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MGS Official Forum Member Reviews! Cobra Bio Cell Irons!

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A note from GolfSpy WD 


You can find Jax's original initial impressions here:



An issue came up where I had accidentally ordered Jax's irons 2* flat instead of 2* upright. Jax tried for a long time to get used to it, but was constantly short and hitting balls right. He went to several shops and none were willing to try bending the clubs to 2* upright. Instead, during a MGS Open in Florida, Jax offered the clubs to RevKev and Fozcycle. Rev tried them, but in the end gave them to Foz because he fit the demographic better.


So, without further ado, here are Foz's initial impressions:



Cobra Bio Cell Iron Review - Initial Impressions from Fozcycle


As I sat in my car at Taco Bell, listening to the rain, I wondered what the new Cobra Bio Cell irons would do for my golf game.  I was excited to get the opportunity to run them through the paces for MGS. A shoutout thanks to Jaxbeachpackerfan who could not play the 2* flat lie angle and to RevKev for having too good a Handicap. That opened the door for me with a 19 Handicap. I did not get to experience the anticipation (great song from Carly Simon) of receiving a package at my front door. 



I don't have any pics of opening the clubs in a cardboard box to share. However, I was just as excited when Jax sent me a message asking me to move forward with the review. So that's why I was sitting in the rain, waiting to meet with RevKev so I could receive the irons. Rev was on his way to a UCON vs USF basketball game, so I met him enroute.  The clubs are not standard lie.  They are 2* flat. At 5' 7", I should have no issues with the 2* flat lie.  My wrist measurement is 31” to the ground and most charts put me at 1* flat.  I contacted Cobra and they said, "You would be able to adjust the Bio Cell irons from 2* flat to 1* flat. We advise only going +/- 2 from what ever lie your club was set to from the factory.”  This confirmed that Jaxbeachpackerfan could not readjust for his game. I compared them to my Nike VR Pro CB's with graphite shafts and Mizuno JPX800 HD's.  They are the same length. Of course, I had to accept them with the Blue configuration......not a problem as I am a die hard Kentucky Wildcat Fan and the blue is the perfect match for my UK cart bag.




I got home and took the clubs to the kitchen sink where I decided to give them a light scrub.  Wow! The Cobra's look great in Blue! The Cobra stamping on the hosel of each iron is very classy. Now I hope that I can stop at the range after work tomorrow so I can give them a workout. My current irons are Mizuno JPX800 HD's so my yardages should be similar (both being GI sets for mid to high Handicappers).


The Dynalite 85 shafts are tagged with a large sticker on the upper half of the shaft. I can see that fraying after a dozen or so rounds in the bag. I have been gaming TT Dynamic R300's which weigh in at 127 grams versus the 85 gram Dynalites. I think the lighter shafts will play better as stiffs. When I was using graphite shafts, I gamed the Firm shafts without any issues.




As for club head design, I like their setup. The satin versus chrome two tone finish accentuates the muscle of the Bio Cell. The hint of color on the badging suits me.  The Blue adds "Pop" to the club. As a mid to high Handicapper for the past dozen years, I am used to GI clubs where you see a bit more than the top line of the iron at address..... but that is only seen on the 4 & 5 irons.





First try at the range…...


I noticed a younger man hitting graphite shafts next to me. When I took a break I engaged him in conversation. I asked why he was hitting graphites and he said he got them used as they were his first set. I asked if he had hit steel.  He said no, so I let him try the Cobras. He grabbed the 7 and sent the ball about 190 yards. When he turned around his eyes were wide open.....he was astonished. He said that he never thought he could hit his irons that well. as he left, he mumbled about wanting to get Cobras with steel shafts.




Looking forward to Saturday & Sunday where I have two rounds scheduled!

Nonchalant putts count the same as chalant putts.

In my Ogio Ozone XX Cart Stand Bag:

Ping G400 10.5 Deg Driver, stock Stiff shaft
TM Rocketballz 19 Deg 5 Wood, stock Matrix Osik Stiff shaft
TM Rocketballz Stage 2 21 Deg Tour 4 Hybrid, Rocketfuel 80h Stiff shaft 

Callaway Apex CF 16 Irons, 4-P, Stiff Shafts
Scor 48 and 55 degree wedges.  
Renegar 60 Deg Steel Shaft Lob Wedge

TM Ghost Spider Si 38" Counterbalanced Putter

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Cobra Bio Cell Irons – Official MGS Forum Review by Fozcycle




Saturday morning; First full round was a shotgun start with 41 players. This put me starting on the 504 yard Par 5 17th hole.  Opening drive put me 310 out so instead of pulling my 3 wood, I chose the 4 iron, because I wanted to see if I could hit it.  A full swing hit the ball in the sweet spot feeling like I had hit a marshmallow. The ball took off left of center and gradually lifted in the air.  It settled down just shy of the 150 marker, rolling out nicely to the middle of the fairway. Wow! I was impressed. I had not hit a 4 iron in my bag for a couple years.   My third shot to the green was the 6 iron. unfortunately, I pushed it right of the green but stayed pin high. The fourth shot was a short chip to the mounded green using the Gap Wedge. It landed and rolled out leaving a 12 foot putt for par.  Winner winner chicken dinner! I made the putt. The Rest of the round went in a similar path providing opportunities to hit the 4 and 5 irons as much as possible. I was very pleased at the action I got from them, 155 yds with the 5 and 165 yds with the 4 iron. When the round was over, I had an 88, which awarded me with second place in our points game.
Hey, wait a minute. What is going on here? Why am I reviewing a new set of Cobra Bio Cell irons?  How did I get here?  I am 63 years old, with a 17 – 19 Handicap, play golf every week and have been playing since I was 8 years old.  My drives usually range from 180 to 220 and my 6i is my 150 yard club.  For the past 15 years, I have been playing with a 6” steel plate, 13 screws & an inch of my left hip bone in my left wrist (ice skating accident on 1998).  Because of the injury, my handicap ballooned to the mid 20's for several years and I moved to graphite irons to reduce as much vibration as possible.  I was able to get my handicap back down to 13 for a few months in 2011, but that did not last.  For the past several years, I have been bouncing between 17 and 19, so  I decided in December to try steel shafts again.   I acquired a set of Mizuno JPX800 HD's with regular steel shafts.  However, I lost a lot of distance, especially in the 6, 7 & 8 irons.  I had been gaming them for a couple months when the opportunity to review the Cobra's popped up.  I had arranged an MGS foursome in February as RookieBlue was coming to Tampa for a couple days. Revkev & Jaxbeachpackerfan were available as well. Although none of us played well that day, we did get to socialize and learn more about each other.  That said, when Jax was unable to game the Cobra's (they were ordered 1.5* up but were delivered 1.5* flat), they were passed on to Revkev.  It was suggested that a mid to high handicapper perform the review so they were passed on to me.  At only 5' 7”, I could handle the flatter lie and agreed to the review.  Now my concern was, “Can I play the Dynalite 85s steel shafts?”


