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Test In-Progress: PuttOUT Golf Training System

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Equipment Type: Training aid
Vendor: PuttOUT

Testers Announced!

Please congratulate the following testers (3 first timers!):






4 Testers Wanted

Open to U.S. and International testers!

We've all been there.  You hit a great drive in the middle of the fairway.  You've got 100 yards to the flag.  You knock it to 6 feet for a chance at birdie!  Then... The old saying "drive for show, putt for dough" rings true and you settle for par (hopefully). 

We need 4 MyGolfSpy members to test and give honest feedback one of the hottest putting training aid systems on the market today!

Putting practice does not have to be boring, and one company has created one of the most addicting training aids on the market.  

Enter PuttOUT and their pressure putting training system.


PuttOUT hoped to sell 5,000 units of their original parabolic ramp. That number was blown away and is now safely in the mid-six figures. With an established footprint in the putting training aid space, PuttOUT tweaked the design and added several new features. 

Testers will review PuttOUT's pressure trainer, putting mat, and putting mirror.


Enter for a chance to be an official tester by clicking the 'Signup' button on the top right.


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I’m Michael and I’m a first-time tester for MGS. I play most of my golf at Werribee Park Golf Club, which is west of Melbourne, Australia (Down Under!). It’s a brilliant part of the world to play golf and has one of the best views from the clubhouse of any course I’ve been to. I also venture out to other golf courses about 4-8 times per year; one of the best was playing Curlewis (close to where my in-laws live) after being invited by @Peaksy68.


A typical view of Australian golf in the middle of winter.


View from the clubhouse

I have been playing golf since I was 14, so have been playing for 20 years. Up until the last 3 years I haven’t had a regular playing schedule, but now it’s weekly. I’ve been able to go from an 18 handicap down to 8 in those 3 years. Typically, I gain strokes from driving, lose a little from approach and short, then putting is a small gain. Lately I’ve been driving terribly but my short game has been better than normal; skewing my recent averages.


Screenshot_20210701-143205.jpg.a4f1c9fe392c9e527568f06ab2c5a83a.jpg Screenshot_20210710-140253.jpg.0aba65859bfa364754dde0739119daab.jpg Screenshot_20210710-140349.jpg.dd5d84b9258651eefe5d232c1675c0c0.jpg

Current 10 round averages - Overall stats are vs 8 Handicap, Putting vs 5 handicap (gives a testing baseline of 0.0)


My golfing is mainly on Saturday mornings, and I don’t usually have much of an opportunity to practice during the week. With the PuttOUT equipment I’ll be able to practice putting at home without having to go to a dedicated facility. It looks like a good range of equipment to make sure my putting is top notch. This should combine well with an AimPoint session I did recently. I’ve found it useful for reading greens.


First Impressions

In our box of goodies we received a Premium Pressure Putt Trainer (titanium white and dark grey – a colour combo that doesn’t seem to be on the online shop), a large putting mat (3.7m x 0.66m or 12ft x 3ft), and a Putting Plane Alignment Stick Set. I haven’t seen the packaging on the other colours of the Pressure Putt Trainers, but the silver band at the bottom of the packaging would be a nice colour pop to match the different colours of the trainers.


Packaging - The packaging is quite nice, with clear indications about what each item is for and links to ideas for how to use the equipment. I noticed how the packages could be merchandised both on a shelf standing up, or on a hook – a nice touch. There aren’t excessive amounts of packaging so it’s easy to get everything out. One minor issue is on the top of the Alignment Stick Set’s packaging. The closing tab detaches with an unsatisfying tear rather than a clean detachment. It’s an incredibly minor criticism, but it would make the user’s experience a little nicer.


Pressure Putt Trainer Packaging - I hope the silver band at the bottom changes with the colour of the product.


