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Paul S

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A very good question with the emergence of the hybrids. I love my X Hot 4 iron and always carry it as it is great from the tee box for short par 4 holes but more importantly it has great penetration into the wind and is ideal for keeping low under branches.


I have the RB 5 wood but seldom carry it as I prefer the accuracy of my Adams Super S 17* hybrid. The 5 wood is great if you need a high shot and that is what my bag usually lacks as I hit my X Hot 3 wood fairly low.

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I went with a Hybrids to replace my fairway woods.  I just never found a FW I could hit consistently, so I pulled them out of the bag a couple years ago and went with a 17* hybrid.  I'm more confident hitting hybrids than fairway woods.  To me hybrids are easier to hit off the turf and rough.  My setup right now is the Ping Anser 17* Hybrid and the Adams a12 19* Hybrid.  



Driver:  Titleist 915D2 9.5* (Set at 10.25*) w/ Diamana S+ Blue
Fairway:  TaylorMade Aeroburner Black 16.5* HL w/ Matrix Rul-Z 
Hybrids:  Titleist 915H 18*(Set at 19.5*) w/ Diamana S+ Blue
Irons:  Mizuno JPX Fli-Hi (4 Iron) w/ Graphite Design Aura Blue
            Mizuno JPX-850 Forged (5-9) w/ True Temper XP 105
Wedges:  Mizuno JPX-850 Forged (PW 45*) w/ True Temper XP 105
                 Mizuno MP-R12 (50*, 54*, 58*) w/ DG Spinner
Putter:  Scotty Cameron Select GoLo S

Balls:  Callaway Chrome Soft / TaylorMade Project (a)
Bag:  OGIO Chamber
Shoes:  Nike TW '15

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It seems to be a swing thing.  


I carried 2 hybrids for a long time without a fairway.  When I hit them alright, I could launch them a mile, but I could never consistently control them.


Eventually I added a FW, and that I could hit consistantly.  Since then I've dropped one of my hybrids and I am on the verge of dropping the other and going back to a true 3i instead of a 3h.


Technically speaking, the hybrid is supposed to be the easier to hit,  but for my swing, it never was (though I now believe this to be a product of the shafts in place and assumptions based upon a bag fitting done when I was in FAR worse physical condition). 


So in the end, I think the answer to your question is, try each, and sort out what works best for you.  There is no cookie cutter bag that works for a majority of golfers.  Each swing, mind and body works different, so we are each, to a certain degree, on our own.  


From a distance/flight/launch perspective, the difference between a 5w a 4h and a 3i  probably only vary marginally for a machine, but the confidence in being able to hit any of the given options to a predictable distance and placement is what really matters here.  


Given all of that my advice is simply this, try each, and find what works best for you.  If you have the time and funds, have an instructor or a fitter work with you to get it tweaked to how you play. 


I know I have a tendency to worry about equipment, and equipment does impact the game, but not as much as the confidence in your ability to swing a given club.  If you know you can pull that stick and hit it at a target with a high rate of success, that is the stick you need to use.

I'm with you.  Based on Friday's round, I'm considering taking out the 4 hybrid and putting back the 4i.  The 4h has destroyed almost all of my recent rounds.  For some reason, I hit dead pulls, push straight right, tops, digs, on about half the shots I take with it.  I can hit it well, but it has the propensity for really bad shots that cost a stroke or more than one stroke.  As noted above, that almost never happens with the 5w.  At least with the 4i, I won't have the disaster shots.  May not hit as many good scoring shots with it, but I can live with being a bit short or 10-15 yds right or left.  I can't really explain it.

Nonchalant putts count the same as chalant putts.

In my Ogio Ozone XX Cart Stand Bag:

Ping G400 10.5 Deg Driver, stock Stiff shaft
TM Rocketballz 19 Deg 5 Wood, stock Matrix Osik Stiff shaft
TM Rocketballz Stage 2 21 Deg Tour 4 Hybrid, Rocketfuel 80h Stiff shaft 

Callaway Apex CF 16 Irons, 4-P, Stiff Shafts
Scor 48 and 55 degree wedges.  
Renegar 60 Deg Steel Shaft Lob Wedge

TM Ghost Spider Si 38" Counterbalanced Putter

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