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GolfShotPRO Review- updated with screen shots!

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Ask and you shall receive.  Thanks Karina at GolfShot for giving me permission to use the screen shots!  You guys are awesome.  Below is the updated review with screen shots.  Those are indeed my own stats and score cards (some old and some new) so I'm putting myself out there.  Go easy on me.


GolfShot sent me an email

When I got the email that GolfShot would be updated, I viewed it rather skeptically.  I can be a lemonade into lemons type of guy quite frequently, and I looked at the email sort of like this. 


“Thanks for buying our app a long time ago, we'd like to make more money out of you, so we decided to pull the plug on the thing you spent 30 bucks on and switch to a *membership model – you know, the thing that you didn't like about the other apps and made you buy this one in the first place.  We are going to be switching to that.”


*29.99 a year for new users to go to the Pro version, and 9.99 for current users through an in-app upgrade.  At 29.99 I'll pass, at 9.99, I'm in if the features are good.


Background on my use of the app

I've used GolfShot, now called GolfShotClassic, since May 15, 2010.

Look at my scores from 2010!!!!!! 


I've used it a total of over 200 times.  (I'll admit I've used it a few more times and deleted my score card when I had a particularly hideous day…that's a little secret that will stay between us) Since 2010, its gone through minor updates and bug fixes, has always been reliable, I've never not been able to find a course.  It is very accurate (within a very acceptable tolerance of people with lasers, and on the money with my dads portable golf specific GPS).  It still takes about 10-15 seconds longer to lock on a true yardage vs. a standalone golf GPS – but that's because I turn the screen on and off for battery savings.


Even on vacation in other countries, I do a quick 1-minute or so update, it loads the local course maps and you are on your way.


I initially ignored the email and kept using the app

I don't want to pay a membership fee.  That's the whole reason I paid 30 bucks for this to begin with.  I kept getting follow up emails with screen shots depicting the new look for GolfShotPro and more info on how it operated.  Eventually a number of “look what the new one does” emails and I figured what the heck.  Plus, the emails indicated that the folks at GolfShot would not be supporting the old app anymore – I figured it was time to update.  The Pro's outweighed the cons.  See what I did there…


What do you get when you update

A completely new app that looks and feels very different from the old version, but with just enough left over that you feel familiar with it.  When you update you get a lot of new “pro” features to try theoretically for free, and a cleaned up version of the old app.  I dislike my use of the word free here, because in May of 2010 I did pay using real American money for this.

Heres what it looks like when you load it up.  Clean and simple, easy to navigate, and a little news to click on if you wish to.



What did they update?

The interface is new, more streamlined and less cluttered.   Entering course info, names of playing partners, jumping to holes – looks a lot more polished.  They have definitely learned a lot these past 4 years.  Score cards, stats and settings all get a facelift.  Previewing a golf course is super easy, and the hole flyovers are impressive.  The biggest update is how much better the actual GPS on the course has become.


Here is a screen shot of some recent score cards (each is clickable and gives you a break down hole by hole)


Cool stats on your club distance averages.  I need to be more diligent about tracking my clubs.  My yardages don't have quite that gapping.  Thats sort of a result of when I absolutely kill a shot I end up tracking it.  So I've kind of wound up with a medley of good shots and bombs.  Note to self, track more shots!



1) The hole you are on is now much more clearly defined. The hole is surrounded in white, distracting things removed, and when in the sun you can see it much more clearly.   Your yardages are located in an easy to see and manipulate menu on the left side of the hole.



2) It seems like they combined the GPS screen and the Aerial screen.  Yardages, layups and hazards better identified and are located right on the screen with the aerial view.  Its so much easier to use like this.  Before you had to skip between the two screens to really get a good idea of what was happening.  At least for me, a straight up list of numbers with no visuals is useless.  That has been fixed – and the new look is AWESOME!


3) Interacting with the actual hole, zooming in, club suggestions improved. You could do all of this on the previous app, but it was clunky and cumbersome.  The new app makes it much easier to zoom in on the green, move the cursor around.  If you have your club yardages tracked it will give an idea of what club you'll be hitting on your next shot based on where you select your target (making it MUCH easier for me to play conservative and choose layups).  I'm not good with the Maths, so my typical approach shot (unless I know the course well) is to hit whatever I have the furthest I possibly can each and every time. 



4) Tracking your distances is now WAY easier.  Not sure how I can explain this, but it was annoying and tedious to do this before.  Now it's so much easier, more integrated and streamlined.  Just make sure to track a lot of shots.