For the next couple weeks I played the Bio Cell irons with similar results, placing 3rd in our weekly points game.  Then, I got the Closest to the Pin on a 158 yard Par 3 by placing my Bio Cell 5 iron just 3 feet from the pin and making the birdie.  I also got the CTP on a 153 yard par 3 15th hole by putting the ball just 8 feet away. This time, I was hitting the 6 iron. 


Since I didn't normally carry a 4 iron, I used the Bio Cell 4i in many different scenarios to see if a 4i could stay in my bag.  Truth is, the Bio Cell 4i can stay.  I have used it to punch low shots under the trees, both 180 yard fades as well as 40 yard knockdowns.
In summary, I have been able to direct my shots where I want them to go, providing me with rounds in the mid 80's and lower 90's. These irons will definitely replace my Mizunos as they are just as accurate, but 1/2 club longer.
Short Iron Performance (9, PW & GW)


With my game not being a long ball striker, I find myself depending on my Gap Wedge for 50 yard chips to the green, both from the approach and from the sides of the greens.  In order to score, I must be confident when the GW is in my hand.


Accuracy: When struck well, these babies are deadly accurate going for the pin. I tend to pull them at full stroke so I have to aim to the right a bit.
Distance: The 9, PW & GW are definitely longer than my Mizuno JPX800's and my graphite shafted Nike VR Pro CB's by about 5 + yards.
Trajectory Characteristics: The ball, when struck correctly, gets up into the air very quickly with a high flight, then drops softly to the green.
Forgiveness : When struck on the toe, I can keep the ball close to the green, whereas my other irons would be way off to the right.
Control : It's very easy to control the flight of the ball, whether it be a shot over the tree or a knockdown under a tree branch into the greenside to pop up onto the green. I usually don't draw or fade the short irons.
Short Iron Score: (94 of 100)



Mid Iron Performance (6, 7, 8)
My mid irons are a workhorse in my game.  I depend upon them for GIR's and can usually get a couple per round.
Accuracy : My approach shots are on the green, or just off, if I hit it on the toe. If I pull it left, my shot is pin high left of the green.
Distance : I thought that the steel shafts would cause me to lose some yardage, but the much lighter weight shaft (85 grms) enables me to get some add'l speed on the club and generate more distance.
Trajectory Characteristics : The mid irons start off low and build to a nice height, allowing the ball to roll out longer.
Forgiveness: On mishits, I lost about 5 to 10 yards, but the ball stayed within a chip shot of the pin. 
Control: I have been able to shape several shots, either between the trees or a slight fade to get to the green.


Mid Iron Score: (92 of 100)



Long Iron Performance (4, 5)
For the past several years, I have not hit the long irons, leaving that part of my game to hybrids.  Although I can strike them pretty good, I do not seem to be able to produce many different shots with them……until I went back to the 4i & 5i.
Accuracy: When struck well, the 4 and 5 stay straight down the pike.....a misshit is usually a thin shot which produces a runner that usually gets about the same distance if the ground is free of obstacles.
Distance: I was pleasantly surprised by the attainable distance as compared to both my Mizuno JPX800's and the Nike VR Pro Cavity Backs. Compared to my Mizuno's (FliHi 4 & 5) they are considerably longer and I can keep them low when needed.           
Trajectory Characteristics: The 4 and 5 take off low and build to a medium height before dropping to roll out. My other 4 irons are very sporadic.
Forgiveness: When mishit, I am still able to get most of the distance just off to the right or left. There is immediate feedback from the club, usually a stinging vibration.
Control: The 4 iron has made a nice knockdown to get out from under the trees, then fade it down the fairway up to the approach.


Long Iron Score: (96 of 100)



Performance Notes


Since I have always hit Regular shafts, and Jax had ordered these with the stiff shaft, I went to Golfsmith, where they set me up on the Launch Monitor so I could compare the 7i with stiff shaft to the regular shaft.  After warming up, I hit the 7 irons with the following results: The launch angle of the Regular was 1.7 degrees higher.  The total spin was 1,000 rpm's less with the stiff shaft.  Overall, I hit the stiff about 5 yards longer.  The stiff shaft averaged 6 yards to the left of center(mycobra) while the Regular shaft(cobra 7) averaged 9 yards to the right, so I was hitting the stiff's straighter and longer.



When you consider the entire set of irons, I must say that I am completely sold on the Bio Cells. They have the ability to get the ball up quickly when it matters and puts the 4 iron back in my bag. With that confidence, I can insert a 3w/5w/2h or 3h combo into my bag for more consistency between clubs.  My distances are approximately:


4i   165-175
5i   155-165
6i   145-155
7i   135-145
8i   125-135
9i   115-125
PW  100-110
GW  80-95


Total Performance Score: (94 out of 100)
The first Look is a bit clunky, but when you address the club, the club looks very standard, there is no bulkiness showing.  The topline is medium, much thinner than you would expect with the slight offset providing a sense of confidence.  I love the Graphics, very Techy....and the colors really pop out, especially the color matched grips.  The cellular structure on the back hides the tungsten weighting, outside on the 4-7 and inside on the 8-GW.  Overall, the Bio Cells provide a very confident looking set that has some color.


I compared them to my Nike VR Pro Cavity Backs & Mizuno JPX800 HD's.....the Bio Cells have an athletic look without a wide sole, the two-tone chrome/satin finish makes them appear thinner than they actually are. The sole has a cambered leading edge that provides for more bounce/less divot on full iron shots. My Nike's & Mizuno's are flat causing me to take more divot.


