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Sign up Closed: 2023 MGS Forum Test: Rapsodo MLM2Pro

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Equipment Type: Launch Monitor
Vendor: Rapsodo

Testers Wanted! Rapsodo MLM2Pro

The personal launch monitor space has grown immensely over the years and Rapsodo is introducing their new MLM2Pro. 

Screenshot 2023-07-30 11.39.42.png

The original MLM from Rapsodo consistently came top of MyGolfSpys most wanted testing in a variety of categories since its original launch. The Rapsodo MLM2Pro looks to build off that foundation while bringing new features and abilities to help golfers improve their games and practice while not breaking the bank. 

Here are some of the highlighted features straight from Rapsodo.

“The all new MLM2PRO™ Mobile Launch Monitor + Golf Simulator
Dual optical camera vision + radar processing for precision accuracy
Shot Vision and Impact Vision for multi-option swing replay
Simulation at 30,000+ golf courses
13 metrics - 6 measured metrics - including spin rate and spin axis
Apple and Android compatible
Rapsodo Combines - 24 total shots - 2 approach targets - 1 driver target
Full functionality indoors and outdoors”

Where the original Rapsodo MLM was great for practice and training, the addition of being a golf simulator and being able to read spin rates is very intriguing. Not to mention it is now Android compatible! 

Screenshot 2023-07-30 12.03.04.png

All of this sounds well and good, which brings us to you. MyGolfSpy needs 4 golfers to test, review and keep the new Rapsodo MLM2Pro.

Testers will receive the Rapsodo MLM2Pro as well as premium membership as part of testing to get the full Rapsodo experience. 

Do you have the original Rapsodo MLM and want to compare? Are you new to the personal launch monitor space and want to try testing the MLM2Pro? Or do you have another launch monitor and want to compare the MLM2Pro to your current setup? Let us know and be sure to sign up for this testing opportunity before registration closes!

*This testing opportunity is open to U.S. Residents only.
**Registration closes August 16th with selected testers being announced August 22nd.


Have played around with the first version of the MLM and was very impressed. Didn't enjoy the need to use your phone with the unit so would be curious to see how this one performs being a standalone unit.

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What a wonderful opportunity. I’ve been eyeing this type of launch monitor for a while just haven’t pulled the trigger. Hopefully I won’t have to. Would love one. Best wishes everyone 

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I would love to try this. As I am learning more about my swing from my golf coach we are using launch monitors on every shot. It has been fun to watch the stats as I am learning my swing speed, carry and all the other details. It would be incredible to be able to take this to the range and continue learning. Would be a great next step into improving the golf game. It would also help me test out which balls work better with my swing. I think I am playing the wrong ball right now ... but it's all about feel and less about facts. 

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The hits keep coming with these tests! I have the OG Rapsodo MLM and when it works, it's great. I feel like it gets bored with me and stops tracking after 30 shots or so. Would love to see how this compares to that in both stats but also performance & reliability.

Good luck y'all

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I've always wanted to try out a launch monitor and see how I really hit the ball.  I've been to simulators in the past, but usually not paying much attention as I'm with my buddies trying to play a round.  Would be awesome to be able to spend some time fine tuning my game with this monitor.

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Well, I realize I am signing up for nearly every test, but this has been an incredible year for testing gear that I'm really into. The Rhapsodo has both radar and camera and should make for a very accurate rendition of the numbers, and I'm curious how it compares in both numbers and simulations.

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Was just researching launch monitors for the garage as the end of the peak season in the Midwest will be here quickly! What a great opportunity. Good luck golfers!

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Would love to try this out and use it over the winter with my golf teams! We have hitting night, but might be able to afford a small simulator set up. Would get tons of swing on it and it will be put to good use! Thanks for another awesome opportunity!

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I have been running the original MLM for awhile now - both in my garage setup and at the range. Good tool, couple reasons I'd love to try the MLM2Pro:

  1. At the range, you have to shield the iPhone or it overheats very quickly
  2. No simulation courses available
  3. Club selection (wave club in front of iPhone) is sketchy at times and doesn't seem to work at all when inside on net

Having said that, the MLM has been fun to use - I cast the screen onto the TV in the garage to see where the shots are going. The Combine feature is humbling (in a good way). I had been hoping for an Android version to grab one for my son, but the MLM2Pro design obviates that.

Would be great to test it and in any event, good luck to the testers!

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I am putting in a golf room now. I have a spornia golf net and the original Rapsodo. I would love to compare these two devices, and add simulates rounds. Not to mention the practice features. Good luck to all!

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I built a cage around my Spornia Net (was chipping my wedges into my neighbors yard, who happens to be my in-laws 😬. I've been using the Garmin along with my iPad. Would absolutely love the opportunity to compare!

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Excited about this potential opportunity! I’ve been researching the various personal launch monitors the last few weeks and am strongly considering the MLM2Pro. Would be awesome to try it out in person and see how it works out! 

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Just like the rest of the us, I'd love to try this out. I've never had a personal launch monitor and this would be the perfect chance to monitor and improve my golf performance. 

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This is by far the most intriguing launch monitor sub $1500!  I currently use a Flightscope Mevo and would love to put these head to head, the Mevo is by far the most accurate PLM in it's price bracket and possibly even sub $1k. If the MLM2 Pro can beat the mevo's accuracy than it's a solid winner, and might just get that chicken dinner 😂

I will also be doing a DIY home simulator for my new home, and don't yet have a launch monitor and this would definitely fit the bill!  That being said I am willing to rent out a bay, in order to try this MLM2 Pro on a simulator for the sake of testing 👍

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Thanks MGS for another great test. Admittedly, I do not have a home set-up, so all my testing would be on a range, but I sure am game if you all are! I sure could use better ideas on carry distances and spin rates. I don't think they are what they actually are. Wait, does that even make sense 😉

Good luck to all!

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