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Wilson Staff Prototypes (Irons)


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Proto 5 (bottom left), Proto 4 (top right), and the top left one, I just can't read the number. On the blades I don't like how with the bottom left one the sort of "band" of metal that stretches across the back stops below the sole. It just looks a little off to me. the top right one looks very small to me, and sort of triangular. Not a big fan of the one on top second from the left, it's kind of old looking, FWIW, but the top left looks much better. If I had to pick a favorite of the cavity backs on the bottom it would be the one farthest to the right.

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I like Proto 3 and Proto 5... I don't like 4 because it doesn't have the W/S logo... Of the cavity backs, I also like the Proto 8...

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3 & 5 for the ones that look like too much club for my game and the top left (#1?) of the one that I would at least try out to see if I could hit it.

I like #6 too, but the "FG" just looks too large in the cavity. Like the head, not the graphics.

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Well....they are at least somewhat moving in the right direction in the US xxio.


4 for me.


1,6,and 8 look like previous models with slight rebadging.


Is Wilson still doing fine in the US? Europe is still okay from what I hear.


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If we're talking purely looks then like I Prototype 5. If we're talking liking the looks of something I could realistically hit then Prototype 6. :lol:

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Well....they are at least somewhat moving in the right direction in the US xxio.


Wilson. I hope they gain some prominence back.


I used to be a big fan of the Progressives. I had 3 at 1 point all with different shafts. Firestick 2.8s, some Boron type shaft that was made by Wilson for the JDM, and with DGs. They were forged by Hoffman and I broke par for the first time ever with those sticks.


Just before anyone gets any ideas I shot that 70 about 10 years (13-14 years ago)after the Progressives were first released. They were being closed out for US$240 (new) by a store the distributor who gave up the rights over here. So I bought 3 sets :lol:

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4, I like how it loos kind of old school without the logo, just name stamped on there, hint of a muscleback but more a true blade. And out of the cavity's #7 takes it out for me. If they matched the grinds and basic head shape at address you could do a mean combo set.

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I like #1 and #4. #4 being my #1 choice! But I actually like 1 thru 5. I would be happy to try any of those heads for a spin.....

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