Looks Score: (95 of 100)
Sound and Feel


When struck in the sweet spot, the Bio Cells provide a marshmallow feel.  When struck on the toe, you get immediate feedback with a vibration. This allows me to pull my follow through and keep the ball close to the center line.  I get the same feel whether it is the 4i, 8i or PW.  Overall, my playing partners said they could tell by the sound when I connected with the ball as it sounded solid.
Sound and Feel Score: (98 of 100)
Likelihood of Purchase (LOP)


This is definitely an iron that should not be overlooked, whether you have a Handicap of 4 or 20.   It gets the ball up in the air quickly, allows you to shape the shots and provides immediate feedback, especially when not struck on the sweet spot
LOP Score: (96 of 100)
Subjective Notes
Overall, I like the look of the irons in my bag as the blue matches perfectly. The performance of the irons provides the distance and accuracy I need to go for the pin and allows for more control with the long irons, rather than a hybrid. The Bio Cell irons take me back to days when I was a 10 Handicapper, before my wrist injury and gives me the confidence to maybe get down to the low teens again.  
Total Subjective Score: (96.3)


Although I had never gamed Cobra irons, I did keep up with their changes over the years, noticing their changes from S9 to Amp to Bio Cell.  Given the chance to review the Bio Cell irons, I now believe that Cobra is serious when it comes to irons for Low to High Handicappers.  The Bio Cell is a bit Techy looking, but simply amazes you when you put metal to the ball.  The E9 Face Technology is felt when you hit the ball square. When you mishit, you get some feedback and don't lose as much distance & direction as with others.  The Tungsten Cell Weighting enables you to get the ball in the air quickly on the mid & long irons, while providing better control on the short irons. All that said, the Bio Cell irons have helped improve my game and boosted my confidence when I get over the ball……..and that is what it's all about.


Total Score: (95.2)
The Five:
1.     Will this iron go in your bag? Why or why not? 
I had just started gaming a new set of Mizuno irons and the Bio Cells are going to replace them!
2.     To whom, if anyone, would you recommend this iron? Why?
This set of irons can be gamed by a 4 to 20 Handicapper. Regardless of your handicap, the ball gets up quickly and can be controlled.
3.     How, if at all, did this iron change your overall impression of Cobra?
I have always liked Cobra Woods and now really like the irons.
4.     What feature would you change or eliminate from the next generation of this model?
I would remove the monster shaft label on the Dynalites
5.    What feature do you really like, and would most like to see continued or evolved in future models?
I really like the ability to choose your color for the iron badging and the grip. I would like to see the color grips available in a year when I will need to change.

Nonchalant putts count the same as chalant putts.

In my Ogio Ozone XX Cart Stand Bag:

Ping G400 10.5 Deg Driver, stock Stiff shaft
TM Rocketballz 19 Deg 5 Wood, stock Matrix Osik Stiff shaft
TM Rocketballz Stage 2 21 Deg Tour 4 Hybrid, Rocketfuel 80h Stiff shaft 

Callaway Apex CF 16 Irons, 4-P, Stiff Shafts
Scor 48 and 55 degree wedges.  
Renegar 60 Deg Steel Shaft Lob Wedge

TM Ghost Spider Si 38" Counterbalanced Putter

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Placeholder #3

Nonchalant putts count the same as chalant putts.

In my Ogio Ozone XX Cart Stand Bag:

Ping G400 10.5 Deg Driver, stock Stiff shaft
TM Rocketballz 19 Deg 5 Wood, stock Matrix Osik Stiff shaft
TM Rocketballz Stage 2 21 Deg Tour 4 Hybrid, Rocketfuel 80h Stiff shaft 

Callaway Apex CF 16 Irons, 4-P, Stiff Shafts
Scor 48 and 55 degree wedges.  
Renegar 60 Deg Steel Shaft Lob Wedge

TM Ghost Spider Si 38" Counterbalanced Putter

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Blade and GolfSpyT's trip to Cobra-PUMA HQ last year had piqued my interest in the innovation they'd been shown, and their hints that this was just the beginning really intrigued me. So naturally when the Bio Cell line was announced I was interested at what all the fuss was about and went along to a product release day in November and hit everything I could. When Will (GolfSpy WD) contacted me about my availability to test irons I was blown away – when I found out they were the Cobra Bio Cell irons I was giddy!


It took forever from placing the order with Cobra, but the Fedex man did come through and I was very pleased to find an iron-shaped box at the gate (and especially happy to see it in very good condition!).



It took all my self-control not to rip straight into the box and start fiddling with them. It'd already been a really long day and with two girls under 3, and the irons 6:30pm arrival time, all I could do was put them out of sight while I got the girls through their evening routine.


Nothing could've stopped me the following morning!



I have to say that I was pretty underwhelmed with the packaging of the irons. Heads were wrapped in bubble wrap sleeves, but there was no protection on the shafts or grips. Empty space in the box was filled with brown paper. The irons were not damaged in any way, so packaging was sufficient if minimal. If I'd just spent $699 on these irons I know that I would expect better packaging.



First impressions – these are great looking irons. They are much more compact than the initial marketing photos made them appear, narrower sole but slightly longer (heel-toe) than my Adams Idea Black CB3s. I have to say I'm really glad that I decided on the Blue highlights in the cavity – it really pops without being garish. I'm used to the dark hue of the CB3s so not really sure whether I'll love the chrome finish, but I'm not overtly opposed to it so time will tell…


If there's one thing I'm not that fond of, and its not a biggie, but the shaft label on the stock TT Dynalite 85s is really big and dark so contrasts with the shaft a lot. It jumped out at me as soon as I picked the club up – we'll see whether it'll be a distraction on course. It's not an ugly shaft label, but it is really ‘there' - kind of like the mole on the Austin Powers Mole Boy…



I have been gaming Adams Idea Black CB3s for the last two years and really like these, but know that I could definitely use a little more forgiveness. The Bio Cells are billed as having “Tungsten-Fueled Distance and Forgiveness”.


I'm fortunate to be living in Hawaii and have access to a range of different golf courses (and about 350 sunshine days a year). The resort courses in particular have some great practice facilities and full access for residents, so I'll be taking full advantage of those over the coming weeks. I have a couple of launch monitor sessions scheduled and hopefully a round or two with Hula_rock as well to put these through their paces. A Speedblade 6i is winging its way to me as we speak, so hopefully I can get some comparative numbers – I think this could get interesting!


What I'm really interested in finding out from this review process is:

  • Does the Tungsten weighting make a discernible difference to forgiveness (long irons) and control (short irons)
  • Any measurable increase in distance over the CB3s (I could use it), and a 6i comparison with the Speedblades
  • What trade-off (if any) in feel is there between the CB3s and Bio Cells

If there are other things you'd be interested in from the main review, or queries you have in the meantime – let me know!

