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Returning to Old Favorites (and Win Something New!)

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New Year, New Gear

This is the time of year when we all get a excited about new golf gear. I'm not going to lie; I get a lot excited. Work keeps me from attending the annual gear gorging at the PGA Show, but I, like you, followed along as best as I could through the wondrous MGS coverage. I loved seeing all of the new stuff, and Golfspy Tim's #boothbabeselfie campaign was classic entertainment!


Really though, for me, it's all about the new gear. Every year, I try to envision myself playing the new stuff, wondering and dreaming about the effect it will have on my game. This year, I was so wrapped up in new gear that I even had to make a spreadsheet to keep track of my choices when trying to answer my own Best 13 Club Set thread in the forum.


New gear excites my mind, opens up new possibilities, and really ramps up my anticipation for the golf season. new New NEW! That's my typical January golf brain.


Then I re-gripped my putter.


Most of the time when I change the grip on a putter, my psyche remains stable. No associated huge flashes of insight or clarity. This past time was different though. This re-gripping came on the heels of looking at a bunch putter grips for the MGS 2013 Putter Grip Run Down. How many grips was that? Just take a look at this box full of putter grips:




Never before have I had so many putter grips to choose from. Against all odds, I settled on one grip, had it installed, and then after rolling a ball…

BAM! POW! Revelation! Discovery!


What happened? What was the revelation? What is this amazing putter grip?


The grip I put on doesn't really matter. The point is that it was a grip that I frequently have used on my putters in the past. I had 30+ grips to choose from, and I went with the old favorite. And you know what? It felt FANTASTIC. Because I know it's killing you not to know, here's the grip: Orange Jumbo Iomic




The moment of clarity was the interesting thing though. I had access to everything that was new, and I went with the old standard. That grip made a huge and immediate putting difference. As soon as I put on the Iomic grip, my putting improved dramatically with that particular putter. Was it the grip's weight or geometry? Could it be the color or texture? Could it be familiar comfort translating to confidence? If I'm making putts, I usually don't ask why. Even if I did ask why, this time, I knew the “new” grip was responsible.


I've Done This Before, You Likely Have Too

That putter grip revelation drove me to think about returning to other favorites instead of the new. There have been numerous times when I have tried new gear, be it clubs or accessories, only to return to the tried and true. I have a feeling that I am not alone in this. We get emotionally excited for the new, but return to the familiar once the novelty has worn off.

I think that many golfers are likely to experiment with the new and different golf grips. Grips are not an expensive experiment, especially if you compare cost of the cost of re-gripping a club or two to the cost of getting a new driver. I usually buy a couple of new grips, put them on woods or wedges, and then make a decision about changing the rest of the set after playing with them for a bit. If I like them, new grips for all!


How many times do you pull the new-grip trigger? Not just replacing the ones you wore out with the same grips, but rather installing a totally new style. How many times do those new grips make it to the worn out stage before you swap them out for something else? Not all experiments are successful. Sometimes we need to return to our happy place.


My Happy Place Grip: Golf Pride New Decade MultiCompound  (NDMC)



Although they may have the longest name in golf grips, Golf Pride's NDMC is the grip that I always return to after trying other things. I have had extended play relationships with other grips. A white set of PURE grips lasted a season, as did the latest set of now-wearing-out Lamkin Crosslines.


However, when I decided to re-grip, my impulse was not to put on another set of Crosslines, but rather to return to the New Decades. I enjoyed the Crosslines. I even played some good golf with the Crosslines, but the first impulse was hello again Mr. Golf Pride.


The desire to return to the New Decades shouldn't have been that surprising. One of the guys who I play with weekly plays my old set of '09 Burner irons, sporting some nice red New Decades. Every time we play, I notice those grips, or to be fair, I covet those grips. Maybe it's the color or maybe it's the memory of playing with them. I don't know. But when the re-grip question came up this month, New Decades were the answer.


And they are New, New Decades!



Now lest you think that I have lost my taste for the new, the set of NDMC's that I am installing this time is a new-for-2014 batch of New Decade Multicompound PLATINUM grips! Last year-ish, Golf Pride added the whiteout variant to the NDMC line, this year, the Platinum. What has changed? Well in the NDMC-P, the cord section is now platinum grey as opposed to white or black.


Are the NDMC-P only cosmetically changed then? I hope so! I am looking for that same New Decade feel and play in a fancy new color. The perfect situation is getting a new look, but still behaving like an old favorite. I first played NDMC grips in 2009, and I want these new ones to feel like those. However, there is nothing wrong with adding a bit of new 2014 flair.


With the standard, the whiteout, and the platinum versions, NDMC lovers now have more aesthetic options than ever before. This is great! Although the loss of purple from the New Decade palate saddens me greatly.