Alignment Stick Set Packaging with carry bag


Top of the Alignment Stick Set packaging - has unsatisfying tearing


Storage - Living in an apartment, I can’t permanently setup any golfing equipment, so the thought the designers have put into easily putting away each product seems to be very useful. I have a 4 x 4 set of Kallax shelves in my office and a golf area in the wardrobe for storing my gear. I think that I will be able to easily take out and put away all elements of the kit. The mat comes with a storage bag to keep it neatly rolled up when not in use. The way the Pressure Putt Trainer and the Putting Plane Alignment Stick Set fold up is ideal to fit into my golf storage area. A big tick for consideration of storage.


Easy to find places to store both the Pressure Putt Trainer and the Alignment Stick Set


Unrolling mat - For the test period I’ll be continually rolling and unrolling the mat to use it. First impressions are that the mat is thick, has plenty of different markings for different activities, and the edges are highly reinforced. It looks like it will last a long time. Only issue is that the centre of the roll doesn’t lie flat. Maybe that’s because it’s brand new and needs to relax (who am I to criticise for not relaxing), or maybe it’s just physics of rolling up a mat. It’s doesn’t really affect the performance of the matt, but I’ll see how it goes over time.


Matt rolled out - plenty of markings and a decent length that can fit in my living room


The centre of the mat doesn't lay flat. Will see if it just takes some time to relax


Assembling Alignment Stick Set - There are plenty of pieces that look like will enable a variety of different putting activities. All the parts disassemble and have a dedicated storage area in the bag, so it’s easy to pack away and keep all the bits. The small rubber tube that enables the two alignment sticks to be joined is a nice touch. I like the idea of the gates to give immediate feedback about starting line, but having the alignment sticks to ensure that the equipment is lined up properly is a nice feature.


The Alignment Stick Set allows many options and disassembles for storage. Pocket is for the gate parts.


Use of extended alignment stick ensures ball, gate, and target are aligned (sticks sag but are straight along putt line)


Goals for testing

My 10 round average for strokes gained putting is currently sitting at 0.0 against a 5 handicap, so I think a good goal for putting success would be to get it to +1.0, but any improvement will be worth it. I’ll post updated stats after any round I play to see how I’m progressing.



With my practice I want to make improve my ability to start my ball on my intended line, with appropriate pace. I really want to try out the variety of possible activities that can be done with the gear, as this will help with keeping practice fresh (putting practice can easily get stale) and evaluating how the gear can help you to develop a repeatable, accurate stroke. If there are any drills you want me to try out to see if they’re possible with the gear, please let me know in a comment.

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Hello fellow spies. Here we go ... starting my PuttOUT testing and review.

First, a big thank you to MyGolfSpy and PuttOUT for this opportunity! I will give it my best.

Some background: I began my golf journey 7 years ago and my current handicap is 19. Putting is both my favorite and the best part of my golf game. From the beginning putting seemed easy. Although I’m right hand dominant, I began putting left handed because it felt more natural. I do some things left handed and some right and but easily switch back and forth for many things without even thinking about it. After 3.5 years lining up as a lefty, I allowed myself to be talked into a right handed Edel putter fitting. It works but it also feels like more work. Until last year, I typically 2-putted with a few 1-putts and 3-putts each round.

A couple years ago I started working on putting in earnest. Last year @downlowkey gave me a PuttOUT Pressure Trainer that I’ve used regularly and experienced success with in lowering my number of putts.


(On the left is my original PuttOUT Trainer cup; on the right is the newer version included in out testing kit.)

A few months ago @downlowkey also gave me the Bettinardi SS38 Armlock putter that he reviewed for MGS. With the armlock, PuttOUT and a lot of practice I've managed to further lower my average putts per round to ~31. But in the past few weeks I was delighted to play two rounds with 29 putts and one with 27 putts. For me to consider this new comprehensive PuttOUT setup a success, I want my average putts per round to be sub 30 and make more 10-12 foot putts. I feel more confident at the 15 foot range than facing a 2 footer and hopefully PuttOUT can fix that.

