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Sign up Closed: 2023 MGS Forum Test: Stitch Golf SL2 Bag

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Equipment Type: Golf Bags
Vendor: Stitch Golf

Stitch Golf SL2 Golf Bags

Stitch Golf is here for member testing this year and has created what they believe is "the perfect walking bag" in the SL2 Golf Bag.

image.png image.png

image.png image.png 

Designed using STITCH® Touring Fabric, a proprietary product used in STITCH® bags that has the strength of leather, but is more durable, lightweight and water resistant.  Each SL2 Bag also features:

  • An interchangeable single and double strap with the convenience of a stand.
  • A super light weight of just over 4 pounds. and combines styles and functionality.
  • Equipped with one full length apparel pocket, a golf ball pocket, a pocket lined with felt for valuables and one insulated for a beverage, the SL2™ provides ample storage for your round.
  • A 4-way top divider completed with lift-assist handles ensures you have an effortless day on the course.

The SL2 is the bag for you if you are the "weekend golfing warrior" who plays hard and prefers walking. Featuring multiple dividers, optimal storage, and a two shoulder harness system, the SL2 provides ultimate comfort as the perfect walking bag.


For this test we are looking for 4 MGS Forum Members to test the SL2 Stand Bags

This Test is open to all US Forum Members, and testers can choose any in stock color option.


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I would love to test this bag, but don’t walk enough rounds to give a proper test (average maybe two walks a month against numerous ride the cart rounds).  Then again this would prompt me to walk more….so I just talked myself into signing up! 

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I mean, I'm sure it's a nice bag. Not something I would buy by 1st glance. I would be interested in the strap system to see if would work better than any other bags I've tried. If was, then I'd consider looking at one. 

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14 hours ago, ccostel18 said:

Gorgeous! Love the blue and white classic look. That color combo would definitely be my choice. Usually walk with my C130 cart bag in a push cart but would love to have a lightweight, yet functional bag like this for those quick after work 9 hole rounds. This bag sounds like it would hit all the wants, lightweight, functional pockets, and amazing looks.  Would love to see the envy on the faces of my Saturday morning crew walking up to the tee with this on my back.😂 Well designed Stitch Golf!  Hope the performance follows through. 

Nice. I roll the C130 also. What a beast. Love it.

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On 7/9/2023 at 9:28 AM, GolfSpy BOS said:

Welcome Stitch Golf to MyGolfSpy Forum Member Testing!  I'm really excited to see how our members feel about these bags as I have one of their head covers for my putter and know how nicely made those are.  I can only imagine these stand bags are top notch with good style and design.

Who want's to put these to the test!? 

Very clean and sophisticated styling by Stitch!  I'd expect nothing else.  I'd love to test out this product. 

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So I was given one of these as a gift from the wife in 2021.  Unfortunately the zippers did not hold up and I returned the item to Stitch.  They did not have any replacements in stock at the time so I was not able to get a replacement.  Would be open to giving the bag another try as it was a great light walking bag.   Also...note to Stitch....I do not believe my wife's credit card was ever refunded for the return.  

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I believe that one of the owners of Stitch Golf is a member where I belong (Morehead City Country Club), and we have a large supply of bags, head covers, and apparel in stock.  Looking at the range / golf course, these must be an excellent bag, because they have sold a TON of them!

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doc says I have to start walking more, so no better way than to walk the golf course!  would love the opportunity to do that testing this bag out!  thanks for the chance. 

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