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IJP Design Fall/Winter 2013-Black Watch


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Since 2005, I have been a part of the greater golf equipment forum community.  I have seen a great deal of discussion about golf apparel though the years, and have spent the last year examining brands and product from a variety of clothiers.  Although my focus has been redirected to specialty interviews and projects for MyGolfSpy, I remain interested in providing exposure to select apparel manufacturers.  In the past, I have provided previews and looks from many of the apparel brands and offerings that come to market.  If it was new, interesting, or more offerings of the same, I showed you.  

Today, I am doing things a little different.  I am hand picking items that I spend my own money on.  Brands that, in my opinion, are a cut above the rest of the pack.  There aren't many, so this isn't going to happen often.  This is not mean to discount the household names you know and love.  It's mean to compliment that list and provide you with some brands and items that I hand select for my own closet.  First up in this infrequent series is selections from IJP Design.


My first look at IJP Design came this summer.  I had not seen the brand that well previewed anywhere and wanted to see the product first hand so I could tell you about it.  When I first received the product, then after wearing it on-course, there was no question, it was easily some of the best I've owned.

What is the best anyway?  I've heard that a great deal when discussing all things golf.  For me, what set's the product apart from others, first and foremost, is the fit.  It does not matter how good it looks if the fit is incorrect for your body type.  In my normal 34” waist and size large shirt, IJP design fit the bill SPY ZINGER, perfectly.

Next in my "best" criteria is the look.  Yes, IJP design is different.  It's British, and boasts a lot of Tartan.  Boldness with class if you will, that embodies the Scottish game of yesterday.  I'll be the first to admit, I am a geek for this stuff, but I found it cool that Poulter's limited edition Tartans are registered with the Scottish Tartan Authority.  It's also unique in that, you'll be hard pressed to find anything similar in the big box golf retailers.  The final criteria is quality.  I believe you know it qualifies, if when you hold it.  It just feels better in hand and on the person that owns the product and the look.




New for autumn /winter in the IJP Design line is the Limited Edition Black Watch series.  From top to bottom, I took a comprehensive look at this series which was recently released for the season.  The Black Watch pants have a straight leg, tailored look to them, with breaks on the sides of the cuffs for shoe drape.  The exterior is 100% polyester, while the lining is 55% polyester, and 45% wool, yet still machine washable.  Perfect blend for cooler temperatures.  You can purchase these with a 32” inseam or 37” to have them tailored.  A feature more golf apparel companies should offer but simply do not.  The Black Watch pants retail for $189.







Next up are the the Black Watch golf shirt, and New Crest V-Neck Sweater.  In the cooler fall months, I hate layering with tech fabric.  For the base layer?  Fine.  But tech on tech just feels uncomfortable, and slippery.  When it's cool, I like the feel of a cotton shirt, and the Black Watch Polo is just that.  It's heavier than most cotton pique polo's and suitable for the season.  The silver snap buttons add a level of sophistication to the shirt, differentiating from others in the marketplace.  On the chest is the “Quintessentially British” logo that is a bit large, but camouflaged, as it's the same color as the shirt.  The New Crest V-Neck Sweater is a lightweight top layer that is a perfect match to the Black Watch Polo made from 100% pima cotton.  The polo retails for $85, and the sweater $100.






Accessorizing the look is the Black Black Watch hat that is virtually plain black with the exception of the discreet silver accent button.  Around the waist is the Luxe Belt in Grey or as Ian calls it, Battleship.  Is a Italian leather belt that is designed to look like crocodile.  The belt is interchangeable with the IJP buckles, with this one featuring the Black Watch Buckle.  The belt and buckel retail for $125.






As bold as Ian is, along with the apparel line under his own name, the Black Watch outfit here is certainly understated.  That's by design and how I prefer to dress during the colder months.  I also tend to gravitate toward darker colors that absorb the sun, and keep me a little warmer before it sets behind the horizon on 18.  If you haven't had a chance to have a look at IJP Design, I encourage you to do so.  You'll soon realize why it's fast become one of favorite brands in golf.

With inspiration from the new MyGolfSpy apparel guru, and from feedback from the readership, when a brand is presented to you, I will do my best to ensure it is a complete outfit.  That way, you'll get a better feel for the vibe and style of the brand.  Also, I will ensure you receive at least one photograph of the look, on a model namely, SPY ZINGER.  This will usually come as an update to the original post, approximately one week later, so stay tuned!


Find IJP Design selections at Fairway Styles: http://www.fairwaystyles.com/Ian-Poulter



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From IJP Design to MyGolfSpy:


We approaching the busiest weekend of the year for online retailers and this year we have some great offerings to make Thanksgiving and Black Friday special.
This Wednesday and Thursday we will be giving away a signed Ian Poulter photo with every order over $120.



Also on Thursday Ian will be sending out a Thanksgiving message to all Clubhouse members – Make sure you are a member: www.ijpusa.com/clubhouse


Our Black Friday deals are better than ever and we have a deal every hour starting at 6am EST for a full 12 hours but when they're gone they're gone!


Saturday we are continuing the great offers with our ‘Mini Black Saturday' including special deals on our junior collection. Then on Monday we will be giving away some great stocking fillers with all orders over $120.

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