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Brad: “Guess what! I'm going to be testing and reviewing Cobra irons!

Dearest: “Wow! That's fantastic! …what's the catch?”

Brad: “Well, I will have to put in some decent time on the course. It'll be tough, but I'm confident I can handle it…”


I have actually only played two iron sets for any decent length of time since first picking up clubs as a pre-teen. PGF boxset irons were in my bag literally for 20 years (limited mostly to an occasional hack-arounds with College buddies), and Adams Idea Black CB3s have been in the bag since mid-2012 (when I took up the game again).


Aotearoabrad background – I'm 33, am a solid 20 hcp, and if I were to describe my game in a single word it'd be “inconsistent” – last week my first four holes went par, par, birdie, snowman… I smash the ball off the tee a whopping 240 to 250 but have really struggled with a slice in my mid-long irons. Because I'm not driving it huge distances, most of my approaches are with mid-long irons and my inconsistency has been a real frustration.


Having recently moved from New Zealand to Hawaii I'm still getting used to the change from mostly flat fairways and slowish greens to the quick greens and ever-present undulations that come from courses built on the sides of volcanoes.


Prior to even getting the Bio Cells in hand, I hunted down the spec sheets so I could get a decent comparison between them and my CB3s:




Fact 1: The Adams CB3s and Cobra Bio Cells occupy similar segments of the iron market, the Bio Cells firmly in the Game-Improvement category, with the CB3s taking up residence slightly closer to Players Cavity Boulevard. Fact 2: Game-Improvement irons tend to favor the ‘Distance is King' philosophy, and one popular manufacturer options over the last couple of years has been to strengthen loft. It was no surprise then that the lofts on the Bio Cells are a full club stronger 3-7i with the gap closing in the short irons. Bio Cells are slightly longer, around 1/8-1/4” across the board along with having a slightly flatter lie angle.


The Bio Cell stock shaft is the True Temper Dynalite (85g, steel, stiff). I have been playing KBS Tour 90 shafts in the CB3s, though in Regular flex, which I had originally been fitted for. The reasons for the change from Regular to Stiff shafts:

  • I had been ballooning the Tour 90s in my CB3s into the wind, and wanted a slightly lower ball flight
  • An opportunity arose to demo both the Regular and Stiff Dynalite 85 shafts in the Bio Cell irons prior to placing my spec order in with Will for the Review irons. The stiff shafts produced the trajectory I was looking for.

Enough with the intro, on with the review!






Short Iron Performance (9i – GW)

I'm generally confident with short irons, my miss being high on the face and short of the target. The Tungsten weights in the center of the short irons are supposed to help provide extra distance and control so I figured I'd get some extra length on well-struck shots, but I was not expecting much in the way of accuracy improvements.

Boy was I wrong…


Accuracy – The Bio Cell short irons are deadly accurate! Irrespective of where I aimed, that's where the ball went. I have a fairly consistent small fade in my CB3 irons, and this remained with the Bio Cells.


Distance – I was expecting more in terms of additional distance from the CB3s, though to be fair distance is secondary to accuracy for me with short irons. The lofts are within +/-1o of my CB3s in the short irons, and I did consistently get an extra 5yards which is nice, but as I say not a dealbreaker for me for the short irons (full set distance comparisons provided in the performance notes section). The transition from slightly longer GW (50o) to my Sand and Lob wedges was not a big issue to overcome, particularly as I regularly carry 54o/58o wedges.


Trajectory – Ball flight is medium-high with the Cobra's, but lower than my CB3s – most probably because of the stiffer shafts. Getting the ball airborne has never been a problem and I found that I can really go after the ball and get it up as quickly as with the CB3s but without losing significant distance. Most short iron shots for me are at 75-80% and have had no problems holding greens – a hop and stop with very little roll-out.


Forgiveness – This was the real surprise! A 9i well off the toe, which would normally have had me in the water with the CB3s, left me on the fringe of the green. I did have one day where I chunked a whole bunch of approaches, but this was both with the Bio Cells and with my normal wedges. They're not perfect but neither is my swing.


Control – I don't usually try to work the ball so can't really comment on the workability of the short irons.


Short Iron Score: (95 of 100) – Boom, pinseekers!




Mid Iron Performance (6i – 8i)

Accuracy – As advertised, the Bio Cell irons really are point and shoot! My normal shot is a straight/baby fade with my mid-irons and my miss being a strong fade/slice. Where I would normally aim at the left side of the green to allow for a fade, I've been able to aim much more directly at the pin – which feels great!


Distance – An extra 13yds over my CB3s you say? Yes please! I really do think there's something to the largely unsupported ‘flex face' that Cobra has in these irons. Having expected to notice a gapping issue between the 7i (perimeter Tungsten) and 8i (centralized Tungsten) there really was no perceptible difference in gapping for me, so kudos to Cobra for working the Tungsten placement transition in well. I did find myself getting a little cocky, pulling an 8i when it should've been a 7i and coming up a little short on occasion... so there were some minor teething issues.


Trajectory – A very boring and consistent mid-high trajectory and no ballooning into the wind.


Forgiveness – On ‘ball-below-feet' lies I had some problems with a weak fade, which has been a problem for me in the past, and one that I clearly haven't learned from. That said, my confidence from 180yds and in has never been so high. It's not that I know I'll be on the green every time, but I am sure that if I'm not, then I'll at least be close.


Control – For the purposes of this review (and because I was directly behind a huge tree) I put the control to the test and set up for a controlled hook with the 6i. Ended up with a big banana that went perfectly around the tree and finished on the fringe of the green – it was just as I'd envisaged… though won't be a regular shot in my arsenal.


Mid Iron Score: (93 of 100)



Bio Cell technology … also good for warding off Toads…


Long Iron Performance (4i – 5i)

I'm sitting here giggling just thinking about these. The long irons in this set fly long, high and land soft!


Accuracy – I'm starting to sound repetitive, but the best way to describe the feeling is wanting to give all those around you the club to test… there's a certain joy inherent in hitting a long iron well (i.e. where you aim it). Having confidence when you're looking at a 195-200yd second shot makes a big difference.


Distance – Again, the 4i is a solid 13yds longer than the Adams CB3 irons. The 4i is actually almost as long as my 3h and much more consistent (which has me wondering about an additional FM instead).