5)Tips and Drills. This is an annoying thing to see on the front screen.  I suppose its there because I have the demo of the pro version and they want me to eventually go for this upsell.  I would like an ability to turn this off.  I think its nifty to know I am in a certain percentile getting out of the bunker, and then some video tips to improve – but I am not watching glorified youtube videos to improve any one aspect of my game.  The cool thing is that even if you don't pay for the tips and drills, you still see how you stack up.



6) News Feed.  I'm on the fence.  Its GolfWeek info, so I like it.  But its GolfWeek info and I subscribe to it already.  So I don't really need this cluttering an app I use for GPS.  I get it though, they want you in the app more than just when you are on the golfcourse.  They are trying to turn this into a lifestyle app – so I see what they are doing here. I personally feel it is clutter and I should be able to turn it off.  (maybe you can and I just haven't figured it out)


7)3-D Hole Preview.  This is a flyover of the hole.  Not only do you see the layout, but it indicates your average tee distance, to a preselected layup spot with a suggestion for the next club (or the green).  This quick flyover is very valuable on new courses, and for old courses the suggestions so far have been spot on.  I've layed up in places I had not previously considered and parlayed that into some pretty good numbers for myself.  When I can visually see what club options I can have in my hand by varying my tee shot, I can be smarter about leaving myself distances I am more comfortable with, versus leaving a 67 yard chip shot.






If you are wondering whether or not you should go with the Pro I'd say give it a shot.  After the 20 whatever days I have left on my “Pro” subscription I will be renewing it.  I will not be renewing the Tips and Drills component.  You can go on youtube for FREE to get “How to hit up on your driver” type of videos if that's your thing.  I'm very pleased with the update and I'm looking forward to hearing what others think about the update as well.  If you have the app I think 10 bucks a year for the new features isn't too bad. 


Hope you've enjoyed the review and it helps if you are considering giving the Pro features a shot.  If you are new to GolfShot it's a great time to check it out.   


PS – I also use Split, another app by ShotZoom to track my runs.  It's a great app as well.


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Great write up Jondagcl! I have never used Golfshot Classic but I was a TourCaddie (old name for Golfshot Pro) before the update. Speaking from this side of the app the update brought a much need fix to the navigation of TourCaddie. Before it wasn't easy to figure out how to navigate between all the screens but now it is great. The font and overall layout has just a great polish to it that it was lacking before. It is really easy on the eyes now. I played 18 with it about a week ago and noticed that it chewed through my battery faster than the old version. This could have been the way I was using it as well so I need to try it again.


All in all it is a great update and I think it is better than any of the other ones on the market.

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My 30 day trial ended for the pro features and I went ahead and paid the 9.99 to upgrade for the year. I'm enjoying the club tracking options and the enhanced yardage and hole layout/views.


After playing with it for a while my only feedback to golfshot has been that the club tracking can be a little glitchy. If you hit track when you leave your ball sometime it starts you off with a random amount of yards. Sometimes it starts you off with your yardage from the hole and then counts down which is a little weird. You have to hit track and cancel a couple of times to get a true "0" and then walk to your next shot. Kinda annoying to do that if this is a feature you want to frequently use. (I use it probably 25% of the time)


Overall after using a variety of GPS devices and a few apps I feel this is one of the strongest offerings.


Anyone else using it?

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Just sent them an email and asked for permission to use screen shots. If I can I'm happy to show you guys what I love about the app. I think I've single handedly sold at least 15-20 people this app on the actual golf course after they see it. Golfshot people if you read this lets talk about a commission structure...

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I'd probably leave out that last line, lol.  I personally use GolfCard a good bit and it's fantastic for me, and free.  I reviewed the Striker Golf app for them on here as well and it's a good one too.  Lots of choices out there.

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:-) lots of options for sure. Ranging from free to similarly priced. Since not everyone values all of an apps capabilities the same way it boils down to whether or not a handful of features are worth paying for.


If I am given permission to take some screen shots I'll make a case for why this one should be given an opportunity. One of the things I personally like is that since I've used it for so long I've got years of historical info. Couple that with the great on course gps functions, club tracking, etc. For me it's been a game changer.

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I used GolfShot for scorecard and GPS over 18 holes and it was great. The free version has more than enough features for me with detailed stats, yardages to front/center/back of the green, and some really nice looking aerial imagery. Plus they are one of the few apps that will give you a handicap.


Highly recommend it.

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