What Are Your Golf “Comfort Foods”?

As I said before, I don't think that I am the only one who tries new equipment for a while, only to return to the same staples over and over again. Will we ever stick with what we know works, ignoring the new? Not likely. New is exciting. New holds possibilities. New is, well, NEW! We should go with what we love, but maybe we will love something new more.

What is the golf thing that you return to? What is the Forrest to your Jenny? Wait. Don't tell me yet. Let me make it worth your while. If you tell all of us, you can…



One lucky commenter below will win 13 grips from one of Golf Pride's New 2014 Line up. You can win a set of either the new 
CP2 Pro
CP2 Wrap
Tour Velvet Super Tack
 or, yes, even the 
New Decade MultiCompound Platinum Series
. All you need to do to enter is post the following information in this article's comment section:
  1. What is the piece of golf equipment that you always return to playing?
  2. If you are the winner, which of the four 2014 Golf Pride grip lines will you select and why will you pick that grip line?


Good Luck!







Volvo Intorqueo


All the cool kids follow me on twitter: @golfspy_dave


If you are not a cool kid, following me on twitter will make you cool...

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Mine is the same as yours whenever I buy new clubs ( and that's a lot ) I always put on the tried and true New Decade grips because they just feel right. If I won I would pick...... NDMC!


Driver- Taylormade SLDR 12* (Speeder 7.2vc tour spec S)

3 Wood- Taylormade R11(bimatrix prototype S)

3 Hybrid- Ping I20(stock S)

Irons-Taylormade Tour Perferred MC ( C Taper S)

Wedges- 50, 54, and 58 SCOR4161( KBS)

Putter-Taylormade Ghost Corza.


All Left Handed!

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My go to piece of equipment happens to be a classic flatstick. Whenever I find myself struggling with putting, I throw my father's 30ish year old Ping Anser in the bag. It usually leads to more confidence and better putting on my part.


This was the first golf I ever picked up as a child. I loved going with my dad to the range, especially the practice green. I enjoyed the time he and I spent together out there, and it's something I wish he and I could do more now. Him teaching me to play/putt sparked my love of this game, something I try to pay back to him when I can, and something I plan to pass along to my future children.


If chosen, I'd select the NDMC Platinum Green/Yellow, since the Masters was probably our favorite tourney to watch together while growing up.

Bag One: :taylormade-small: '16 M2, Tour AD-GP 7S

:adams-small:  XTD Ti 15*, Tour AD-GT 8S

:taylormade-small:  RBZ Stage2 Tour Issue 18.5* hybrid, Matrix Ozik Altus 85S Wilson FG Tour F5 21* hybrid, stock

:mizuno-small:  MP-H5 4-PW, Project X 5.5

:mizuno-small:  MP-T5, 51/08, Project X 5.5

:mizuno-small:  MP-T5, 58/10, DG Spinner

:cameron-small:  2012 Newport2, 34"

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I suspect like many others, my fall back is my putter.  I keep trying other putters, but I always seem to go back to my original Odyssey Sabre, I want to use something else, but when it comes down to it, I simply score more consistently with the Sabre than any other putter I have tried.  Sadly, I expect I will keep trying other things.  Why?  I don't like looking down on the top profile of the Sabre, and I loathe the way it sits in the putter well when I walk with my stand bag.

Dru - Owner, President & Janitor, Druware Software Designs

RH 18.0 Handicap in soggy Georgia 

* 1W 10.5* @ Hogan GS53 ( HZRDUS Smoke Black X-Stiff )
* 3W Hogan GS52 ( HZRDUS Smoke Black X-Stiff ) 
* 5W 18* Tailor-made AeroBurner ( Stock Stiff )
* 4I-AW @ Hogan Ft Worth
* 56 @ Cleveland RTX
* 60 @ Hogan Equalizer
* Carbon Ringo 1/4
* Snell MTB-X


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Although I've been golfing for about 5 years, my equipment tendencies only date back to about 2-3 years. I don't have a lot as far as going back to something but grips may be the closest. I used to play New Decade grips and I really liked them but I didn't choose them again because they were expensive and they weren't very durable. I went to Crossline Cords and although I do like those grips, I really like the feel of a New Decade grip. With that said, if chosen I would go with New Decade Platinums with the white bottoms. I also like the idea of having alternating red, white, and blue platinums but that probably isn't an option.

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My club would be my 64* lob wedge by Shark, I've had it for probably about a decade and was a gift from my grandfather who used the same type. Have tried a couple of other wedge combos over the years but could never pull the trigger on anything else.


