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Testers Wanted: 2023 Forum Member Test: Red Rooster Rain Gloves

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Equipment Type: Golf Gloves
Vendor: Red Rooster

Testers Wanted: Red Rooster Rain Gloves


Red Rooster has become a go to brand for a lot of our members. We already had several of our members test the at the time unreleased Sussex Premium glove from Red Rooster which came back with glowing reviews. Now we also have our group buy for the Red Rooster MyGolfSpy "The Root" glove (if you haven't got your order in on that do so now before it is too late! OCTOBER 1st Deadline)


 I can personally attest to how impressive these rain gloves are. However I am only one golfer and we wanted you to get your hands in these gloves to see how they perform and let our community know if your experience with these gloves comes close to what mine was. The Red Rooster Rain Gloves offer great feel, texture and performance in wet conditions, not to mention they look pretty cool!

What do you think? Want to give the Red Rooster Rain Gloves a try and get playing in some less than ideal conditions? 

We need FOUR MyGolfSpy Forum members to test, review and keep these gloves as part of testing. 

Sign up above!


*Registration closes October 4th, 2023 with Testers being Announced October 10, 2023
* This testing opportunity is only open to Forum Members in the US and Canada


I am one of those brave souls who loves fall golf here in Chicagoland. And I also travel to Pittsburgh quiet a bit for work and it seems to always be raining there. So I am always looks ng for a good pair of rain gloves.

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I live in Florida and obviously our humidity is brutal here. Currently I go through about 6 gloves a year. Also I typically wear a rain glove on rounds that are ridiculously humid. So I think I can provide a solid comparison to my current gloves and experience.  

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Minnesota summers are hot and humid, so I wear rain gloves instead of changing gloves every other hole. And if it’s above 40* I’m playing rain or shine. Until the ground is white, then it’s time to head south.

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Another amazing opportunity for us from Red Rooster.  Just in time for the rainy cool weather here in Northern Ontario.

I personally love fall golf and don't mind the rain and wet weather.

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Great looking glove, would love to try these and compare them to my footjoy rain gloves I have 

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Big opportunity here!  Especially for a golfer with very sweaty hands, like myself.  I recently purchased a pair for my upcoming trip to New England in October - very excited to put these in play!

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Would love the opportunity to test these gloves as living on Vancouver Island I see more than my fair share of wet, cold, golfing days.

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