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Test In-Progress: EDEL EAS Putter

Equipment Type: Putter
Vendor: Edel

Please congratulate our testers!



@GolfSpy MPR




Edel might not be the first brand you think of when it comes to top-end putters. But the reason isn't due to lack of performance.

In 2020, the revamped EAS 2.0 was one of the highest-ranked putters in Most Wanted testing. Moreover, the EAS line differentiated itself primarily on putts of 10 feet or fewer.

Founder David Edel uses a proprietary fitting system that accounts for the influence of shapes and lines on perceived alignment. For example, did you know that lines in the cavity of a putter tend to shift aim to the left?

Because every golfer is different, Edel believes that the ideal combination and head shape, lines, length, weight, and grip size is unique to every golfer.

With that said, we'd like to get some feedback from MyGolfSpy readers.

**Note: MGS/EDEL will set people up with a personalized fitting with a regional fitter or local Edel account if available - If not, we can do a TeleFit as a last resort.


I’m the perfect test candidate, based on Edel experience! Big Fan and current putter of a Edel Torque B! Ive had it in the bag for 3 yrs now! Ive loved it ever since the 1st time I put it in my hands. Especially with the factory installed Pure putter grip. Which lead me to replacing all my clubs with Prue DTX grips. So shout out to both Edel and Pure! Everywhere my bag goes they go with me 4-Life! 

I Putt In Every-time, Chris Taylor 

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I've been a long term Scotty Cameron user, but I've heard a lot of great things about these Edel putters.  Lots of Buzz. Definitely intrigued and would LOVE to give these a full testing and provide feedback for everyone.  At least from my perspective.  


Harrisburg, PA


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Love my Scotty but never been fitted for a putter and would love to see what else is out there. Just got fitted last fall for Woods and Irons but need to learn which putter is best for me.

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I’m intrigued by all the different alignment and weighting options.  It would be fun to tinker with all that.  It’s a good thing that a custom fitting is provided.  Count me in!

Cheers, Bob

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I have been looking at Edel products for a while and would love an opportunity to test this putter. 

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It's not fun to pass on the opportunity to be chosen for an Edel and these but my Phantom X is serving me well...Good luck to everyone!

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I would really enjoy "puttering" around a few greens with these sweet looking Edel flat sticks!

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Would love a chance to test out a Edel putter. Like the concept and the many options for customization.

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Videos for the product are very compelling. Looks like a fantastic opportunity especially since I'm in the market for a new putter.




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I've got the drive for Show down pat.... need the putt for dough...

Im in.

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Yes! I would absolutely love to test one of those! They look beautiful.



Charlottesville, VA

7.3 index

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First Evnroll, now this?  Awesome!  Putters, putters and more putters.  

Count me in 😄

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I used to have an Edel putter and would love to be able to test this new line!

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I would certainly be interested in testing a David Edel EAS putter, especially one that can be fitted to my personal putting stroke, height, lie, loft & head shape.

  • PING i210 irons (4-PW, UW) N.S. Pro Modus3 Tour 105 Flex: R, (-2° Flat)
  • Evnroll Putter ER8V 33” (Slight Arc)
  • Ping Driver: G425 Tensei Av Orange  (Stiff) 9° L: (42.5”)
  • Ping 3-Wood: G425 Tensei Av Orange (Stiff) 13.5° 
  • Titleist Wedges: SM8 - 60°, 54°
  •  Ping 3-Utility (Stiff) 18.5° 
  • Bridgestone RXS Ball
  • Handicap - 8 

GmanS63, SC


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Aggie question.....

Why does a 6 inch putt count the same as a 337yd drive?

I'm being discriminated against.

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I would love to test this putter.  I am constantly looking for one that feels great enough to keep around for awhile.  I have been through most of the Oddessey models and still looking for the "one".

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Love the concepts and looks. Traditional and tech. Would love to get fitted and see how it rolls!

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I have had my Taylormade Rossa Monza Corza in my bag for 15+ years now. I adjust the weight cartridges depending on the speed of the greens and love the feel. I am interested to see if something new would sway me to change.

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