The new grips all look great but I would probably go with you Dave and grab the platinum series in white. I'll most likely be re-gripping my clubs anyway as the grips havnt been replaced since I got my iron the better part of a decade ago and are a bit stuffed lol

Driver: Titleist 907 D2 7.5* Aldila VS Proto Shaft 65 X


Fairway Woods: Titleist 980F 19* Pro Trajectory stock Titleist 4375 R shaft (desperately need to replace)


Irons: Taylormade LT2's 3-PW S300 dynamic golds


Sand Wedge: Vokey 56* 256 10 Oil can 8620 finish True temper shaft


Lob Wedge: Shark 64* wedge True temper shaft


Putter: Scotty Cameron Studio Style Newport 2 blade, 303 GSS Insert, 35'' 330g 4*L 71*L


Ball: Pro VI

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With two sons there is not a lot of fall back.  When it leaves my bag it typically goes into one of their's.  Heck, some times it never makes it to mt bag.  But I do have one putter that the kids don't want anything to do with, and that's a green Arnold Palmer 303.  If the putter in my goes dry I pull out Arnie to get it back on track.   


The multi-Compounds are great grips so I woudl have to go with the New Decade MultiCompound Platinum Series 

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It is definitely the putter. I will use a brand new one that I won, but then after a short while, go back to the trusty Seemore.  I was actually looking at those just yesterday and couldn't decide. But, I've narrowed it down to either  CP2 Pro or the Tour Velvet Super Tack. Thanks for the opportunity.

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Mine is a Scotty Santa Fe putter.  It was my first DIY refinish project and if the putting goes to crap it usually find it's way back into the rotation.


I'm going to pass on actually entering the contest though, I'm pretty well stocked up on PURE grips and I don't see switching to anything else right now.


Now if you are looking to get rid of that tiffani blue Bestgrips in the box I could find a home for that one :)

Driver: :callaway-logo-1: Epic SZ w/ VA Composites Raijin 65 04

3w: :taylormade-small:'16 M2 hl w/ Diamana D+ 82

5w: :cleveland-small: Launcher HB w/ HZRDUS Yellow

Hybrid: :cleveland-small: 22 deg. Launcher HB w/ HZRDUS Black

Irons: :ping-small: 5i-UW G700 w/ X100 soft stepped once

Wedges: :cleveland-small: 54 & 58 CBX w/ Nippon Modus 3 125

Putter: :odyssey-small: Red 7s

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That's not tiffany blue, lol. But the Iomic is and I call dibs. Lol.


And the new platinum NDMC's have my attention, as I saw them in the new GolfWorks catalog and instantly liked them. And the color scheme you posted is the only one available in midsize, but hey they did think of us midsize folks with the release so I'm happy (course we've always gotten one color scheme with every release, save the Whiteout).


As far as what I always return to, well that one is simple for me. It's actually two clubs I always return to. 1. My Superfast 2.0 v2 LCG. I'm up to 37 attempts to replace it and #37 is on the way in the SLDR. We shall see what happens as far as replacement. 2. Nike SasQuatch original in 13 degrees. I actually almost replaced it after God knows how many attempts last season. A covert Tour was in the bag for almost 3 months which is a record when attempting to replace that club. But alas, I found myself not using it as much off the tee because of accuracy and so back went the SasQuatch.


If I won? NewDecade Platinums in Midsize for me. They're(well, the blackouts) on my woods now and I'm gonna be replacing the irons with them too after going all rubber for a long time on irons.

In The Bag
Driver: TaylorMade M2 (2017) w/ Project X T1100 HZRDUS Handcrafted 65x 
Strong 3 wood: Taylormade M1 15* w/ ProjectX T1100 HZRDUS handcrafted 75x
3 Hybrid: Adams PRO 18* w/ KBS Tour Hybrid S flex tipped 1/2"
4 Hybrid: Adams PRO 20* (bent to 21*) w/ KBS Tour Hybrid S flex tipped 1/2"
4-AW: TaylorMade P770 w/ Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Black Onyx S400

SW: 56* Scratch Tour Dept(CC grooves) w/ Dynamic Gold Spinner
LW: 60* Scratch Tour Department (CC grooves) w/ Dynamic Gold Spinner
XW: 64* Cally XForged Vintage w/ DG X100 8 iron tiger stepped
Putter: Nike Method Prototype 006 at 34"

Have a ton of back-ups in all categories, but there are always 14 clubs in the bag that differ depending on the course and set-up. Bomb and gouge. Yes, I'm a club gigolo.

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I'm the same... always end back with my ProV1x balls. Yea they are expensive, but I just love the feeling I get when I open a new sleeve and tee one up. I don't get the same feeling of optimism when I open up other balls.