Trajectory – Mid/High. Even though the 4i is 200 it was really easy to get the ball up. Hitting 5i to the 192yd par-3 and having the ball bounce and stop 18” from its pitchmark is a joy to see – I couldn't ask for more than that.


Forgiveness – It's difficult to stress enough how forgiving the Bio Cells are. The consistency of distance on mishits is ridiculous. On thin shots in particular I saw a much lower ball flight but one that just ran on and on. They're not a fix-all though, I put a couple of ugly lazy swings on the 4i and the return was a dirty great slice.


Control – You can definitely work the long irons a little more than the mid and short irons, but it is not something that I do frequently on course so my experience with doing this was limited to the range.

Being eager to pull a 4i or 5i is a big step for me. I'm stoked.


Long Iron Score: (94 of 100)




Performance Notes (SIZE 3)

The Bio Cells have been in the bag exclusively for the last month and the distances did take a while to get used to. Add to that getting used to completely different course type and layouts, it has been challenging. Having said that, I've had a couple of rounds that are up there with my best, including a 9 hole round where I had 6 GIR for a 39 (+3). The combination of distance and forgiveness really works right though the set.


I had plans on doing a full launch monitor comparison between the CB3s and Bio Cells (I'll update this thread when I have the data), but alas have been limited to a rangefinder comparison between the CB3s and Bio Cells, and with the TMAG Speedblade demo 6i included as well (stock 85gm steel stiff shaft):




The data above is fairly self-explanatory, but it was initially surprising that the Bio Cell and Speedblade 6i were as close as they were. Different technology but very similar results. I have a really strong sense, based on my experience of the Bio Cells, that they would hold their own in any company with regard to distance.


Total Performance Score: (94 of 100)







General Shape - They are bigger than a lot of more traditional irons, but are similar in size to other GI irons. They are a little longer heel-to-toe than I'm used to, and I would change that if possible to do so without reducing performance.


Topline - The topline is ever-so-slightly thinner than the CB3s so no complaints there. It is thinner than the majority of GI irons.


Sole - The sole is slightly wider than the CB3s, but not to the point of distraction or negative impact on performance and is similar to most GI irons.


Offset – There is a decent amount of offset in the Bio Cells. Personally it does not bother me in the slightest and if it helps me stay in the short stuff then bravo!


Graphics – The colors Cobra have used are outstanding! The Blue is an epic color. At address you cannot see any of the color or graphics, so they are not distracting at all. The one thing that I still do not like is the GIANT Dynalite label plastered like a billboard on the shafts. It's not distracting while playing, but I just can't get past how huge it is!


Unique Details – The almost modular nature on the back of the Bio Cells seems to have polarized people, and I can understand that. Personally I think they look great, and much much much better in-hand than they did in the initial press-release photos. The Tungsten weighting system really is technology you can see, and I for one appreciate that.


How do they compare to other GI irons – I love the looks of the CB3s, but in my opinion the Bio Cells are as good looking as it gets for game improvement irons.


Looks Score: (95 of 100)




Sound and Feel

Disclaimer – I'm really uncomfortable trying to describe the sound an iron makes, but here goes: Good strikes, as well as slight mishits, have a solid ‘crack' to them and sound like they'll fly far. The CB3s, by comparison are considerably more muted on a flushed shot, but have a more unpleasant jarring ‘thwack' on mishits.


There is a slight difference in feel between a flushed shot and a mishit, but not so much that you'll get a stinger through your wrists (an experience I've had with the CB3s). Cobra uses a multi-material dampening ‘badge' in the cavity to improve sound and feel, but I'm not sure how much of that is technology and how much is marketing lingo.


The feel is very consistent throughout the set. Flush shots felt just as good as the forged CB3s. Slight mishits still felt pretty good (better than the CB3s) and I found the feedback on good vs poor shots was a combination of a change in feel as well as ballflight.




Sound and Feel Score: (93 of 100)


Likelihood of Purchase (LOP)

If I had only seen the Bio Cells in pictures there is very little chance that they'd be in the bag. It's really strange to me that Cobra's release photos could do such a disservice to these irons. Maybe it is the nature of the ‘cells' in the cavity, but the photos did make them look much larger than they actually are. Assuming I had the chance to hit them the Bio Cells would be very near the top of my list of irons for consideration. They are a seriously solid GI offering that straight-out perform!


LOP Score: (95 out of 100)




Subjective Notes

I may find myself as one of the minority with regards to my standpoint on these, but Cobra have done a fantastic job with the Bio Cells. If they can get people to demo them then they will sell well. Visual technology for me is a winner – from the Tungsten weights and ‘cells' to the cellular mesh referenced in the cavity graphics. The actual wording on the irons is minimal, and the colors that Cobra have chosen (especially the Blue) pop.


Get rid of the billboard on the shaft, make these a hair more compact, and they'd have been pushing visually perfect for me.


Total Subjective Score – (94.3 out of 100)


I came into this review having read a lot of opinions about the looks of the Bio Cells and was a little unsure how I'd react to seeing them in person. Once I had a chance to take a good look at them I was pleasantly surprised and actually found myself really liking their distinct looks.


I've was expecting some increased distance and forgiveness from these irons, and they've delivered. I don't know that I'm necessarily overwhelmed by them, but I did place high expectations particularly on the performance aspects of these irons and I do feel that they have met those expectations.


Total Score: (94.2 out of 100)




The Five

1. Will this iron go in your bag? Definitely. I love my CB3s, but there is no chance that I'm giving up the extra forgiveness that these provide. Even without the additional distance they'd go in the bag, but I'm stoked to get both.


2. To whom would you recommend this iron? I'm sitting at a 20hcp at the moment and feel that I could make some significant improvements on that with these. I'd recommend these to anyone from an 8-25hcp – basically if you don't hit your irons as consistently as you'd like, then these'll help big time! Do get fit for shafts though – the stock shafts fit me well, but I know for sure that they won't be everyone's cup of tea.


3. How, if at all, did this iron change your overall impression of Cobra? I've been playing a Cobra driver (Amp … original) and Hybrid (Baffler Rail-H 190) for the past two years and have been really impressed with the performance. To be honest I haven't paid a lot of attention to Cobra irons prior to these (aside from drooling over S3 Pro Combo irons on eBay every 6 months or so), but the tech in the Bio Cells is legit! Cobra clearly has a positive future ahead if these are anything to go by – and I'm really excited to see how the Bio Cell+ irons fare as well.


