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Test In-Progress: EDEL EAS Putter

Equipment Type: Putter
Vendor: Edel

Please congratulate our testers!



@GolfSpy MPR




Edel might not be the first brand you think of when it comes to top-end putters. But the reason isn't due to lack of performance.

In 2020, the revamped EAS 2.0 was one of the highest-ranked putters in Most Wanted testing. Moreover, the EAS line differentiated itself primarily on putts of 10 feet or fewer.

Founder David Edel uses a proprietary fitting system that accounts for the influence of shapes and lines on perceived alignment. For example, did you know that lines in the cavity of a putter tend to shift aim to the left?

Because every golfer is different, Edel believes that the ideal combination and head shape, lines, length, weight, and grip size is unique to every golfer.

With that said, we'd like to get some feedback from MyGolfSpy readers.

**Note: MGS/EDEL will set people up with a personalized fitting with a regional fitter or local Edel account if available - If not, we can do a TeleFit as a last resort.


This certainly sounds interesting! Good luck to all those who apply and sounds as though the fitting part could be worth its own section as part of the review. Thank you MGS and Edel for providing this opportunity to 4 lucky testers!

Edit: After a quick look at their site RH only?

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Putters and drivers....drivers and putters. Another great opportunity by MGS. Good luck to those who put in!

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Man the tests keep on coming. Great work MGS for the remarkable opportunities this year. Another solid one here. I hope no one torques them self too much if they are selected. 

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So much thought and customization into Edel products. Would love to get fitted and test one.

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I bought an older Ping putter based on MGS review. My putting, along with practice, has improved. I recall the articles claiming Ping was one of the few manufacturers using science to improve that club. And stay tuned for more. Perhaps this is another example of the 'room for more' improvement.

Looking forward to the continued reviews.

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I would get fitted and test one of these putters. thanks for the chance

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i call dibs on the 4.0. That's how it works right, as in the law of dibs, in the Geneva Conventions????

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I've watched a bunch of Edel's videos on putter fitting, eye alignment, effect of the shaft/hosel style etc.  Fascinating stuff.  Very interested in trying out one of the putters

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Number one club in the bag, I would like to see how it can improve my stroke and reduce putts per round. 

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I would definitely be interested in being fitted for, and testing this putter!  

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Edel makes wonderful putters.  Would love to test out an EAS!  Get Dingers to put out some putting videos too!

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Would love to test the putter. I keep going back to my Anser2 but this looks promising!

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I may have a slight problem with buying putters and keeping them. Would love to try out Edel and add to the collection.

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Would love to be chosen!  The difference between my long game and short game is pretty extreme, and I'm willing to believe the proper Edel setup could help me stop pushing putts and learn to trust my distance.  Me need help please...

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I have been gaming an Edel putter for 5 years now. Mine is the older version of what's now the 5.0 style. I got custom fit for it and their fitting process is second to none. I'd love to try out the latest and greatest. 

Looking forward to either reviewing this or reading the reviews on it. 

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Never heard of Edel before. Love the customization ability. SL irons are very intriguing as well. 

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I am always tweaking my equipment to see if leads to some improvement in consistency.  As such I would love being part of the testing group and would provide detailed feedback on the use of one of these putters.

Thank you for the opportunity

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As I am currently testing new putters and styles, this would be a great opportunity to compare next to several putters. 

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Would love the opportunity if Edel is looking for a lefty to be included in the bunch. Thanks for the opportunity.

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I've been listening to the youtube videos that Dave Edel did on his philosophy of fitting, the placement of aiming lines, different hosels, and head shape.  I am dying to know how these affect my perception of aiming, because I have trouble seeing where I am aimed.  Currently using an old 2-ball with one solid aiming line.


Tucson, AZ

9 handicap index

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