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50DollarGolf.com (FORE! Alerts) Tool


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Months ago we came up with this tool ("FORE! Alerts") which will change the way people shop on EBAY. No longer do you have to go to EBAY when you are looking for a deal or a club that you have been searching for forever. Let it do the work for you.


If you are familiar with Southwest Airlines "Ding" tool you will already understand what this tool is all about. But, if you have never heard of "Ding" don't worry it gives you a quick step-by-step process to get up and running.


Here are some of the benefits of using the tool:


* "FORE! Alerts" will save you hundreds even thousands of dollars on golf equipment on EBAY.

* This technology will save you hours of time compared to the way you used to search on EBAY.

* It will make your searching amazingly organized.

* It will help you win more auctions.

* You could even start your own EBAY golf business and makes $1000's in profit!

* It puts YOU...in total control of EBAY.


It will also:


* Allow you to set the price you are willing to pay (Don't pay $1 more then you want)

* Never have to actually go to EBAY to do a search again...our new tool will do the searching for you!

* It will help you locate hard to find items (like older models)

* Have a special putter or wedge you have always been looking for on EBAY? This tool will find it for you...and then notify you when it is available at the price you want to pay.

* Save you time...we will only notify you when your product has less then 1 day left in the auction...this way you are not having to spend all week checking back on EBAY 100 times to see if you were outbid.

* Want to make money buying and selling golf clubs? This tool will do all the work for you and let you get the exact club you want at the exact price you want to pay.





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seems really interesting... anyone ever try this? I've bought and sold on ebay a number of times.



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