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Sign up Closed: 2023 MGS Forum Test: Bag Boy Nitron Push Cart

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1,209 signups
Equipment Type: Push Cart
Vendor: Bag Boy

Screenshot 2023-04-20 23.22.24.png

Are you part of the push cart mafia? We may have the perfect push cart for you to test! Big thanks to Bag Boy for providing this opportunity for our members to test this cart.

With several key features such as, 

Lightning fast auto-open with Nitro-Piston™ Technology

Top-Lok Technology®, a patented bag-to-cart attachment system

Easy one-step open

Lightweight frame features a compact fold size for simplified storage and transport

Screenshot 2023-04-20 21.41.11.png

We are looking for 4 MyGolfSpy Forum Members to Test and keep this golf push cart!

This test is open to all MyGolfSpy Forum Members in Canada and the US!

New to the Forum? Interested in how we select our testers and want to increase your opportunity at being selected in this or future tests? READ MORE HERE!

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Let me compare this to many different versions of Sun Mountain, Click Gear, Bag Boy as well as a Cheap $10 pull cart I bought at a garage sale ( Lightest and simplest ), 

My wife has a Cart Tek electric 1500Li with a remote but I found out a good push cart might be better for me as a walking assistant as I walk a lot 🙂

Let me compare all these guys. They have been serving me OK but I am still looking for something better.


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Push cart fan. Walk nearly every round. Does anyone know if this one has an option to add a seat? Didn’t see it in the video.

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Have an older Bag Boy cart that I got for free at the local Hospice Store…usually walk about once a month, that’s all my left foot will allow. Long story there.  Anyway, think my infrequent use would make me a poor tester. Therefore this will be a watch and see follow…good luck to those who will be chosen.

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My current bag boy push cart is almost 15 years old and still works great. Would love to test and see how much it has improved over the years.

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I’ve been walking for a few years. My club has a deal where members can walk for free and it’s been great. This looks like a really nice cart, too, compared to mine. 

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Currently game the SunMountain SpeedCart GX, but have wondered how the BagBoy Nitrons would stack up against it, especially in regards to setup/deployment, ease of braking, and if it's possible to slice your finger open like it is on the GX.

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Great looking cart !  I would like to give this a go and compare it to my other 2 carts.

Original cart is that old basic drag behind square metal, bent tubing with 2 straps that the bag always twists and turns the entire time.  When I walk with my wife for a round I'm lucky enough to reminisce about the good 'ol days with this dinosaur, IFYKWIM.

Second cart is a huge upgrade to a Bag Boy S525 ( I think that's the name) I picked up at a  Goodwill for $10.  Works OK despite the rust and bald tires, so it's still the good one.  2 wheeler that I sometimes jam into the turf (and my belly of course) when not aware of an incline.  Yeah, you guessed right, my wife gets this one when we walk.

So if chosen for the test, at least I'll always get to use the 'good' one, lol !

Good luck to all that enter , and thanks again, and again, and again for all of the terrific testing opportunities !


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Summer's finally coming. Like to walk 9 at my local after dinner at least once a week. They are laid back enough the wife and dog can walk with me. Everyone's happy.  I get to golf and she and pup get to stretch their legs. 

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Right now I’d say that I prominently ride in a cart. The times that I walk, my playing partners have had push carts. I carried my bag looking on with jealous wonder.  I’ve long considered getting a push cart in order to walk more as I feel you get to enjoy the course more on foot. There something about the meditative contemplation you get while walking that adds an element of enjoyment to the game. 

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Would love to give this a go. I'll pass on sign up for two reasons. 1 with my back being sore I am walking less this year. 2 I am working on another test at the moment. 

can't wait to see the reviews, Good Luck Testers. 

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My image of Jamie having pushed the "Forum Test" button, now in the stuck mode 😆.  


Yet another great product test opportunity!  A big Thank You to the folks at Bag Boy!! 👏  Their products have been a stalwart in the industry and I'm sure the Nitron cart will be another winner.  Good luck to everyone.

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