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Adidas Adicross III Review

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 Hey, who loves golf shoes?..........................................................................



We all love golf shoes in some way, shape, form or size. Thanks to great folks at Rock Bottom Golf ( www.rockbottomgolf.com ) you can enjoy golf equipment, apparel, shoes, balls and gadgets at a discount. So when I saw the new Adicross III shoes on sale for 69.95, I had to make a purchase.




The box wasted little time traveling less than 45 miles from their warehouse to my front door, just in time for the weather to break some, and my review ( on going ) of the Cobra Bio Cell Irons.




Two boxes of sneaker head, golfer fiend's gold. Like unwrapping a present on Christmass morning that you already know what it is, and know you will love it!


I give you, the Adicross III:




The design from the Adicross I ( which I was currently golfing and loved ) has evolved with feedback of many golfers I assume. The design is more modern, more sneakerish, and more aggressive from the first generation.




Classic Adidas style, meets street function, meets on course preformance! My first impression is that of what I consider my better half, the stylish JohnnMorePants side. This shoe screams old school Run DMC, 1980s hip hop meets, well, the golfer! Now I have found myself wearing this shoe to work, along with my golf clothing. I changed my idea of "work" clothes, shirts and ties, etc, to golf clothing for work. A business casual meets sports nut, and decided to along buy clothing that I can wear on the course and at work. Since shirt and tie was never required anyway, this change spot on for me. I go to lunch, and people as me "you just finish playing golf?" I love it, because if I can too feed up with my first job, I will head to the course to blow off some steam. I find myself wearing these shoes daily, so a follow up report on their hard knob spikes will ensure.




Great spikes they are, there is no slipping on the course, and I know that for sure because my first 2 rounds of the year have been wet cart path only marathons of finding lost balls, skipping through the woods and owning my high handicap! These babies are great off the tee, in the fairway and of course, super in the rough. I also feel I am little lower to the ground in these than my Adicross I's.


Again, sleek, agressive traction never looked so good!


But a side view is all the style pictures for this shoe, heck no, enjoy a rear view ( dirty people, a rear view of the shoe! )




How good do they look in White? glad you asked, because as tempted as I was to buy 2 pairs in Black, I didn't:




You say John, give me another view of that sexy shoe? I say of course! ( a pun )




Front shot with no nudity!


So let me wrap this up for everyone.


Fit a 9 out of 10

Not sure how you get a 10 out of 10 in fit unless the shoes would mold to your feet when you put them on. Saying that, this shoe is perfect for narrow and medium width golfers, but of course, they do offfer a wide fit also for you fred Flintsone folks!


Style 9.50 out 10

A 9.5 out of a 10 in pretty dern close to being perfect, and for me these shoes are just that, almost, so close, just right dead on, almost perfect. I will of course be taking them to a 10 out of 10 with matching laces for each outfit I wear!! that's a 10 baby!


Function 10 out of 10

Function is a 10 because of the ability to grip the ground, preform as good if not better than any soft spiked shoe, and bam, walk out to the car in them, grab a beer and some lunch in them, hell, go to the mall in them. Function is both on and off the course now in golf, and spikeless shoes have a glaring advantage!



Long division and dividing fractions was never my thing, so go out try a pair on, or heck, don't be afraid to order them online in your size, because you will love them. And, tell them the guy in the Pink pants told you to buy them, cause I am!



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Cool, thanks John. My only issue with these is the W widths were never wide enough for hamburger feet like mine.

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Dern! I would bought the brown and the grey pair if they had them

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Wow! The white ones look just like my Ecco Streets......and the price was prob a lot lower as well.

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R these shoes water resistant? As in no wet socks when playing in early morning conditions? 

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