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In this first installment, we lay out the simple steps for installing a putter grip.

If you are someone who enjoys Do-It-Yourself projects, you will find this process fun and rewarding. If not, you may want to head to your local pro shop and let them do the heavy lifting.


Supplies you will need for installation:


Bench Vice

Rubber Shaft Clamp

Utility Hook Razor Blade 

Two Sided 2" Grip Tape

Grip Solvent

Spray Bottle 

Shop Towels

Small Paint Tray



Always perform grip installations in a well ventilated area to avoid a hazard.


Step 1: Firmly secure your putter shaft into the vice.

Secure the putter firmly into the vice. Be sure to apply only enough pressure to secure the putter from twisting during installation. Next, place the paint tray beneath the grip end of the club to catch all excess grip solvent.

Expert Tip: Make sure that the putter is squarely lined up, with the toe pointing up at the sky. This will make alignment easy when it easy when it comes time to install the new grip.

Step 2: Remove the old putter grip.

Using a utility knife, with a hook blade razor, make a straight cut the entire length of the putter grip starting at the narrow end of the grip. Next, peel away the old putter grip and any grip residue, leaving only the old grip tape on the handle.

Step 3: Remove the old grip tape.

Remove the old grip tape at your own pace. You may use the utility knife, a heat gun or hair dryer to make this step faster easier. Be sure to remove all traces of glue from the shaft handle.

Expert Tip: Use heat and acetone to remove any stubborn glue remnants.

Step 4: Apply the new grip tape.

Measure out a strip of grip tape 1" longer than the length of your grip and cut. Apply the adhesive side of the tape lengthwise to the handle, leaving the 1" inch excess tape overlapping the butt end of the handle. Next, peel away the tape backing and proceed to wrap tightly over the handle. Twist the excess 1" of overlapping tape and plug it into the shaft butt end. This will keep all debris and solvent out of the shaft after installation.

Expert Tip: Be sure and check the core size of your new putter grip and your shaft handle diameter before performing installation. Most putter shaft butt ends will measure at .580 inches, and most putter grips will have a M58 core size. This combination will create a perfect standard size fit. However, there are some putter grips that have a M60 core size. If you run into this situation with a .580 shaft butt end, make sure that you use a couple of extra wraps of tape under the right hand of the grip. As this will allow for a perfectly fit.

Step 5: Apply the grip solvent to the grip tape.

Pour (1) cup of grip solvent into a spray bottle. Hold the new putter grip vertical with the butt end in your hand. Using your finger, cover the hole in the grip butt end and spray 5-7 sprays of solvent into the grip. Also, use the spray bottle to wet the new grip tape with solvent. Next, with your finger still over the hold in the grip butt end, use a finger from your opposite hand to cover the large grip hole and proceed to mix the solvent inside of the grip. After the solvent is mixed, dump out all excess solvent onto the new grip tape. 

Step 6: Install the new putter grip.

With the grip visually lined up squarely to the putter toe, slide the new grip over the grip tape and towel off to dry any excess solvent and avoiding contact with the leather portion of the grip.

Expert Tip: When installing the new putter grip, make sure that the grip tape has been liberally treated with solvent. If you do not use enough solvent the grip may get stuck half way on during the install process.

Step 7: Align your putter grip.

Remove the putter from the vice and visually make adjustments to your new putter grip to assure that your grip is aligned properly. You will have approximately 5-10 minutes to adjust the grip to make sure that it is properly aligned. 

Expert Tip: Use a door jam to squarely brace the putter face while you adjust your putter grip.

Step 8: Let the new grip set.

Allow the grip to dry for at least 15-20 minutes before use.

Step 9: Don't brag.

Be cautious, if you proceed to brag about your new found skills to your friends, you may become their go to guy for grip installation.







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Do your grips work to install with an air compressor as well?  For the past two years I have just been using masking tape and an air compressor.  It's much faster and there is no mess or complications with swapping grips.

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Do your grips work to install with an air compressor as well?  For the past two years I have just been using masking tape and an air compressor.  It's much faster and there is no mess or complications with swapping grips.

That's a great question. I have never installed one via air compressor personally, but I do not see why you couldn't do that.The rubber core construction is the same as any other rubber golf grip. Sorry that I can't give you a definitive answer, but I have had no experience using an air compressor to install grips.





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Very comprehensive Ace, and an easy guide to follow.


But also very OldSKool, I don't know anyone these days who still uses adhesive tape for grips. As hckymeyer mentioned compressed air and build up tape is more common than not amongst the club builders I know. Very quick and reliable.

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We still use traditional solvent and grip tape here in our shop for putter grips. The reason is you have a lot more control and making sure the grip is installed true to the shape of the grip from top to bottom.


We put it in a vise here in the shop, put a level tool on the face to ensure it is level (exactly 90 degrees from the floor) then we put the level on the grip on the top, middle and bottom to make sure it is exactly level to (level to the ground when checking the grip).


We use the air compressor method also for irons / woods (works great). With the putter grips it it actually takes less time to get it exactly right when you do traditional grip tape / solvent installation. 


Obviously more than one way to install grips - but just wanted to chime in as this has worked like a charm for us.

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