Being a fairly good putter, leaves fairway hits, or miss hits, as my weakness. That is where I seem to put myself in difficult spots that add strokes. I regularly find bunkers, deep rough and water, plus I seem to be an expert at smashing into trees. I’m rarely on the green in regulation, but once there I relax and putting is good. It’s not unusual for me to score a 6+ on a hole but with only 1 or 2 putts. I can leave my playing partners shaking their heads, but they like me as a scramble partner.

When my PuttOUT shipment arrived I was impressed how well everything was secured in the boxes.


(Above top photo is the Putting Mat wrapped in protective plastic inside the shipping box. Bottom photo is the box containing the Putting Plane Alignment Stick Set and Pressure Putt Trainer cup minus the stuffing to keep stuff from moving around.)

The PuttOUT packaging design and quality is superb (more about that later). At first I thought I must be missing the instructions but it’s all there with steps and illustrations printed right on the packaging.


(Above are some of the instructions printed on the packaging. More cumbersome than a booklet would be, but don't throw it out!)


The mat is larger than I anticipated 12’ ½” x 26¼” and very well made.



(Above top photo is the PuttOUT Mat setup in my den. Bottom photo shows the heavy stitching on the edges, like a well made throw rug that keeps the corners from flipping up.)

It is easy enough to roll out for practice and roll back up for storage. I have identified 6 places in my house with hard floors that I can set it up. I plan to leave it setup in my den for most of the duration of this test so it will be ready to use every day. I will move it to a carpeted area for at least a week to see if that makes any difference.

I enjoy the challenge of the Pressure Putt Trainer but so far I’m not thrilled with the Putting Plane Alignment Stick Set. I’m a visual learner and don’t like the clutter between my ball and target. But if it helps me improve, I will learn to love it.


(As you can see, the top alignment stick obscures being able to see the center alignment line on my putter. The Pressure Putt Trainer cup is on the left end, a metal gate to putt through is in the center, and two alignment sticks are connected in a row above the white center line on the mat.)

If you have questions or ideas you would like me to try, let me know and I’ll do my best to provide answers.

My LGA gives an award each year for the best putter. The score is determined by keeping up with our number of putts on each hole throughout the year when we have monthly play days. The end score is achieved by adding up the lowest putts we had for each hole. My goal is to win that in December with some help from the PuttOUT practice package!

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PXG 0811 XF driver

:ping-small: Serene: 3 wood, 4 & 5 hybrid iron

:taylormade-small: r7 Draw, Flex L: 4, 6 - 9 irons

:cleveland-small: Wedges: RTX Zipcore 46 mid bounce; RTX-3: 52/10 wedge; 56/11 wedge; and Tour Action 900 60* low bounce

:bettinardi-1: Armlock putter or  :edel-golf-1: E-2 Torque custom fit putter

:bridgestone-small: Tour B XS golf ball

:ShotScope:  V3

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Hello MSG! 

I’m Steve, 47, and a relative newbie here so be gentle please…

I’m a CNC programmer by trade, spending my days making shiny components out of metal. 

My home course is The Worcestershire in Malvern, England and the local area is famous for Morgan cars, Edward Elgar and, it is thought that, JRR Tolkien used the hills as a setting for The Lord of The Rings. It’s a lovely part of the world! 



My game 

As a golfer I’d class myself as a pretty long hitter: 320y with the driver, 21° hybrid around 250y and working on my irons to find my carry distances but it’s getting there and I’m getting more consistent. 

I only started playing again in April so I’ve got lots to work on. 

When I did start playing again I decided to get some new irons and found a set of lovely Mizuno MP32’s! The logic was that, as I was effectively starting from scratch, it would be a good idea to go with blades. If I can hit these I can hit anything, right? 

Putting is an area where I do struggle as our greens are incredibly difficult: fast & undulating. I think there’s only one or 2 holes with relatively flat greens and it’s a great test of skill and that’s where I’m hoping the PuttOUT system will help improve my scores.

