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How much do sponsors pay for...


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When you watch a tour event, you see the brands (via the logos on the NASCAR style hats and clothing) that a pro is sponsored by. If a pro doesn't want you to see that they play a certain model driver, a different headcover goes on it. If they play a putter outside of their sponsors tour van offerings tape often covers the logo. So it's safe to say that when you watch TV, if you see a logo somewhere, it's purposeful and someone wants you to see it.


The question is, when you watch golf channel and it is a non-tour event (they are interviewing a player on a talk show segment, or doing a playing lesson for instance) how is the player allowed to walk around with logo'd gear. They have their staff bag, shirt, hat clubs with clear logos. As a non-tour event and these brands are getting a ton of air time, do they pay extra for these sorts of situations? Anyone know how this works? Just something I've been curious about.

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My understanding is guys are paid based on how much screen time they get. The companies have a straight up formula where X average hours per year equals Y dollars. So better players who get focused on more during the final round get quite a bit.


Commercials and different events outside of golf also factor into this as well. So it's in the players best interest to wear their hat and shirt during commercials, etc...

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That makes sense to me. Do the TV networks try to get in on it and monetize these opportunities? "Tomorrow we are having so and so on our segment. Let's hit up ________ company and let them know if they'd like their logo on TV for 25 minutes it will cost them X amount."


I'm thinking of watching a TV show where the logos of a car are blacked out, but at times you see very clearly a specific car logo all the time during the show. Then during commercial break, lo and behold an ad for the car who's logo is never covered up.


Are the networks basically allowing free advertising during these instances for tour pros?

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Pros are independent contractors. It's in their best interest to wear the stuff and it's in the best interest of the network to have the pro on TV. I'm purely guessing here, but I can't imagine the companies have to pay the TV guys for what the pros wear. Again guessing, but there seems to be a symbiotic relationship between the golf companies and TV in this case.


That said, you see Titleist bags and whatnot all over the sets. Those are certainly paid advertisements.

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On the golf channel, Micheal Breed and Martin Hall are pros.  They are Titleist staffers.  They clearly wear Titleist garb and use their equipment.  Holly Sonder is Cobra Puma and clearly shows her sponsors stuff.  Certain segments of the show are sponsored by different OEM's.  Not only that you see the commercials during that show.


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I know players outside the top 75 in the world, players can make ~ $50k for a ball/shoe/glove deal.  $75k/bag. 


Staff pros at golf clubs usually have to be at a facility that does ~$25k in orders to qualify for a staff deal.  That would get about $2-7k at msrp of equipment/clothing, with playing and award incentives - $1k to qualify for an event or win a national pga award, win the club pro $20k things like that.  


Some companies have elevated staff statuses that actually pay the club pros quarterly to be their exclusive "guy" in the area that carries everything of that company, gets limited edition stuff, has a little bit of involvement with product development etc.


Its pretty fascinating.


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How long before a sponsor's logo on the KT tape on Michelle Wie's legs?

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It is fascinating. These are the sorts of things that I'm always wondering about because I'm such a cynical person. Things like, "how much is this company paying to have this logo in front of my face right now" and "could something more meaningful been done with that same pot of money and accomplished their marketing objective" or "how much extra did I pay for my putter so this guy could walk around with that shirt"

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Experience from my own career in tv:


Two things: one most of the sponsors are paying to be mentioned. I don't think Breed has ever once mentioned what system he uses in the background... whether it's trackman...etc... 


Secondly: traditionally hosts are not allowed to shill for a company independent of the show/ channel. For instance, a news anchor cannot mention a free meal at a restaurant because that would piss off your sponsors. (Term is called payola FWIW). My guess is the hosts all get the deals through the show, and any other things they do is on the side. I doubt you have to be an official sponsor of the show to get your stuff on there, but you probably are shelling out a few bucks to the show for the coffee cup in the background with your logo.

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