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Sign up Closed: 2023 Forum Member Test: Sacks Parente Putters

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Equipment Type: Putters
Vendor: Sacks Parente

Testers Wanted: Sacks Parente Putters  

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Are you familiar with Sacks Parente Putters? If not, don't worry; you're not alone. I stumbled upon them thanks to a Golfers Digest article discussing the remarkable surge of a putter company's stock on its Wall Street debut, and it piqued my interest.

Why We're Interested:
At MyGolfSpy Forum, we've made it a goal for 2023 to shine a spotlight on emerging and lesser-known brands in the golfing world. We believe it's crucial to give these companies exposure while providing our members with opportunities to test, experience, and review products they might never have considered before. Sacks Parente fits this mission perfectly, and after initial discussions, they enthusiastically agreed to participate.

Meet Sacks Parente:
So, who exactly are Sacks Parente? They're primarily a putter manufacturer renowned for their patented Ultra Low Balance Point technology (ULBP), which they claim can naturally enhance your putting stroke. Founded by golf club design and manufacturing pioneer Steve Sacks and Rich Parente, an original co-founder of Callaway, the concept of their ULBP technology was born in 2011. However, it wasn't until 2018 that Sacks Parente officially came into existence.

Screenshot 2023-09-30 9.02.39 AM.png

Wide Range of Designs:
Sacks Parente offers an extensive array of golf putter designs catering to the preferences of most golfers. Whether you favor mallet or blade putters, there's a design that's bound to catch your eye. What sets Sacks Parente apart is their inclusion of matching Ultra-Low Balance Point putter shafts and grips with their putters. These components work harmoniously to, as they claim, help you sink more putts. With a growing presence on the PGA Tour of Champions, they're steadily gaining recognition – a development that has us at MyGolfSpy Forum excited to introduce to our forum members.

Screenshot 2023-09-30 9.03.25 AM.png

Ready to Test and Review?
Have we sparked your curiosity about testing and reviewing one of Sacks Parente's Putters?

Five Testers will have the opportunity to select a Sacks Parente Putter of their choice and receive a virtual fitting session to ensure they're paired with the perfect putter for their game.

Selected testers must post or screenshot of desired putter model in the comment section! 


*Registration closes on October 11, 2023, with tester announcements on October 16, 2023.
*This testing opportunity is exclusively open to US residents.
*Left-handed golfers are welcome to participate, depending on the putter model.

Join us in this exciting venture to discover the innovative world of Sacks Parente Putters and potentially improve your putting game. Sign up today!


Honestly I can't decide if I would rather test the Series 66 Mg Flange Blade or the Series 18 Cavity Sole. If I had to choose from the two I would say the Series 66. But if I can be on the fence between them and say if chosen as a reviewer I would love to speak to the fitter about my putting issues to help me best choose between the two I want that option. 

Currently playing an Odyssey Tank-7 and would love to compare the difference between the them. 



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Another incredible opportunity! I got fitted awhile back and they suggested a potential center shaft putter so excited for the potential opportunity! Good luck everyone!


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Good luck to all entrants! Interested to hear the results. Checked out their site and they have a lot of interesting and unique designs with a cool overall aesthetic. Hope they roll just as nice!

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