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Looking for custom made Lh putter


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okay, after some discussion with the wife, and with not finding many custom options in the style that i am looking for, i have decided to go a different route with the putter.

i have been given some great options outside of the custom handcrafted ones that y'all have given me, i appreciate all of the help and if i ever do decide to go with the handcrafted custom putter, i will most definitely use the advice from all of you here.

thanks again for al of the help


Lefties are always in their Right Mind

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Speaking from experience, go get fitted for the proper putter before getting a custom one made. I thought I knew what I was doing and had a Slighter Snubnose made for me. 4 months after I placed the order it arrived and didn't fit my stroke. A couple hundy down the drain and I had only myself to blame. While Slighter and others make great putters, you must go find something that works for you and then have them work off that style. After I finally got fitted, I find myself swinging a SeeMore One CS...completely opposite of what I thought fit my stroke.


Enjoy which ever route you end up going with.

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thanks maverick, like i said, there are a couple of places that make it, but as i said, after discussing with the wife, she found out how much it will cost or potentially cost, and she was none to happy. she doesn't understand how someone could spend between 500-900 or more for one putter, i said she isnt supposed to understand it, its more of an obsession really, that didn't work, she really doesn't want me to spend the money on it, but i will still overspend a little on a putter, it just wont be hand made for me. thats life sometimes.

Lefties are always in their Right Mind

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