4. What features would you change in the next generation of Bio Cells? I would like to see a darker finish on the next generation Bio Cell irons. I'm Joe-average ‘stock guy' but I'd also like to see some additional stock shaft options – some heavier shafts and stronger flex options would increase the market for these considerably.


5. What feature do you really like, and would most like to see continued or evolved in future models? I really like that the tech embedded in these irons is visible. Some have said that they look like transformers (or worse) but I actually think that their uniqueness is appealing. Smaller shaft labels and a touch smaller head size in future models would be great! Better yet, I'd love to see a Bio Cell (4i – 6i) / Bio Cell+(7i – GW) iron combo set made available.



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Well, the snow kept coming, day after day of snow or rain or rain or snow, and the thought of new Cobra Irons on the way was the furthest thing from my mind. I get in late on Friday from work, a small overnight trip, and nothing at the door. When I get inside, of course I get the 411 and maybe even the 911 about this box of golf clubs that came today from the wife!!


Well, after trying to explain what I was doing for MGS, and her half believing me, she finishes with one terrible, but true observation: "Why would they choose you test anything, I thought you were terrible at golf!."




Ouch, that hit home, yes for some reason my game has been sliding, a hook, yes a hook has infiltrated this right hander's game somehow. I work years on getting rid of a slice and now I have a hook...take me out and shoot me!


I hope what I am bringing to this review is an angle that isn't usually covered, the high handicapper not just looking to play better, but to enjoy the round more. My main goal for every round of golf I play is to relax, have fun, look good and just keep the ball in play. What excites me is, maybe these are the clubs to cure my confidence problem of the course and help me relax. I want to bring my certain flair to the review that shows not only the irons and then myself, but a melding of style and function to the relaxing weekend round.


So these come:


laid out.jpg


Now I remember asking in the beginning if I could have a Pink or Purple colored iron because, well, I want something to match my pants of course!! I was told no, so I went with the rational Orange for Cobra/Puma. What I got was what I wished for somehow, or I got a set of ladies clubs: Pink!!




I feel a little like Bubba Watson now!!! Not bad at all and I am actually working on the perfect outfit for these clubs.




At first look, I thought these were different, not a sleek as my Adams, but not different in a bad way. I pride myself in saying I would play almost anything if I liked it and it would help my game. In short, I am not your normal golf consumer. The weighting on the back has been stated above, and frankly, I can't really say in tech talk what I think it will do for the club or me. I do love an 8 iron through Wedges in my current set, because if there is anything good about my game it's from 150 yards in. The Gap Wedge in my hands feels great, the weights are moved to the inside, it has a nice heavy feel, which I prefer, as do all the clubs. It is off set just a little but nothing that affects the eye.





Nice groves and an aggressive face, but not like I can spin the ball, all I am looking for is consistent shots, being able to know if I hit it half a club, how far it will roll and where I should land it. I am not trying to come over the top, way in the air land it 5 yards past and suck it back, those shots end up in the back bunker. I want to know where the ball is going and how far, and me to be able to judge where I need to hit it.




I am excited about the Cobra Bio Cell Irons; I am actually thinking it is in general, a better club for me. I love my Adams CB2s, don't get me wrong, but they maybe holding me back.




In this review I am striving not to talk tech, try to sound like a pro, I am trying to give you an every man's perspective, a weekend warrior in pink/orange/yellow/blank pants that thinks looking good on the course is as important as what you shoot!


Yours Truly, Johnny More Pants!

John Barry

Bring the Funk, Back to Golf

The Golfer's Trip




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PHASE 2: The Official Review

Cobra Bio Cell Irons – Official MGS Forum Review by John Barry

The Bag.jpeg



The snow keeps coming, the rain, the winds, but when will Spring arrive? Soon I hope, as the courses are calling for their dose of my golf ball distribution program that I like to call my golf game!

Now nothing says Spring Golf like new clubs, and I have the honor of being a tester for the Cobra Bio Cell Irons. Now the name Cobra Golf, to me, inspires bold colors and patterns, prowling the fairways and greens, standing out and playing with swagger, all of which appeals to me.

Visually, this club looks like what it is, a game improvement club, but it retains the style that makes me wish Ricky Fowler would wear the clothes I wear! A top line that is not super thin, but neither is it distracting. A cavity back with different colors to make you stand out on the course, like my Pink Clubs! Mid-sized grips for my huge hands and huge style, stiff shafts for my over swinging approach and an out of the box fit, since I seem to be an average in only club fitting.

From range to course, throwing out my dead miss, a brutal hook that would make Smoking Joe Frazier proud, result were pretty uniform. The Bio Cells were about 5 yards shorter than my current irons, Adam's CB2s, but I expected a slight drop off in distance. This was more than made up by my shots being way less off line, even on misses. I also noticed a much higher launch angle, lofting up #JohnnyMorePants! Feedback was a bit muted, but again, this is a game improvement club, and I couldn't do much with a lot of club feedback anyway. I want to hit straight, I will do anything to hit it straight, and losing a few yards is a price I am more than willing to pay.

The Short and Mid-Irons are all an improvement accuracy wise for me. The feel is solid when I flush them, and still pretty solid and hard to notice when I don't flush them. I can actually feel them working me towards the center of the fairway or the green. The Long Irons, which I do not play currently, were as expected, more erratic. Really with me, the longer the shaft, the worst I seem to do. I will be keeping my 3, 4, 5 hybrids.

The Cobra Bio Cell Irons when combined with my sense of style, rakish wit, and terrible game, are a perfect match. These clubs are going into my bag; yes they are my bag baby!


day 2 outfit with Payne.jpg


Short Iron Performance

  1. Accuracy – I hit my targets! I hit my targets! Please note that with my game, the shorter the better and the accuracy of these clubs are a perfect fit for me. I seem to hit my #8 and PW more than any clubs in my bag, and I love these.
  1. Distance – With a game improvement iron, I found in general my distance to be off about 5 yards, but with my money sticks (my short irons) I would say less than 2 yards.
  2. Trajectory Characteristics – The ball flight tends to be a bit higher than my current irons and they are easy to get into the air.
  3. Forgiveness – When I mis-hit these irons, which is less often than the others, it's stays in play and never seems to be more than 10 yards off line, unless the dreaded snap hook enters play.
  4. Control – When I approach a shot, I aim dead center of where I want to go. I do not have the ability to move it right to left, and have some repeatable ability to move it left to right. I can still achieve this with the Cobra Bio Cell Irons. Getting them up in the air or keeping them lower in the wind, check, very doable with these.