I’m averaging around 1.9 putts at the moment but seem to be struggling with accuracy & commitment on 2-3’ putts. 

I’m currently playing with two different putters, both designed and made by me, and will be alternating between them during this test to see which one works best. 

One is a 304SS blade, the other a carbon steel blade. Both have the same design, weight, 34” length KBS CT Tour shafts & Golfpride Pro Only grips but have a slightly different feel so it will be interesting to see which one stays in the bag. 

My handicap is on the way down, currently 16.5 but would like to be down to 12-14 by the end of summer. Club Champs has a cutoff at 12….that would be optimistic!! 


I’m going to be testing & reviewing the pressure putt, alignment stick set & large mat from PuttOUT. 



The PuttOUT System - 1st impressions.

As an engineer by trade one of the key things for me is the finished quality & fit. I spend my working days producing components to very tight tolerances and, as a result, will be super-critical on this aspect of the products.

These are my initial thoughts:

Upon opening the delivery box I found that all of the items were very well packaged. Good quality boxes, nice graphics. 

Each of the boxes has useful putting tips and ideas on how to use the items individually and as a set. 


Pressure Putt:

A very neat, simple to use putting aid. Once out of the box it’s very easy to pop it open and you can be putting in seconds. It folds up small enough to stick it in your bag to take to the course for some pre-game practice.

The quality of the fit & finish is excellent. No rough edges, or moulding tags and it folds out and locks in place really nicely. 

A soft, silicone ‘hole’ with 3 different target dots is nice to the touch and sits very flat when on the mat. The grippy spikes on the base hold firmly on the mat and reduce in height towards the front to allow the ‘cup’ to sit very flat. 

The aluminium ‘perfect putt’ button is a nice touch too, as is the hole at the top to allow you to use the alignment sticks and gates. 




Alignment sticks:

This is a really well thought out set. 

It all comes in a really handy sleeve that holds the alignment sticks, fabric plane with pockets for the putting gates & feet. 

You get the canvas bag, plane (which holds the alignment sticks), 2 sticks with a joining piece and 2 metal gates/feet. The feet for the gates have spiky rubber which grips well to the mat. 

My wife even commented on how neat the bag was. 

Again, all seem really well made with nice clear markings on the gates and heavy rubber feet. 

The only issue I’ve had so far is that the holes for the alignment plane do not quite line up with the holes on the gates. It will go together and do the job so not a major problem but worth pointing out.

The alignment sticks can also be used in conjunction with the pressure putt. 




Large mat:

It is, indeed, a large mat measuring over 14’ x 2’6”. 

Rolled out perfectly on my conservatory floor and feels really high quality. Nice and heavy with plenty of grip from the rubber base.

There are loads of markings for distance, holes to aim for etc so I think it’s going to be fun trying to hone my putting. 

The mat also comes in a really useful, cardboard reinforced, sleeve which is very handy to store the mat in or use to take it away to the office or hotel. 


It’s also quite comfortable to have a little nap on 🙂



The Test.

So, will this system help improve my confidence & consistency on the course? I certainly hope so…

I’ve devised four tests that I think, based on the information on the packaging, should help with my putting. These may change as I get used to the system but should be a good starting point. 

Each test consists of five putts at each length of 2, 4, 6 and 8 feet scoring 1 point for a ‘made putt’ and 3 points for the ‘perfect putt’ where the ball comes to rest in the micro target. 

I will keep scores on a spreadsheet which will be available for viewing so that you can track my progress, should you wish to:

DStar's PuttOUT test scores..


Test 1: 

Just a putt down the line on the mat. Simple right..?

Test 2: 

Using one alignment stick and gates to help line up my stroke. 

Test 3: 

Using a single gate 2’ in front of the ball to give a smaller target to increase focus.

Test 4: 

Using both alignment sticks and gates to create a channel to keep my swing plane true. 

