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Ping Anser Forged (Pics)


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I was supposed to try these babies out today.


My trip to the Philippine capital got canceled.


The pro who has them in the bag says they are quite playable.


I am going before the end of the month so review will have to wait. He has the AWT shafts in them.

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My first thought on them is very positive. I was thinking they'd be a little more blade-ish, but I like 'em, so far.

Looking forward to your impressions upon hitting them.

Funny how my living in Phoenix, the home of PING, has no effect on access to the new PING products. I don't think that this is what Karsten saw for PING's future, but we'll never know. He was very innovative in most aspects of his business, so maybe it would have been his vision, ?


LaMont in AZ

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Is that some kind of weight in the back of the sole???

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PING rep was in our Golf Galaxy store this week... Gave us the confirmation that the Anser Forged are a 'GO' in the U.S.


Also said Forged Wedges are on the way as well.


Sounds great, right!


Downfall: Rep said Anser Forged for the traditional 8 club set is going to run you the Rapture V2 range.... $1,400 or so for these puppies.


Granted, that is what he is saying.... what the official pricing will be is yet to be determined, but................ <_>

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yes one word AWESOME love the looks lefty available>?

Andrew Bush da lefty of the forum.


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Callaway x forged 60 vintage

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Guest MyBluC4

Are these sticks forged in China and assembled in Japan, or are they a pure Japanese forging? Also, since this is a new design, how were the shafts selections developed? Should one trust the AWT shafts or opt to customize with something like the Nippon 950's?


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Is that some kind of weight in the back of the sole???



Looks like a Tungsten insert that other companies are going to adjust where the CG is. Again, just my speculation.


I sent these to my uncle to look at, as he's been a Ping man since the word go. He's about to buy new clubs and I had to tell him he might want to hold off and see about these. He's been playing his ISIk's for about a decade with the occasional Ping refurb or the occasional replacing of a club here or there by ordering from Ping.


He tried the S56's a while back and couldn't get them tofeel right at +1/2" and Silver dot.


He's very intrigued by these and hopefully since he loves hitting my forged irons these will fit the bill for him and his Ping infatuation. He likes every iron set I've had and how they feel but always says he can't pull the trigger on anything. These are similar to his ISI's in shape but hopefully will have that buttery forged feel for him so he'll stop asking to hit my irons every time I build a new set when we're on the range.

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I hit these at golf fest in vegas. They are a lot like the i15. Very very nice. Sweet satin finish and super good feeling.


PING rep said there are a limited run of 500 in the states is i think the number he said.

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they hit very nice.. smooth feeling - like you assume from a good forged club. looks- yep form a distance - i15 ish.. lighter colore. brushed satin look. slightly wider sole does put these to use for any level golfer i think. my set just landed and of course debatingon putting some KBS proto's in them.. :lol: satin shafts will just have the set look nasty. hit them plenty earlier in the summer. friend picked up a set in japan. and thus every time he came to hit balls. i was all over his bag!


Ken Husvar


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