard good things on the driver. I'm a senior player looking for a new driver to get it out there.

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I would be interested in testing.  Have my own simulator hitting bay at home :)

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MGS testing for 2021 is no joke ! this is awesome, heard good things but never saw a Honma in the wild yet .

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Presently looking to change drivers. My swing speed is high on the medium spectrum. The look is pleasing to my eye. It would be great to hear how it sounds. I kind of enjoy not going with the herd. This driver just might be high on my list for potential replacement of my present stick.

Please choose me!!

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Have used this driver twice and found it to be extremely good. Would love to put it in my bag.

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Hoping to get my wife a test on this, she uses a Men's senior flex. She's a beginner, but really good considering. Driver is her strength, 200-225 yards on good strikes

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Great looking club!  Currently using a TaylorMade R9 430cc with a reg shaft.  I play 45-50 rounds a year. Would love to test the new Honma T// World GS Driver.

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I feel the need, the need for more speed!   At 61 it's a big issue losing distance off the tee!   I hope this club can help.

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I'm heading to Pinehurst in June and would love to try it out there!  Also playing Tobacco Road, so the Honma will get plenty of opportunities to shine!




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Currently playing XXIO driver. Feels like I’m not getting all I should out of it!

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my wife and I are both avid golfers.........although we are both Sr's we feel we would give great insight to the Pro's & Con's of the drive.......if you want an honest opinion  give us a try

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I’m a custom club fitter and would love the opportunity to get some experience with Honma!  

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