Short Iron Score: 95

Love short irons.jpeg

Mid Iron Performance

Describe the following:

  1. Accuracy – My mid-irons, my current or the Bio Cells, tend to be a lot more offline than my short irons. This being said, I find these to be no more than 15 yards off line on average. That may seem high to others, but for me, that's between the trees and not in the water.
  2. Distance – They are about 5 yards shorter than my current clubs.
  3. Trajectory Characteristics – The ball soars into the air for me, great height and the flight path I would expect from an iron I want in my bag.
  4. Forgiveness – This is where the Cobra Bio Cells really excelled for me. I hit bad, not solid shots all the time, and my current irons really punish me. Now my friends marvel that even when it looks ugly, I am not searching for 45 minutes to find my ball! This maybe the most forgiving iron I have ever played.
  5. Control – I can launch my ball up, keep it low if have to and keep it towards the middle of the course. This is all that I ask of my irons, and the Cobra Bio Cell delivers like My Golf Spy does!

Mid Iron Score:  96

Iron Face Collage.jpg

Long Iron Performance

  1. Accuracy –I normally only play Hybrids for the long irons, so this was a study in futility. The first couple days out on the range, they were just like my current irons, in the woods or the parking lot. I did improve my accuracy with the Bio Cells, but not enough for me to feel comfortable playing them daily.
  2. Distance – My long irons are never long, they are like less accurate mid-irons for me. I would say in general, they are 5-7 yards shorter than my CB2s.
  3. Trajectory Characteristics – When I did pure them, the height of the long irons was great, even better than my hybrids. There could be some practice potential here.
  4. Forgiveness – As 50% of my long iron swings are mis-hits, I have to say, they are not as bad or dangerous as my current irons.
  5. Control – My control with long irons is like a Kardashian at a thong shop, zero! This will be for the follow up review as I continue to hit them on the range and try and improve with long irons in general.


Long Iron Score: subjective 80

Long Irons Killing Me.jpeg

Performance Notes

The Cobra Bio Cells are a game improvement set that gets you to the course in style, keeps you in play, and will help you become a better golfer. As a set of clubs, there really isn't more you can ask for in irons. They have looks, they perform and they improve as advertised.

Total Performance Score:  90

Iron Innovations.jpg



  1. General shape: They are kind of futuristic in over all shape, but follow the current trend, shape wise, for today's game improvement irons.
  2. Topline: The topline is not skinny, nor is it so huge that it will distract you, it's just average.
  3. Offset: There is a decent amount of offset, as expected for a game improvement iron.
  4. Graphics: Cool, stylish, pink, fun, playful and naughty all at once, kind of like yours truly!
  5. Other unique details of the iron: A unique cavity back with weighting in different sports depending on the degree of the iron.
  6. How does it come together visually; this iron is stylish, yet not classic, and being classic is not always a good thing.
  7. How does it compare to other clubs in its category. The game improvement category is crowded and Bio Cell can set itself apart because of the colors you can order the irons in. Really makes them feel like a customized club than an off the rack set. Did they give me women's irons?

Looks Score: 85

Irons and Pants.jpeg

Sound and Feel

  1. Are they soft, crisp, dull, clunky (feel free to use your own imaginative phrases)? The irons have a solid but dull, thud to them when you strike them fully or off center a bit. This is not a bad sound at all, as irons should be seen and not heard!
  2. Is feel consistent across the face, or are mis-hits noticeably pronounced? The feel is pretty close from the center and outwards like most game improvement irons.
  3. Is the feel consistent between the long, middle, and short irons? Consistent feel is across the board, nothing so dull or responsive, just more of a feel good mute cold glass of light beer!
  4. Why or why not? Why buy these clubs, because you're sick of losing a dozen or more balls a round. You want an iron that keeps you in play that lets you play the game out of the woods and be tick free. You buy these because Lime disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever stinks to have during golf season! You buy these irons because you're wearing a great pair of pants, and who wants to ruin them in the water or the mud?


Sound and Feel Score: 82

Pefect Form.jpeg

Likelihood of Purchase (LOP)

How likely would you be to purchase this iron? This is an iron I would buy, especially after maybe demoing them. They may not thrill you like a forged iron would at the store, but they more than make up for it on the course and the Middle of the fairway! I would buy 2!


LOP Score: 100

burgandy outfit.JPG

Subjective Notes (SIZE 3)

Summarize your overall impressions from a purely subjective standpoint. The Cobra Bio Cell Irons lures you in with an array of colors. It puts you under its spell with accurate shots and it takes you home with better scores and a much more positive feel for the game. There will come a time when you have shaved that handicap down, your working balls left and right, you're down the middle of the fairway all the time. Until then, this is the set of irons for you, well at least me!

Total Subjective Score: (average of Looks, Sound & Feel, and LOP Scores) 89

laid out.jpg


Summarize your review in a story telling style. Touch those aspects of the iron you find significant (both good and bad):

A great man once said, “it's not how you play the game, but how you look playing it!” that great man shall remain nameless, since he loves great looking golf clothes and would rather drink beer on the course and have a great time with his friends. Golf is a social game, it's meant to be enjoyed, not micro managed and over analyzed!

I have found that my game is much more enjoyable with the Cobra Bio Cell's good looks and its ability to keep me closer to the fairway in general. Having a good time golfing is not always about your score, but it sure does help to be in vicinity of playing partners as you discuss business, pants, life, beer, golf trips, kids, pants, friends made, better looking pants and just being outside!


With my friends at My Golf Spy providing me the opportunity to test a set of irons, I found myself grateful and nervous. I have made many friends at the site and I hope to do these irons justice with my review. I want to thank Cobra for giving me the chance and the men's pink irons to test; it has been an honor and privilege.

Total Score: (average Performance and Subjective Scores) 89.5

follow through.jpg

The Five (answer the following questions)

  1. Will this iron go in your bag? It's in my bag baby! Why or why not? Because I can find the ball I actually hit!
  2. To whom, if anyone, would you recommend this iron? My beer drinking, weekend warriors who want to play and not hunt for their balls all day!
  3. How, if at all, did this iron change your overall impression of Cobra? A club that I knew would look great but found out that Cobra likes the everyman player!
  4. What feature would you change or eliminate from the next generation of this model? I might find a way to add a little more color and flair, maybe something to match my pants!
  5. What feature do you really like, and would most like to see continued or evolved in future models? The weighting on different irons and maybe a black finish to set the colors off!