I would go with the NDMCs, as they look pretty cool. hahaha

:callaway-small: GBB Epic 10.5&deg - Recoil ES 450 regular

:callaway-small: mini 1.5 14° - Recoil ES 450 regular

:callaway-small: XR OS 16 Hybrid (3-5) - Fubuki AT 55/60 regular shafts

:callaway-small: Apex (6-PW) - Recoil 65 F3 regular shafts 1°flat

:callaway-small: MD4 Tour Chrome wedges (50W/54S/58C) - S200 1°flat

:scotty-small: Futura X 34" - Superstroke Slim 3.0

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It's the ball for me as well, and a TMAG one at that. I know the original Penta only dates back to 2010, but that is the year I really started playing a lot more golf and taking my game a bit more seriously. I have played well with other comparable balls (Callaway Tour i(z), Pro V1x, etc.), but when I am struggling and want a ball I know works for me, I go back to the original Penta. The sad news is that I am down to my last 2 dozen, so I am now forced to find a replacement. *sigh*


While I like the feel of some GolfPride grips and have played Tour Velvets in the past, the NDMCs feel a bit harsh to me. However, I would love to try the CP2 Pros.

PING i20 8.5*, TFC707D (S)
Callaway RAZR Fit 15*, neutral setting, stock shaft (S)
PING i20 20*, TFC707H (S)
Adams Pro a12 23*, Matrix Ozik Altus (S)
PING i20 5-PW, TT DG S300, 1.5* flat (purple dot)
SCOR 50*,54*,58*, Genius 12 KBS Tour (S), 1.5* flat, -1/4"
STX xForm 3, 35"

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I am slow to change still have a bag full of older clubs. Time for me to update. I did regrip the whole bag and was happy i did. It made a big difference for my feel. Time for a new set of grips -- If I win give me the CP2pro. 

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Actually I have 2 clubs that keep returning to my bag,

A YES Tracy putter ( like Goosen won 2 US Opens with)

and a Titleist 910 D2 driver that is always there for me,

and I'm so apologetic to it when I put it back in the bag

and promise never to stray again. (like that works)


I'm needing the New Decade MC's in a scarlet/gray

mid-size because they have it all, great feel, really secure

and are so sexy looking to boot.



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My Irons for sure... The Mizunos have been in my bag longer than any other club, and I trust them and their feel absolutely... (even if I often think of changing shafts ;)


I've always enjoyed the NDMCs, but have never got them on the clubs... I'd love to give them a longer test run :) 

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The one club I always go back too even when I try to pluck it from the bag for mis behaving every so often is my Bettinardi BB-1. If I were to be so lucky I'd pick the CP2 Pro's they look SWEEEET!

The Bag:

Right handed

Cobra King FLYZ+ 10.5* w/ Aldila Rogue 125 R 44.5"

Tour Issued TM M2 10.5 w/ Mitsubishi Tensi CK Pro Blue 60S

Tour Issued TM M2 15* w/ GD Tour AD 7S 43"

TM R7 17.5 HFS w/ Tour AD 7S Stiff 42"

Cobra S3 Pro's 4-pw w/ Aldila RIP Tours SLT 115 Reg. 5i 38.5"

Titleist Vokey Proto's

52*,54*,58* all TTDG S-400


Scotty Cameron SSS Tiffany 009 350 34.5" or Bettinardi BB1 DASS Proto

GHIN # 5144472

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My MannKrafted mallet always ends up back in the bag when I try the putter rotation.  Gonna have to check out the Iomic Jumbo,  I currently have the midsize Iomic on every putter I own except for 1 Best Grips carbon fiber.  I would go with the New Decade Platinums.  Those grips look good!!

Driver: Titleist 915 D2 9.5 with Diamana Whiteboard S flex

3 wood: Titleist 915F 15*, Whiteboard S Flex

Titleist 915H 18* and 24* with Whiteboard SFlex

Irons: Mizuno JPX EZ Forged 4-PW with S300's

Wedges: Mizuno MP T4 50*, 56* with DG Spinner

Putter:MannKrafted Long Slope or Odyssey #7 Versa Metal milled or Betti Tour Stock;

Ball: Bridgestone B330 or Titleist NXT

Bag: Titleist 'Murica colored carry bag or

MyGolfSpy Tour Bag


RH, Western KY


Posted Image

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My fall back would be my Odyssey #8 metal x.  I always get putters but this one stands out.  


The grip I would get if I would be the Multicompound Platinum.  I love the feel of these grips.

Driver: Taylormade M6 10.5*

FW: Sub70 16* 4 wood

Irons:  Sub 70 

699 Pro - 3 Iron (4 iron bent to 20*)

639 CB 4 - 6

639 MB 7 - PW


Titleist Vokey SM7 50* 54* & 60*

Putter: Taylormade Spider
Ball: Titleist Pro V1X
Bag: Sub 70 Cart Bag
Handicap index:  +3.5

Instagram: joshandersongolf

Twitter: @jacustomgolf

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