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Sign up Closed: 2023 MGS Forum Test: L.A.B. Putters

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12,389 signups
Equipment Type: Putters
Vendor: LAB

Testers Wanted: L.A.B. Putters

Rolling a golf ball into a hole shouldn’t be complicated. Yet for golfers around the world, putting is the most challenging part of the game. L.A.B. Golf was created to simplify things. 


We are looking for 6 MyGolfSpy Forum Members to take part in a longer term L.A.B. Golf Putter Member Test (Roughly 6 weeks)

This test is open to all MyGolfSpy Forum Members

All heads available for this test (DF 2.1, Mezz.1, Mezz.1 Max and Link.1)

International? Good!

RH or LH? Good!


Follow the Lab review here




I make clubs and have over 3 dozen putters, but this is one I've always wanted to try! I play at a course that has both ultra-fast and medium speed greens, depending on which 18 you play.

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Current putter (Odyssey Versa) was a gift from my son (more like he missed an easy birdie putt and said that it was the putter’s fault. Told me to take it and use it) Use it I have and putts per round are steadily declining.  The feel and accuracy I have with it has moved me from 36+ putts to just under 30 per round.  Would love to see how  a properly fitted L.A.B. putter would compare.  

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Been intrigued by LAB putters but have never taken them plunge. Putting is my highest strength and would love to see if the technology works for someone who already putts pretty well. 

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My relationship with my putter is at times strained.  I've had a few dozen in my time, and wile I'm convinced that a mallet putter is right for me, finding "the one" has been difficult.  I'd love to try a L.A.B. Putter.  I've read about them online, but never actually had one in my hands.  The Mezz.1 Max looks sweet, and I'd love to give it a chance on the greens!

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Been looking to try one of these for a long time. I caddy at the Senior Open for a Tour player every year and they have a torque balanced putter. Would love to compare and see if it really does what it says. 

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This would be a great test for me. I struggle somewhat with putting and I have read a lot on the LA Golf putters and found them very intriguing. I believe I could be a very fair and objective tester for this. thank you for the consideration.

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Having played for 60 years I have only used a few putters. I still have my High School Putter. I have a Ping Zing putter and now using an Evnroll ER2 Black.  It has failed me lately so I would love review the L.A.B. putter. I did try one at PGA Superstore in Myrtle Beach earlier this year. It looked funky but rolled the ball very nicely. Would love to test one as our season is just beginning.

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