Note, after last nights initial test run I'm adding two more tests into the fun:

Using the 5 'hole' markings on the mat I'm putting one ball from a single point to each hole, one after the other. This will, I hope, improve my distance control on an individual putt rather than benefiting from taking the same, consecutive putt in the previous tests. 1 point for each successful putt. 

The other test I'm adding is based on how utterly addictive it is to get a 'perfect putt'. I'm going to take putts from 1, 3, 5 & 7 feet to try and achieve the 'perfect putt', counting how many attempts it takes - no stopping until I get one!! I'm using different distances to the main four tests so that I get to try more lengths of putt. 


This PuttOUT system seems to have all of the components I would look for in a putting aid: Fast but true mat, tricky targets to improve accuracy and tools to help with alignment. 

It seems like a very good package of individual aids that can be used on their own or combined to give many, many ways to practice.

For me, the main thing I would like to achieve from this test & review is a more consistent putting stroke - making sure I can get the ball started on the line I choose as reliably as possible and I think the test I’ve devised should help to do that. 

I’m looking to be able to stand over a putt and have confidence I can make a good stroke at it - if I miss, I want it to be a misread not my technique. 

I’ve never used any kind of putting aid before so it’s going to be an insightful test for sure!


Any questions, fire away….

Link to review


Thanks to MGS and PuttOut! I’ve been wanting to give one of these a try

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Love this training aid!! Frustrating as anything, but love it!  Good luck everyone!!


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Oh will definitely be following this one. I gave my old putt out trainer to my parents. Now I am thinking I need the upgraded version!

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This rocks! So been ready to find the tools to light the drive of playing regularly again. Believe testing and utilizing equipment like this could lead me to bigger and better places in my game and life in general. Thanks golf spy and PuttOUT. Hope I am lucky enough to see how well my touch to the OUT stroke can get. 

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I'm a reasonable putter but could always do with being better so yes count me in for this!!

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I certainly hope they implemented the improvements gathered from all testing feedback.

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This is a great testing opportunity from MyGolfSpy and PuttOut! I love mine and it's truly addictive and can be, let's say, challenging. Good luck to all applying! 

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Yes!!! I was luck today win some PuttOUT gear and I use it constantly! 

if you haven’t used the pressure putt trainer you really should apply. It’s addictive and fun, and will help make you a better putter. 

good luck all!

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Looks like a good follow-on to extend the previous putting mat experience with the PuttOUT.  Looking forward to learning through the experiences of fellow MGSpys how well this works and if it produces pronounced improvements to someone's putting abilities!

Regardless of who is chosen, love the MyGolfSpy experience of receiving, testing, and reporting results on equipment designed and built to promote the greatest game, the one we can play and never win, and the one thing I have found to make life better as completely separate from everything that went before starting the sport in earnest.

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Good luck! I have the original putt out and I absolutely love it

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Having been using this exact setup for the past few months, I'll say that my putting is really turning into a strength. I'm actually no longer content with a 10' putt landing within 3' of the hole. I either make them or land within inches. 5' putts are either dropping or just lipping out and no more putting jitters.  

Good luck testers! 

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I love my PuttOut as well!  These will change your game.

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A shame this isn't going to get as much attention as club testing but this is something that everyone could benefit from. Good luck to all of those that apply!

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1 hour ago, ZMendle10 said:

A shame this isn't going to get as much attention as club testing but this is something that everyone could benefit from. Good luck to all of those that apply!

Just wait until the blog and SM posts go up, then it will explode...I guarantee it!

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Amazing to see all the comments of "I love my puttout" just goes to show ya that this training aid is the real deal.

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Good luck everyone, can't wait to read the reviews on this. 

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Had an older version of the puttout in the store and it was so frustrating! I felt like I was hitting good putts, but they never seemed to stay. Maybe that's why my putting woes continue! Plus getting a chance to use this with the teams would be great!

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