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JUST ARRIVED - Renegar Rx14 wedges

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RENEGAR Rx14 Wedges


I'm sure if I were to ask the hardcore "Golf Gear Head" if you remembered the name Solus Golf, you would all say YES.  They made one hellova wedge.  Still carry one in my bag to this day.  But there are far, far too many that not only never heard of wedge but even more that never got the experience playing one.  


These types of products...one of the reasons I originally started MyGolfSpy.  They needed to be given a chance, they needed a level playing field.  I don't care what the name on a bottom of a club is and neither should you.  Solus made a not only a beautiful wedge but one that performed.  


So you might be asking, who the hell is Renegar Golf?  Basically...Solus on steroids.


Why am I talking about Solus and Renegar together?  Well the same man was behind both of them.  His name is Bob Renegar, and he held the design patent on the Solus wedge and the utility patent on the Renegar wedge.


The path to success for Bob has been a struggle he'll be the first to admit, but its not because his design is lacking and definitely not for a lack of passion.  Nothing more I love than passion, I try to put myself around it daily.  And there isn't a phone call I have with Bob, that doesn't fill my tank to the brim with just that.  


There is a lot more to this story and I can't wait to tell you guys all about it, but for now here are some pics of a couple of his wedges that just arrived to the shop.



photo 3.JPG

photo 2.JPG

photo 1.JPG


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I'm really interested in this! I've seen them on a few of the (many) emails I received from Revolution Golf, and there were some big claims but I didn't really pay attention as I'd never seen one in person (or heard of anyone I knew trying one). I'm stoked you guys have these in for review - I think they look great, so I'm really interested in seeing these put through their paces!

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I still have a couple of Solus 4.1 series wedges in my backup bag.  


Looking forward to hearing more. 

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The solus wedges were great clubs and I have heard of these renegar wedges before. Hopefully they continue to grow.



What ever happened to solus wedges?

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