Pinehurst Collage 1.jpg


John Barry

Bring the Funk, Back to Golf

The Golfer's Trip




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My unboxing tale is up!  

Nonchalant putts count the same as chalant putts.

In my Ogio Ozone XX Cart Stand Bag:

Ping G400 10.5 Deg Driver, stock Stiff shaft
TM Rocketballz 19 Deg 5 Wood, stock Matrix Osik Stiff shaft
TM Rocketballz Stage 2 21 Deg Tour 4 Hybrid, Rocketfuel 80h Stiff shaft 

Callaway Apex CF 16 Irons, 4-P, Stiff Shafts
Scor 48 and 55 degree wedges.  
Renegar 60 Deg Steel Shaft Lob Wedge

TM Ghost Spider Si 38" Counterbalanced Putter

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Great unboxing jax! Are the shafts stock?

Driver:   :callaway-small: Epic 10.5 set to 9.5 w/ Tour AD-DI 44.5

FW:   :cobra-small: F6 baffler set at 16º

Hybrid:  NONE
Irons:   :taylormade-small:  3i 2014 TP CB  4-PW 2011 TP MC w/ TT S400

Wedges:   :nike-small: 52º :nike-small: 56º  :edel-golf-1: 60 º w/ KBS C-Taper XS Soft-stepped

Putter:   :ping-small: Sigma G Tyne 34 inches Gold dot



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Awesome!  Can we get a picture of the face from anyone too?  One of my complaints of last years model was the shiny chrome was also on the face of the club and it gave off a nasty reflection if you caught the sun just right.


I'm also curious on the specs you guys got.

Driver: :taylormade-small: SLDR w/ Fujikura Ventus Black

3w: :taylormade-small:'16 M2 hl w/ Diamana D+ 82

5w: :cleveland-small: Launcher HB w/ HZRDUS Yellow

Hybrid: :cleveland-small: 22 deg. Launcher HB w/ HZRDUS Black

Irons: :cleveland-small: 5i - gap Launcher CBX w/ Nippon Modus 3 125

Wedges: :cleveland-small: 54 CBX & 58 Zipcore w/ Nippon Modus 3 125

Putter: :odyssey-small: Red 7s

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Great unboxing jax! Are the shafts stock?

They appear to be.  I have Nippon NS Pro 950s stiff steel shafts in my current irons, and they gave me True Temper Dynalite 85s steel shafts, which are their stock steel shafts.  

Nonchalant putts count the same as chalant putts.

In my Ogio Ozone XX Cart Stand Bag:

Ping G400 10.5 Deg Driver, stock Stiff shaft
TM Rocketballz 19 Deg 5 Wood, stock Matrix Osik Stiff shaft
TM Rocketballz Stage 2 21 Deg Tour 4 Hybrid, Rocketfuel 80h Stiff shaft 

Callaway Apex CF 16 Irons, 4-P, Stiff Shafts
Scor 48 and 55 degree wedges.  
Renegar 60 Deg Steel Shaft Lob Wedge

TM Ghost Spider Si 38" Counterbalanced Putter

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four iron face.jpg

Awesome!  Can we get a picture of the face from anyone too?  One of my complaints of last years model was the shiny chrome was also on the face of the club and it gave off a nasty reflection if you caught the sun just right.


I'm also curious on the specs you guys got.

Pic above, not a very artistic one.  Yes, shiny steel.  


I sent in the specs from my current irons.  1.5 deg upright, 1/4 inch longer than standard, stiff steel shafts.  Not totally sure about the specs I got--I have some issues that could be lie related, going to have them measured and checked.

Nonchalant putts count the same as chalant putts.

In my Ogio Ozone XX Cart Stand Bag:

Ping G400 10.5 Deg Driver, stock Stiff shaft
TM Rocketballz 19 Deg 5 Wood, stock Matrix Osik Stiff shaft
TM Rocketballz Stage 2 21 Deg Tour 4 Hybrid, Rocketfuel 80h Stiff shaft 

Callaway Apex CF 16 Irons, 4-P, Stiff Shafts
Scor 48 and 55 degree wedges.  
Renegar 60 Deg Steel Shaft Lob Wedge

TM Ghost Spider Si 38" Counterbalanced Putter

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Nice! Can't wait to see how they perform. I love my Amp Cells and will probably not change this season but I hope these do as well as the Amps did for the testers.


I was hoping the stock shaft options would change, but I guess they didn't get my memo.


Have fun!

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Good job Jax…hit 'em well and report back!


What's in the bag:
Driver:  :titelist-small:TSR3; :wilson_staff_small: DynaPWR Carbon
FW Wood: :wilson_staff_small: DynaPWR 3-wood; :titleist-small: TSR 2+
Hybrids:  PXG Gen4 18-degree
Utility Irons: :srixon-small: ZX MkII 20* 
Irons:;  :Sub70:699/699 Pro V2 Combo; :wilson_staff_small: D9 Forged;  :macgregor-small:MT86 (coming soon!); :macgregor-small: VIP 1025 V-Foil MB/CB; 

Wedges:  :cleveland-small: RTX6 Zipcore
Putter: :cleveland-small: HB Soft Milled 10.5;  :scotty-small: Newport Special Select;  :edel-golf-1:  Willamette,  :bettinardi-small: BB8; :wilson-small: 8802; MATI Monto

Ball: :bridgestone-small: Tour B RXS; :srixon-small: Z-STAR Diamond; :wilson_staff_small: Triad

Stat Tracker/GPS Watch: :ShotScope:

Follow @golfspybarbajo

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Good job so far!  Looking forward to the reviews!


As far as the "Bio" in the name...it relates more to the woods and hybrids in the line.  It's referring to biomimicry.  Think of a honeycomb or other cellular structure.  The idea is to save weight in the crown of the club so it can be used elsewhere to lower the CG.  They were able to use thinner material with thickened ribs in a cellular pattern that maintained the structural integrity of a thicker, heavier crown.  They carried that cell idea over to back of the irons.  You can tell us what you think of it throughout your testing.  The tungsten in the outer cells increases the MOI in the longer irons and moving to the middle makes for better control is the idea.  You be the judge and tell us if it works.

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