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2014 MyGolfSpy's Golf's Most Wanted Mallet CONTESTANT REVEAL

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It's time to get the putter blood flowing. Over the next five days, I will be revealing the contestants for this year's Most Wanted Mallet Putter.


We have 24 putters from some big name, and some small name companies. These putters truly come in all shapes and sizes.


It's time to pick your favorites!


Day 1 Reveal-1.jpg


Here are the first five:


Bellum Winmore Midi Prototype Mallet

Bellum Winmore Midi Mallet-1.jpg


Bettinardi BB32

Bettinardi BB32-1.jpg


Bettinardi BB32-CB

Bettinardi BB32-CB-1.jpg


Bettinardi BB55

Bettinardi BB55-3.jpg


Bettinardi BB55-CB

Bettinardi BB55-CB-1.jpg

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Today we have four more contenders for MyGolfSpy's Golf's Most Wanted Mallet!


Day 2 Reveal-B.jpg


Only four you ask?


Did I skip one?


I did actually skip one. Don't worry, I did it on purpose. There is a story behind that one that I want to save until later. 


Mystery!  Drama!  Intrigue!


All that and the following four putters!


Mantis Golf Mallet

Mantis Mallet-1.jpg


Nike MOD-00

Nike MOD-00-1.jpg


Odyssey Metal-X Milled #7

Odyssey Metal X Milled #7-1.jpg


Odyssey TANK 2-Ball

Odyssey Tank 2Ball-1.jpg


Come on back tomorrow for another four, or maybe even five putters!



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Day 3 Contestant REVEAL

Day 3b Reveal-b.jpg


We have four six more mallets for your perusal today, and there is some wacky in there.


Odyssey and Ping duke it out for the most atypical design of the day.


Anyone roll these yet? Favorites?


Did you roll the Ketsch?




It doesn't release until April. How cool it is that we have one in the mix!


Odyssey Versa Jailbird

Odyssey Versa Jailbird-1.jpg


Odyssey White Hot Pro Havok

Odyssey WHP Havok-1.jpg


Ping Scottsdale TR Craz-E

Ping Craz-E TR-1.jpg


Ping Ketsch

Ping Ketsch-1.jpg


Ping Nome TR

Ping Nome TR-1.jpg


Ping Scottsdale TR Senita B

Ping Senita B-1.jpg



Lots of diversity in the mallet pool, and there's still more to come tomorrow and Friday.

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Day 4 Contestant REVEAL

Day 4b Reveal.jpg


We have another diverse batch of mallets for Day 4, including another newcomer to the Golf's Most Wanted arena: Piretti Golf. I love seeing the little guy make good. Stenson was a huge boost for them last year. Personally, I miss seeing the Piretti bag on tour.


SeeMore has another two Rifle Scope Tech entries this year, with the big long daddy from TaylorMade letting us know that the "m" in mallet is short for massive.


Piretti Bosa

Piretti Bosa-1.jpg


SeeMore X3

SeeMore X3-1.jpg


SeeMore PTM3

SeeMore PTM3-1.jpg


TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs

TaylorMade DDL-3.jpg



Come back tomorrow for the final five, including that sneaky omission in the upper right corner. ;)

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Day 5 Reveal-b.jpg


Here we have the last of the 2014 Golf's Most Wanted Mallet competitor ranks:


TaylorMade Spider Mallet

TaylorMade Spider Mallet-1.jpg


Tour Edge Exotics DG Proto v3.2

Tour Edge Exotics DG3.2-1.jpg


Wilson Staff Vizor Level 2 M3

Wilson Staff Vizor Level2 #3-1.jpg


Wilson Staff Vizor Level 2 M4

Wilson Staff Vizor Level2 #4-1.jpg



What about the one that was skipped? Well, here it is:


Cleveland Smart Square

Cleveland Smart Square-1.jpg


Cleveland was not very happy with the way that the Smart Square was covered on MyGolfSpy when it released, but rather than just refusing to work with us, they sent in an entry to show just how much they believe in the putter's performance. 


I applaud Cleveland Golf with both hands, and would clap more hands if I had them. If you believe in your product, put it up against the best in the field and show us all how great it is. Well done Cleveland, we couldn't be happier that you chose to participate.


Tune in Monday to the blog for the whole contestant run-down and more info about the test.


The 2014 Golf's Most Wanted Mallet winner will be announced next week!


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Not sure which head will win, but I'm predicting that a Counter Balanced model will win.

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Got a limited MXM in there, hope it wins since they aren't making any more just selling what they have made already. No new orders

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This should be fun.  I almost pulled the trigger on a Mantis earlier this year.  Still considering it TBH.

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Bettinardi bb32 wins although I'd prefer a center shafted bb55.

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I'm thinking of just buying one of those complete tour lock kits with all the different weights in it... it will be interesting to see if the counterbalancing thing is a fad that has re-emerged, or if it will be a growing trend.

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