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Sign up Closed: 2023 MGS Forum Test: HackMotion Training System

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Equipment Type: Training System
Vendor: HackMotion

Testers Wanted! HackMotion Pro Swing Analyzer


Master Clubface Control to Unlock Consistency

The clubface is king. It determines more than 80% of the direction of your ball flight, and your wrist angles directly determine how the clubface moves. With HackMotion training aid and feedback tool, you can now be in control of your shot direction.


How HackMotion Works

The best golf training aid to learn correct wrist mechanics for an improved ball flight. This swing analyzer provides precise data and feedback after every swing to help you accelerate the learning process.


We are looking for 4 Members to test, report, review and keep the HackMotion Pro Training System!

This test is open to both right and left handed members worldwide!


Never heard of HackMotion and want to learn more? Go to their home page here: HackMotion Pro

This is a truly unique training system and one that can benefit golfers of all handicaps and abilities!

New to the Forum and want to learn more about how we select our testers? READ MORE HERE



Happy Father's day to all 

This is something I could use to help with consistency and game improvement

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Happy Father’s Day !!

The wrist angles have always been my questions when the swing goes a bit.  Have good one piece take away, good shoulder turn and proper hip movement, but always fighting wrist positions.  When things go sideways, I take the wrists out of it and things are better BUT I do feel this keeps me from progressing and/or gaining consistency….and it bothers me mentally.  Thanks for the offer!!

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I’d love to test this! I am a middle school and a high school golf coach. The ability to use data to show young golfers where they are swinging and how they are swinging is another tool in the toolbox to instruction. 

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7 hours ago, GolfSpy_APH said:

Our Father's Day special offer:

FREE lifetime access to our exclusive Game Improvement Pack (typically $95).

FREE express worldwide shipping, reaching you in 2-3 days

$15 off your order with the coupon code FATHERSDAY at checkout.

Also worth checking out if it really catches your eye!

Oh Man I just ordered the HackMotion core on Wednesday for myself. I think this is going to be an amazing test and can’t wait to see the feedback. What’s the game improvement pack?




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This looks to be a great device if it is accurate.  Can use it with or without actually hitting balls, making it super useful for backyard swing training or at the range.   My swing isn’t terrible, I’m told, but the results can be wildly inconsistent.  I think this may be the thing that helps me gain consistency.  I’d love to be a tester.

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I definitely need some help with my swing right now.  Would be an awesome opportunity to test a product, provide a review and see if it can help improve my swing.  Happy Father's Day to all the dads on MSG.

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Wow this looks like a pretty top notch bit of kit. I wonder how much it can help higher handicap players. It seems like the sort of thing that an instructor would use to try to ascertain where flaws in the swing structure lie!


Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone who has volunteered!

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30 minutes ago, GolfSpy_APH said:

No subscription for this as this is the pro Model (all the bells and whistles)

Sweet!  Thanks for the response!  This would definitely get a thorough testing from me and would be useful for my students!

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This looks like the perfect piece of kit to finally make the push to single digits 🏌🏻🏌🏻🏌🏻☘️☘️☘️⛳⛳⛳

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This is the one that I've been waiting to try. The ability to get real time feedback and understand how those small adjustments you are making impact your swing and your ability to hit the ball. The other thing is the putting feedback. It's is so easy to just get a hair off and you putts are just missing. 

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As someone who has a tendency to be very handsy in the short game and struggled with yips, this seems like the perfect biofeedback tool. Be very interested to find out if improving wrist biomechanics will shave strokes off my game.  Great opportunity.

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would love to test this. My draws are too far to the right of target (I'm a lefty), and my blocks are too far to the left. Would love to figure out how to straighten it out.

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Was checking out the hackmotion online.  Looks like an amazing training aid for swinging and putting.

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As an Engineer and someone who studies my golf statistics, this is right in my wheel house.

Love the data/information provided from this training technology!

-- Peejer

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Wow, sounds like a great opportunity for testing. OK future HackMotion testers. Here is my request. I'm not a gear head. I can operate a desktop Word, Powerpoint and the pants off of Excel. I'm a total idiot when it comes to these smart phones and apps and such. So please, I can see the advantages of this training aid in what it might tell me, but...I've got to be able to operate it and set it up. Please keep ease of use as a high priority please. You 4, go have fun and let us know how it works.

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I struggle with a slice and sometimes a pull when i dont hit it straight, would love to know the reason why

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