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New SLDR 430 TP Matrix 7M3 X flex, Ping g20 + MORE

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Prices include shipping and tracking USPS Priority!  Shoot me some offers and we can work out a deal.  Not really that interested in trades. 

I have basically new Taylormade SLDR 430 10.5* TP  with an upgraded Matrix 7M3 X flex shaft and new Golf Pride Tour Velvet Corded grip with 4 wraps of tape.  I literally just took the plastic wrap and hit 10 times so there is ZERO signs of wear. I have the Brand New headcover as well.  I got the club straight from taylormade last week.  Standard TM driver length.  This club is a BEAST and you need to be a man to hit it.  I can sell the head only or shaft only or together.  Costs $499 retail in stores and online stores.
Together $ 420 obo
Head only $ 280 obo
Shaft only $140 (retail $320 without tip) obo

post-120657-0-88567700-1396321065.jpg post-120657-0-14630500-1396321065.jpg post-120657-0-00563900-1396321063.jpg post-120657-0-35918100-1396321064_thumb. post-120657-0-55830400-1396321063_thumb. post-120657-0-34319100-1396321062.jpg post-120657-0-72240100-1396321061.jpg post-120657-0-99120100-1396321060_thumb. post-120657-0-05976500-1396321060_thumb. post-120657-0-76145000-1396321058_thumb. 

I have a BRAND NEW R1 TP RIP Phenom 60 Stiff shaft that plays 45" in a R1 or SLDR head.  Awesome performing shaft.  Has the R1 2* TP Tip on it in NEW condition (came in a R1V2 head)
TP RIP PHENOM - $65 obo

post-120657-0-37550500-1395106653_thumb. post-120657-0-63009500-1395106654_thumb. post-120657-0-72779200-1396489537_thumb. post-120657-0-42425500-1396489602_thumb. 

Next up my current gamer-
PING G20 9.5* with matching headcover - in great shape. The easiest, most forgiving driver I have ever hit.  Recently tried it up agaist the NIKE Covert Tour 2.0 with Speeder shaft and SLDR and it outperformed both.  Nice penetrating flight and feels awesome.  Has the PING Tour X flex shaft in it. Topline is perfect, crown perfect minus a single surface scrape (see pics), face has very  little wear, and bottom also has little wear. Ferrule has a tiny bit of separation that has no effect on club, just want full disclosure. Has a patriot golf pride grip in great shape.
$ 140 shipped obo

post-120657-0-90958700-1395106471.jpg post-120657-0-05390000-1395106477.jpg post-120657-0-77482900-1395106480.jpg post-120657-0-22310100-1395106489.jpg post-120657-0-37674200-1395106491.jpg post-120657-0-28290700-1395106482.jpg post-120657-0-03130000-1395106484.jpg post-120657-0-46355300-1395106485_thumb. post-120657-0-04248000-1395106487.jpg 

Selling the ultimate HOLY GRAIL 3 wood.  The legendary Tour Edge CB2 with the Graphite Design X Quad Extra stiff shaft in it.  Standard length and in overall solid shape.  Some crown wear as you can see from the pictures and just brush marks on the bottom.  Face is in good shape.  Comes with matching head cover.  

$80 Shipped OBO

post-120657-0-32804800-1396322124.jpeg post-120657-0-37896400-1396322125_thumb. post-120657-0-50575400-1396322126.jpeg post-120657-0-59878600-1396322127.jpeg post-120657-0-92233400-1396322128.jpeg post-120657-0-54627300-1396322129.jpeg post-120657-0-79359900-1396322130_thumb. post-120657-0-13430700-1396322132_thumb. post-120657-0-17677100-1396322133_thumb. 

Last up is a sweet COBRA Trusty Rusty Black finish 51* wedge.  Awesome performance and versitle with the sole grind.  Great and feel and great spin.  Only played a few rounds with it and ZERO range time so grooves are like new, and NO dings. Just a touch finish wear and rust coming in.  Grip and shaft (Black DG S200) are basically new.  I also have the 55* and 61* which I love but i'm going to add a hybrid or 3 iron so getting rid of a wedge.

$45 shipped OBO

post-120657-0-28393100-1395106573.jpg post-120657-0-49467700-1395106576_thumb. post-120657-0-62794500-1395106579_thumb. post-120657-0-12579000-1395106582_thumb. post-120657-0-93107600-1395106583.jpg post-120657-0-37516300-1395106586_thumb. post-120657-0-31225100-1395106588_thumb.

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    • By Markelly82
      Today, I was greeted with a lovely Taylormade iron box.  I walked into the door and saw the box and immediately asked my wife what it was.  She replied with, "I don't know.  You tell me?"  I started going through my mind about all of the searches I've done recently.  I got scared I pocket purchased a club on accident.  I replied with, "I swear babe.  I haven't bought anything.  Especially with out telling you first."  I opened the box and saw the below beauty sitting there.  I picked up the card and was surprised to see I had been selected based on my response to a post.  If I'm being perfectly honest, I can't even remember submitting anything to win the club.  But none the less, I'm thankful for the opportunity. 
      Based on my initial thoughts of looking down at the club at address, it's nice.  I don't have a feeling of oh shoot I have to be good to game these.  The wide top line provides the confidence.  The top line doesn't seem overly wide though.  I'm a single digit handicapper right now and I could easily see myself gaming an entire bag of these.  RANT INCOMING: (I really don't understand why most golfers want to have Blades.  I get the allure of the sleek nature of the irons, but from a performance standpoint, if you can't put little round wear marks in your irons, I really don't believe blades is best.  I know there can be outliers, but double digit handis definitely shouldn't be gaming blades.  The point of irons isn't to look the best while you're at address.  Save looking good for apparel.  I'd rather have an iron that performs amazing but doesn't look the greatest.  I understand the point of look good feel good though).
      In the coming weeks, I plan on providing my unbiased review of this iron.  I'm currently gaming the Taylormade PSI irons.  We'll see how big of a difference a couple years makes for technology.  I love the feel of the PSI's when I flush them.  It seriously feels like butter when cutting through the ball and the grass.  Coming from the S55's, it's amazing the difference in feel and forgiveness.  

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      Hey everyone! new member/first post here so bear with me!
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      TaylorMade TP Rescue 4/22* - I'm not sure how old this is, I am in the market for something new
      Cobra F8 Iron set 5-GW - Regular flex TrueTemper XP90 shafts 
      Ping Tour-S 54*/12* bounce wedge - KBS Tour Shaft
      Adams Tom Watson 58*/8* bounce wedge - Adams branded shaft
      Tommy Armour Impact #3 Putter - 35" Black painted shaft
      I think the next things to be replaced are the Rescue, then the wedges, then the driver. I also have the 38" Counterbalanced TA putter I have used twice if anyone is interested! Enjoy the pictures:

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