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Sign up Closed: 2023 MGS Forum Test: Titleist T Series Irons

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Vendor: Titleist

Testers Wanted! TItleist T-Series Irons!


Yes, you read the title correctly. MyGolfSpy needs four golfers to test, review and keep a full set of the new Titleist T-Series Irons. 

While these have been on TItleists Tour Validation period for the last month or so, the official launch to the general public is August 3rd. Now is when we get to find out all the nitty gritty details about what’s under the hood of this series of irons. 

For full details check out this link - https://mygolfspy.com/news-opinion/titleist-t-series-irons/

This is the third generation of T-Series Irons from Titleist since they moved on from the AP lineup. This generation of T-Seriers introduces two “new” irons to the lineup in the T150 (replacement for the T100S) and the T350. 

Here is a breakdown highlight of the series.

Titleist T100 - The most played iron on the PGA Tour there wasn’t much to change from the previous version. However Titleist worked to improve the feel, create tighter dispersion and updated the variable bounce sole. 

Titleist T150 - One of the “new” models the T150 retains the looks and progression that the T100 made but with a slightly thicker topline and slightly wider sole to create a more forgiving package while retaining improved ball speeds by an updated Muscle Channel.

Titleist T200 - A non-clicky backplate! However in all seriousness the T200 for 2023 is where some big improvements were made. With some updates to the topline and finish the T200 retains the same size as the previous version with what will likely be a more appealing look. Titleist have moved the speed boosting Max Impact Core closer to the heel and face of the golf club to improve sound and forgiveness. 

Titleist T350 - The replacement for the T300, the T350 comes in a package that matches the rest of the T-Series much better. It is a larger, more forgiving iron than the T200 and for Titleist is their Ultimate Game Improvement Iron. 

Also included for two of the selected testers will be a Titleist T200 Driving Iron or a Titleist U505 Driving Iron.

This testing opportunity is open to US residents only and for left and right handed golfers. 

We will be selecting 1 tester per Iron series so be sure to sign up for the iron series that you think fits you best!

**Want to be considered for the U505 or T200 Utility? Please follow these instructions**

1. Make a post with your dream specs of the Titleist T Series.

2. Share a screenshot or photo of your preferred utility and specs from titleist.com. 

3. Must "Follow" this thread - Follow button is top right above sign up or when making a response select follow topic. 

These can be combined in 1 post or made separately.

Learn more about how to be selected here: READ MORE HERE

Follow examples here
Screenshot 2023-08-03 10.51.06.png Screenshot 2023-08-03 10.49.51.png


Whoever wins, enjoy these beauties. Wish I knew Titleist was coming out with a new T series before I ordered a set 2 months ago. Looking forward to being an actual member now and not just a lurker (although I've been a MGS Twitter follower for years if that counts for anything).

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Yet another fantastic opportunity from MyGolfSpy and Titleist!  MGS has been rocking the testing season this year.  

Personally, I have never gamed a set of Titleist irons, although I have admired them for quite a while.  My brother (8 hdcp) has played Titleist exclusively for twenty years, as does one of my best golfing friends, and I have always appreciated their elegance and apparent playability.  I tried one of my buddy's blade pitching wedges earlier this week, and it was such a sweet club!  I was impressed.  And I even sent him the Rick Shiels review video to show him Titleist's new innovations.

Of course I have watched Mr. Shiels',  and the other glowing YouTube reviews of these new irons.  It seems like Titleist has excelled with these new offerings.  It would be a pleasure to review and play the T150 irons.  They are so gorgeous.


Many thanks to MGS and Titleist for offering this opportunity to this wonderful community!


** It would be a pleasure to try the U505 utility iron also!


Good luck to all the applicants!!

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Made a decision on the Sub70 CB/TC659's over Titleist T200 last fall to save some money, even though I get a solid Titleist discount (TPI expert). Happy w choice thus far but would be VERY curious to see how I play with the expensive sticks. Good luck to all testers!

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Wow, what a great opportunity. Been a lurker for a while but couldn't resist throwing my hat in the ring. I'm sure I'll start contributing as well.


Good luck everyone!




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I have clicked on this link half a dozen times in the past two days and I still can't believe it is real.  MGS mods, Titleist/Acushnet you guys have wayyyyy outdone yourselves this time--thank you guys for an incredible opportunity.  My iron game is by far the better part of my game so I've applied for T200 for the test.  But since below is a dream set I can dream about carrying players clubs 😜.  Thanks again guys, it's fun dreaming about awesome clubs every once in a while.

Edit: U-505 DI listed in the bottom of the dream set. 



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