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Sign up Closed: 2023 Forum Member Test: Sub 70 Putters

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Equipment Type: Putters
Vendor: Sub 70

Testers Wanted: Sub 70 Putters

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Just because the seasons are changing doesn’t mean there isn’t still ample time to test and review golf clubs. 

In MyGolfSpy Most Wanted Testing Sub 70 has performed well year over year and claimed third overall in 2023 Most Wanted Blade with the Sycamore 005 Wide Blade.  Bolstering an impressive lineup of 16 putters they have an option that will surely appeal to any golfer. 

Sub 70 says “Every Sub 70 putter is milled from a billet of 1045 carbon steel which leaves no welds, castings or inconsistencies in the head. This is the best way to make a putter head and you will not find a more solid, great feeling putter. Aesthetically each of the Sub 70 putters offers a clean, classic black and white color scheme with traditional alignment lines. We have purposefully made the heads slightly heavier than the industry standard as we feel it allows a more natural pendulum like putting stroke. “

Sub 70 also introduced a new graphite/steel putter shaft this year that offers more technology, feel and stability.


Add in these Sub 70 putters will often cost half of what major brands sell for and there would seem to be perfect balance of value and performance. 

This is where we need you!

We will be selecting four golfers to test, review and keep any putter from Sub 70’s lineup with the shaft preference of their choosing. 

What do you think? Up for testing what could be the best underrated putter you haven’t tried and providing your feedback along the way?


IMPORTANT! - Screenshot and/or share the Sub 70 Putter you want to test along with shaft and grip combo to be eligible for test! 

*Test is open to US only
*Available for Left and Right handed golfers. 
*Registration closes Sept 13 2023 and selections announced Sept 19 2023.


Sycamore 004, standard length, single bend steel with the jumbo winn 2020 vsn grip.

I have had my scotty for almost 20 years and it has gotten me no where. I struggle to move on since teenage me remembers working weeks to buy it. It is time for me to start seeing new putters. 


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Would love to test this model, RH, with a Superstroke XL 14in grip. With the counter core weight port. I typically use a 50g Countercore weight that I already have! 


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I prefer a mallet putter with just a little offset.  I currently enjoy my putter partly because it combines mallet MOI while showing me the putting surface immediately behind the putter face... I feel like it helps me start my takeaway on a better line.  I only wish it was black as opposed to satin chrome.

I think the 004 Mallet offers a similar benefit setup.


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Would love to try...   I've been using center shafted putters for approx. 15 yrs.    started with "YES"  and now use  Toulon Garage Indianapolis       thanks  

Sub 70 Sycamore 008 Center Shaft Putter

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Thanks for the opportunity! I had a hard time deciding which model to pick, but this would be a really great 1:1 comparison with my Evnroll ER1v putter. 



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Shaft - Sub70 Graphite/Steel Putter

Grip - Super Stroke Zenergy Flatso 1.0 Black/White

If possible, having the length cut down to 33 inches would be ideal.image.png.f051c969d5d09cd0e45d0555dcc80a36.png

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I've been using the same Odyssey White Hot #4 for over ten years now. I've recently started trying out different brands that my buddies use such as the TM Spider, TM TP Hydroblast, a variety of different Scotty Camerons, a Huntington Beach, etc. While I'm in no rush, I've really enjoyed using and even putted better with some of the other options out there. I'd like to get my hands on this Sub 70 putter, as I've heard really good things about this brand. I just haven't had the opportunity to test them out myself. I've always preferred blades, but until recently I hadn't tried a wide body blade. I found that I really liked the profile next to the ball and felt more confident with it. I'd like to try the Sub 70 TAIII 254 Wide Blade Putter if chosen.

Sub 70 TAIII 254.png

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