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New Custom BestGrips Product for 2014?

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If you follow BestGrips on facebook and twitter, you are aware that we have been looking for a decent golf bag for sometime. Most of the options out there are extremely expensive and are not made to last. A few months of research led me to Club Glove, which I firmly believe is neither cheaply made or outrageously priced.


With that said, BestGrips is evaluating customized bags for the 2014 season. You would pick the color of the Club Glove bag, and BestGrips will customize the three panels with embroidery, or leather/exotic inlay. The option will be the FCO III Cart bag and possibly the Billboard Bag. I like the color options offered by Club Glove, especially the use of black as the base color (never, never, never get a white bag!).


As with all things BestGrips, the bags will be priced insanely competitive. All of the services (including golf grips) we offer are priced below market because the internet means no middle men and consequently no middle man or distributor fees. Look for more info sometime in Q1 or Q2 of next year (if extremely interested, contact me direct).



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