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Sign up Closed: 2023 MGS Forum Test: Garmin S70

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Equipment Type: Tech
Vendor: Garmin

Testers Wanted: Garmin Approach S70


It is commonplace now for golfers to have some sort of GPS or Shot tracking system while on the course. There are a lot of options available as well. From apps to enhanced rangefinders to clips and of course watches. 

All have their own unique potential benefits and potential drawbacks, but the Garmin Approach S70 aims to narrow that being a premium GPS Golf Smartwatch which you can use not only on the course, but in your day to day life as well. 

The Garmin Approach S70 has a variety of features including: Bright 1.4-inch amoled touch display, pre-installed with 43,000 golf courses worldwide, optimized playslike distance, an improved virtual caddie including green contour data as well as a variety of health and fitness features. 

Available in two sizes and three different colors there is an option that should suit any golfer. Claiming to have an impressive battery life that lasts up to 14 days in smartwatch mode and up to 15 hours in GPS mode. It also claims to be waterproof for those who like to play in the rain and has a 5 ATM water resistance rating. 

On the surface there is a lot to like about the Garmin Approach S70 as it will seemingly do it all both on and off the course, which is where you come in. MyGolfSpy is looking for 4 golfers who will test, review and keep the Garmin Approach S70. 


This testing opportunity is open to golfers in the US & Canada! It also works for both left and right handed golfers!

Interested in testing and telling us what you think about all the features of the Garmin Approach S70? Sign up before it is too late! 

This testing opportunity will close August 2nd and we will announce the selected testers August 8th on the MyGolfSpy Forum.


I'm very interested in this new Garmin watch with the larger clearer screen. I've used prior Garmin watches including the S20, S20, S60. I ended up using the Garmin Vivo Active 4 with the CT10 sensors and I'm pretty happy overall. I do wish it a a few more golf specific features.

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I would love the new Garmin Approach S70 watch.  I’ve used the S60 for years and have found it to be accurate and reliable.  I used to live in the Kansas City area where their corporate headquarters are located. Olathe, KS.  Garmin is a great company as my old watch died once and I called the company and they sent me a new one within a week so I didn’t miss my next weeks round!  I would love to use the new features of the S70 and report my findings!  Good luck to all!

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I don't have a tracking device.  I use a range finder for some shots but I guess I'm still 'old school' ... the golfer that grew up getting distances from the Red, White, Blue dots, as well as the stripe on the cart path.  I've never taken advantage of the true statistic measuring devices.  Maybe that's my problem because my game is in shambles right now.  🤔

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I currently used a garmin -G20 and the mobile app. for at lest 6 yrs know before my S10. that I still have for back-up 

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I am really interested in this, I want to see what upgrades it has or if it is better than the S62, which I am currently using. So far it has been pretty solid, been using it for about a year or so

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I've heard many good things about the Garmin S70.  Customer of mine that I took on a golf outing for work was wearing one; I was quite impressed.  Battery drain on it was minimal compared to my Apple Watch paired with the GolfShot app.  Both the Garmin and GolfShot measurements were roughly the same.  A huge difference between the two were the overhead shots that the Garmin S70 provides.

Since I already have a smartwatch setup, I'll refrain from signing up to test.  Can't wait for the reviews.

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I'd be willing to test these out and review. I've been using an app. (Golf Pad GPS) on my Android phone for many years. My son uses his Garmin (couple years old), all the time and tells me I have to get one!

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Had a Garmin years ago until dog got ahold of it.  Loved it.  Currently use the Bushnell Wingman.  Play that funky music while getting yardages.

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Currently have been using the S62 for about 3 years. It has really helped my game. The virtual caddie feature has been a game changer for me and my game! 

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I would LOVE the opportunity to give this a try! I currently have a garmin s10 and can’t convince the wife to let me spend the money for a more advanced device. Good luck to the ones selected and I’m very interested to see you reviews.

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